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Hanley Wood has made an excellent economic study on how difficult is the situation on the real estate market; She is playing with the ghost of inflation and flagging the banner of doom. I will admit that the situation is not precisely the most favorable but when she is looking at her glass and sa...
The word most realtors are hearing recently is cahallenge. Undoubtedly there is a significant challenge in the real estate industry so realtors need to think and actimplementing out of the box ideas. Realtors need to increase sales, generate new leads, and get know by the community where they liv...
In this times that all the Real Estate Agents are hearing is that the market is shrinking, there is still a certain part of the real estate market that is continuously expanding. As health care improves the number of Americans reaching their senior years is increasing at a tremendous pace. Some o...
If you are a number person is about time that you pay attention to some NAR statistics.According to NAR over 80% of home owners work with the first real estate agent they come in contact with. 87% of home buyers start their search on the Internet and one out of twenty of these buyers are already ...
After reading a recent article by Phillip Cantrell I realized that our blog should share it since some of the information in that article was extremely important and clarifies the present situation of the real estate Industry. It is true that the number of sales went low in June it is also true t...

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