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In the last years there has been an explosion of the Web. Social media has become the fastest change in communication of information in human history. People are "twittering" and posting their opinions on multiple social media sites. Participating in social media sites has become a dramatic game-...
Some real Estate advisors are recommending substituting your computer with an IPAD to demonstrate their professionalism. You can use a mobile website and a smart phone to show prospects how professionally you can present their home.  With the appropriate applications you will be able to show comp...
Some times when you start marketing for a service or product you feel that marketing is aversive and painful.  In occasions you will like that clients come to you allowing you to just do your work. In reality you should change your ideas about marketing because this is part of who you are. If you...
In 2008 around 27% of households were participating in the online community this figure went to a staggering 43% in 2009. These sites include Facebook, MySpace and Linkedin, according to a survey of 10,000 households that appeared in The Consumer Barometer. The possibility of interacting with fam...
Of course it requires a lot of dedication and it starts by selecting the specific area you will like to work in. A realtor® requires to preview all the homes that come on the market. He/she should attend as many open houses as possible and track down price reductions of the properties in your are...
For years Virtual Florida Tours has been researching the market to obtain a more flexible and cheaper solution for marketing realtors and we found it at last you can obtain a very effective website that will allow your prospects to have all your listings at the tips of their fingers. They will be...

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