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I will like to ask some questions to you and request for a simple answer. When you are looking for the answer to a certain question (or a product) which one of the following things you do? •a.       Look in a dictionary •b.      Use printed advertisement (magazines or newspaper) •c.       Pay att...
Stephanie Andre does a fabulous work on how to stage your home for an open-house. She forgets that you will have to keep your house ready for a visitor on a daily basis. The realtor will place an automatic padlock that will allow people to visit your home while you are out. Sometimes you will lik...
Once you decide to relocate or have a vacation home in South Florida You need to select a perfect location where you have access to all the advantages of living in a place that will offer an excellent climate most of the year. In South Florida there are different cities that you might select as y...
  Dear Friends,   Virtual Florida Tours is offering a new enhancement to our set of services.   Right now we are offering a totally editable site that will include the following features:             1. Searchable listings             2. Featured listings             3. Changeable templates and c...
What kind of advertisement can help you sell your home by yourself?  Many For Sale by Owners think the only thing you need to do is put a sign out front and an ad in the local newspaper and wait for people to come by calling and sell the home.  This may have worked 5 years ago.   I know it worked...

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