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I was just reading an article by Hanley Wood and I felt a little exerpt of it was more than enough to grasp an idea of what we are facing in these times. Remember that virtual tours can save you money in marketing and gas since you will show the house from the convinience of your office and  also...
You should always respond the possible client using the same method used by them, only call the prospect if they explicitly ask you to call or they offered their phone voluntarily (not a required field of information) and it comes from your website.  One easy way to attract buyers and sellers to ...
I recently joined and I really think it is a good way to promote your blog. Please try it.
Some realtors keep telling their clients that allowing everyone to be romping through their daily lives is definitely inconvenient, but it is unfortunately part of selling a home.  This is not exactly real since this can be reduced to the minimum necessary by using a Virtual Tour and a Web Page a...
For a real estate professional lead generation is imperative. Lead generation happens as a result of two primary activities -- marketing and prospecting. Since this two terms tend to be confusing I will like to use a quote from Michialidis "I like to think of the difference between marketing and...
This summer we have a tough market and our kids vacationing. This situation requires a better planning of our calendar. As independent contractors you can decide when you are going to invest more time on your business and by using the Internet we can obtain some time for our family. If we order v...
Recently one of our customers send us this message that I will like to share with all of you since it reflects the motto of Virtual Florida Tours Always Striving for Excellence! Here is what Ron says: Dear Gabriel: It is not often that I have the opportunity to compliment someone for a job well d...
Virtual Florida Tours recently introduced a new tool for for sale by owners. now  our clients may add a web page to their tour. This new feature is included in their package at no extra cost! you might see Ron Trazenfeld home at This is a fabulous house profession...
At Virtual Florida Tours we always strive for excellence. So when we find an article that could help our realtors imporiove the quality of their marketiung we always share it with them. We recently read Sandy Geroux's article in broker agent news titled "Put Yourself in Your Customer's Shoes "  R...
I recently read an article from Julia Escobar Out With the Old, in With the New!  Broker agent news Updated for December 19, 2007. She recommends to take a look at your professional and personal habits, and determine what you can do differently in the next future that will bring you more balance ...

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