wordpress: Great Plugin For WordPress 2.7 - 03/11/09 05:47 AM
WordPress keeps improving, and certainly WordPress  2.7 was a good step forward in terms of functionality. Yet in a way, it seemed like a bit of a step backwards. How so?
The new admin menu. It left me scrolling up and down the page, looking for what I wanted.  You probably noticed that too. In the big picture, it's really only a very small nuisance. Nevertheless ... 
Just this morning, I  stumbled across a great solution to that picky little problem - another brilliant programmer has donated a new admin plugin to the WordPress world. It's called "Ozh' Admin Drop Down … (0 comments)

wordpress: Google Friend Connect - 12/04/08 01:50 PM
Maybe it’s just my advancing ‘maturity’, but I’m finding this burgeoning world of social networking to be quite taxing. Nevertheless, I’m giving it the old college try, and in fact I’m working on becoming a first class twit. (For those of you who already knew that, I should point out that by ‘twit‘ I mean a person who tweets with Twitter.) Not only that, I have a Facebook profile, a Facebook page and a Facebook Group. I’m not short of social site accounts!
And today, I added to my growing list of social networking tools and installed Google’s most recent invention … (3 comments)

wordpress: Wordpress Automatic Update - 11/24/08 02:49 AM
I've been using Wordpress for a few years now. Few things bring sweat to my palms faster than the Wordpress prompt to upgrade my version of Wordpress to the current version!  It's the instructions that spook me, with dire warnings about backing up my database and files, and so on. 
So until quite recently, upgrading Wordpress has been an activity I undertake oply following a very good night's sleep, a big breakfast, and a fresh pot of coffee. But that's all changed.
Three or four weeks ago I discovered a plugin which will automatically upgrade my Wordpress. It's called 'Wordpress Automatic … (0 comments)


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