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Recently I was reading an article by Erika Christopher on the use of an i-phone to try to improve the look of a house. Even though she mentions a set of available software to fulfill these objectives, there are some obvious difficulties on it. •1.      First it is obvious you need not only an iph...
There are different approaches to increase the effect of social networking on the Real Estate business. Some people recommend the use of video cameras. These cameras have some advantages, but let us mention some of the disadvantages associated with the use of videos. •1.      Editing videos requi...
  Got Vacant Listings? You might decide to accomplish a complete remodeling and decoration of the house what can become rather expensive. If you decide to remodel or decorate remember you are doing it for the general public. Do not forget to draft a budget and look for a professional remodeler to...
High Definition Virtual Tours made its way to Miami Dade and Broward Counties! Virtual Florida Tours is offering high definition virtual tours to all our customers. The new technology developed by Real Tour Vision allow us to include in our tours three dimensional Flash tours in which the custome...

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