internet marketing: Interactive Multimedia Marketing is Coming - 06/19/12 11:41 PM
From January 2005, Virtual Florida Tours and it's owner Gabriel Duque promises virtual tour customers that he will be "the new place" to go for all your 360 Panoramic Virtual Tours, V-slides the best quality HDR Photography, full motion video productions and internet marketing. Our official launch for our Southern Florida offices was on January 2005. Please visit our site for more information about me and our company Virtual Florida Tours or to pre book your real estate or business virtual tour. Stop on by and see what we has been going on. A big hello from me Owner Gabriel … (1 comments)

internet marketing: First Real tour Vision Dealer Conference - 04/24/11 01:27 AM
April 15 was the day the first RTV dealers reunion started. This event created a plethora of ideas to make the number one virtual tour provider of the World even stronger.
Real Tour Vision is a continuously providing their dealers with training and services and know it allow a group of these entrepreneurs to meet and interchange ideas in the city where their headquarters are.
Traverse City is a beautiful city on Northern Michigan with over 14500 inhabitants and a lot of places where you can practice outdoors sports all year round. You can also enjoy fabulous restaurants and beautiful … (0 comments)

internet marketing: Changing the Culture at Your Workplace - 10/17/10 05:40 AM
How can a company successfully overcome the natural skepticism to overcome the resistance and achieve better customer service, stronger employee engagement or a reputation as one of the best places to work?Unless the broker of your company is directly involved in the change, it comes off as an initiative, and it will eventually lose steam.Rather than making a declaration about how you want to change the culture of your business, you just need to start doing it. So you will have to provide flexibility if you want to be viewed as a flexible workplace, or get behind a mentor program to … (4 comments)

internet marketing: Hints On How to Sale a House by Owner - 07/31/10 02:05 AM
In the first place you need to try to study the prices of houses similar to yours in the area since in this market the correct price is one of the most attracting issues customers are looking for.
Then you need to work on the curb appeal of your home. You want it to look at its best that is the first view a customer will have of your home. Cut the grass, remove any dead plants and plant some beautiful foliage.
Invest some money on the exterior and interior of the house by painting it and fixing any little blemish … (2 comments)

internet marketing: Importance of getting connected - 05/09/09 12:06 AM
I was recently going over my weekly homework of following the different sites I usually follow and I found two interesting articles that essentially deal with the same topics on how to get noticed on the Internet.
You engaging others (YEO)1 is one of this concepts that is really important when you are thinking on improving your presence on the internet. It doesn't matter if they came to your web page and they just bounced back. You need this people to help you get in contact with other prospective customers.
Both articles make a lot of emphasis in the importance of … (1 comments)

internet marketing: Real Estate Industry in the Technology Era - 04/17/09 12:08 PM
The California realtor association made a survey that shows that 90% of Agents are not providing what the consumer wants. Consumers number one consideration in choosing an Agent was its lowest commission and the last reason was the most knowledgeable.
The survey show s that most of the participants considered the Internet as a better source of information than the information provided by the agent. Despite 95% of the sellers still used an agent. Ray Logan Century 21 "Elite" says that "In the near future the Agent that properly utilizes technology will replace the Agent that doesn't use it."
The number … (1 comments)

internet marketing: The Importance of the Internet in your business - 03/28/09 11:37 PM
Virtual tour providers need to learn from our main customers and increase our presence in the Internet using the power of SEO and the content of our web page.
Parker Mike1 recommends that you need a web page that not only will be easily found when your prospect is looking for the service you are providing in the area you handle your business, but provides the customer with the information he/she requires.
According to him you need to be able to respond as fast as possible, and you need to have enough traffic to obtain the number of prospects required to … (0 comments)

internet marketing: Today's Real Estate Reality - 03/22/09 11:38 AM
Despite some reports that consider that the economy was not suffering as much as others were saying 1. Due the reality is that the customers are not noticing the increase in loans availability from the banks.
This intention to safe the economy started in the previous administration investing mostly in the banks to buy the bad credits these institutions had incurred in. The amount of money injected was increased enormously in recent times with no change in the attitude of the banking institutions.
The reality of the real estate market is that all the homes have lost a big amount in … (0 comments)

internet marketing: The importance of the Internet in your marketing - 03/21/09 01:41 AM
Recently I was talking to one of my clients and he came with a question on why he should be placing his adds in the Internet.
My answer was extremely simple Return On Investment (ROI). Why we have to base our adds in ROI is very simple if you place an ad in a magazine or newspaper you invest between $200 and $100 for an add whit a life stand between 2 days and a month. To make things worse this add will only be seen in the area of circulation of that specific paper or magazine. also the Real Estate … (0 comments)

internet marketing: New way to increase your presence at the web - 11/24/08 11:37 AM
Recently Virtual Florida Real Tours started offering a new Internet service to help enhance the presence at the Internet of our customers.
Recently the different providers of Real Tour Vision started offering Internet based Slide Showsthat are send to Facebook, AOL and Google, adding to this our already active presence in the Internet guaranties a bigger exposure to all our customers.
Virtual Florida Tours guaranties maximum exposure of your listings on the Internet by syndicating the Virtual Tour at More than 20 different pages like,, craiglist just to mention some of the pages covered.
Other important issue for most … (0 comments)

