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The advertisement dilemma starts with realtors that will like their advertisement money to show immediate return on investment ROI. Regretfully sometimes the advertisement will only show after a certain time has passed by. This is called the sandbox of the search engines. Goggle has a sandbox of ...
As I have been blogging for more than a year more or less once a week it started to sink in...blogging is extremely powerful, however to make it have its effect yyou need to persistently participate, and the effect increases exponentially over time!  The posts stick, and keep there just waiting t...
Virtual Florida Tours is announcing two new technological advances to its multiple set of services. Right now we have VFT Elevated Pictures. This new view enhances the way prospective buyers will see your home. Also this combine with our new VFT HD slides. This new way to present your property is...
    Nick Dejesus from Innovative Realty Professionals just joined our every day growing family of Virtual Florida Tours satisfied customers. He ordered a slideshow of an extremely beautiful and well located vacation rental 3737 Collins Ave. suite 702 at Miami Beach.   This three bedroom three and...
Would you like that your prospective client gives you the listing of his/her property?  Don't you think that he/she will hire the realtor that offers him the most? Yes, the realtor that is willing to go the extra mile to make her/his property look simply astonishing.    Virtual Florida Tours is a...

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