internet marketing: A Key to Selling Homes - 10/18/08 10:44 PM
A Key to Selling Homes
There are three Key Factors in Selling Real Estate
•1.       Fair Price
•2.       Location
•3.       EXPOSURE
Virtual Florida Tours is your best way to get your listings exposed! We are a full service dealer provider with RTV, the world largest network of virtual tour providers and an approved vendor with Our company is locally owned and operated virtual tour provider in Miami Dade, Florida. Our company serves Miami Dade and Broward counties, Included in this area are the cities of Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Pine Crest, Palmetto Bay, Hallandale, and Fort Lauderdale.
NAR statistics recently … (0 comments)

internet marketing: What's working with your company in terms of establishing an Internet presence? - 09/14/08 11:46 AM
While at least eighty percent or more of today's buyers begin their search on the Web. These prospective buyers expect their agents to provide them  with accurate data  consistently and quickly apart from their ability to email. When an agent ignores this pool of buyers he/she will have a difficult time in the business1.
Everyone is recommending an improved presence of the agents in the Internet. Mr. Taverner says. "you are what you Web." People are going to look at websites and select an agent by what they see as their virtual brochure on the Internet"2.
All agents must remember … (0 comments)

internet marketing: A Growing Real Estate Market - 08/16/08 10:04 PM
In this times that all the Real Estate Agents are hearing is that the market is shrinking, there is still a certain part of the real estate market that is continuously expanding.
As health care improves the number of Americans reaching their senior years is increasing at a tremendous pace. Some of them choose to live in active retirement communities while others look at facilities that allow them the assistance needed for their needs.
According the US census there were 37.3 million people over age 65 living in the United States in 2006 that is approximately 12 % of the US … (1 comments)

internet marketing: Ideas on: How to Excel in a Slow Market? - 07/30/08 02:48 AM
Once you review all the recomendations of different realtor coaches and especially those of bob Corcoran you will realize that if you want to succed in a slow market you will need to do some adjustments.
you need to make your prospect understand that you are way ahead of those that only work on real estate when things are going well. Make emphasis on your experience and quality of your service. For example all the information from the national real estate association let you know that around 87% of the new buyers start their search for a new home on the … (0 comments)

internet marketing: Importance of Measuring Your Return on Investment - 07/24/08 07:42 AM
When organizations want to measure their success they have to rely on their return on investment (ROI). A successful organization is capable of measure the leverage and demonstrates the contribution of their marketing strategies and how they affect the bottom line of the company.
You need to measure:
•1.    What is the amount invested in the specific marketing campaign?
•2.    What amount is the return?
•3.    How many customers were gained?
•4.    What share and penetration does the company has on the market?
•5.    Which points of the marketing campaign worked and which didn't?
Any marketing plan needs to be balanced … (0 comments)

internet marketing: Mail Marketing an Exerpt - 07/21/08 03:39 AM
I recently read an article from Lois Geller in Lore magazine related to mail marketing.  Mial marketing is a rather expensive way of attracting possible prospects so i decided to share some of her recommendations with my readres.
The first step is get the peopole to read your letter so you will have to do one of the following after you consider which is oyur intended market.
YOu could tell a story of how difficult it has been to get something done or make a letter showing them how they could improve they way of living by changing something in the … (0 comments)

internet marketing: Making Your Business Soar - 07/15/08 11:26 PM
You will probably have figured out what your customers need or you will be out of business really soon. 
Remember that when your customers are really more interested in fulfilling their desires than the impact that fulfilling these desires will have on their wallet. In other words you need to impact your customers emotions, and when they visualize what your product or service can do for them the business will be yours
Now you could think that excelling in good customer service will make you stand out from your competition, but in reality that is offered by most companies. (therefore you … (0 comments)

internet marketing: Areas to Master in Internet Success - 07/09/08 11:58 PM
After reading the article "True Internet Success Requires Mastery of 4 Areas" by Jack Lindberg I decided to write some comments on its content to share it with my colleagues
It is very important when you are trying to get Internet exposure to use traditional ways of attracting prospects to your web site. One of the cheapest ways is to add your website unified reference link (URL) to all of your adds. This will bring quality traffic to your web site without any additional cost.
There are also many new tools online that can enhance your exposure. In addition, making a habit … (0 comments)

internet marketing: Succeding in Today's Real Estate market - 07/05/08 10:46 PM
Residential real estate professionals need to get back to the basics of your business or you will certainly lose your customer base.  The industry is dealing with the continuing impact of subprime and mortgage liquidity problems in the housing market.
Some realtors complain of the conditions of the market, but if their home is priced right, buyers will buy. You need to inform your buyers that our local market is simply phenomenal because prices are down and interest rates are historically low.
The realtor needs to research the market so he could list the house just one hair below the competition. … (0 comments)

internet marketing: Real Estate in the near future - 07/02/08 12:20 PM
The effect of the Internet is modeling the structure of the real estate industry according to different sources most of the future buyers are starting their search for homes in the Internet.
Some sellers are reluctant to pay the fee that companies like REMAX, Century 21, and Coldwell Banker are asking on the other hand these titans of real estate tend to be slow into changes.
The FSBO solution also has difficulties despite the flourishing of web pages that allow them to expose their homes in a similar way that the MLS does for realtors. Since they need advice … (1 comments)

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