internet marketing provider: What is the Goal of Internet Marketing? - 03/26/11 12:50 AM
Web marketing is not just about driving traffic to a website. When customers arrive to the virtual tour website from a search engine, the tour must be compelling and interesting to encourage the customer to continue viewing. The content must encourage customers to want to personally tour the property or visit the business site. Customers must feel confident in the agents/company's ability to provide the product and/or service. We provide this creating customized business banners and logos, agent/owners photo, affiliate banners (redirecting the viewer directly to the agent/business website) and producing tour content. Interactive Virtual Tour Advertising combines all of these … (4 comments)

internet marketing provider: A Beautiful Vacation Rental - 11/10/10 10:34 PM
    Nick Dejesus from Innovative Realty Professionals just joined our every day growing family of Virtual Florida Tours satisfied customers. He ordered a slideshow of an extremely beautiful and well located vacation rental 3737 Collins Ave. suite 702 at Miami Beach.
This three bedroom three and a half bathrooms perfectly decorated apartment is located at a building with 24 our security. Just imagine being able to enjoy the relaxing view of one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida right from your living room.
You are just seconds away of the best theaters, art galleries, and stores of South … (0 comments)

internet marketing provider: Some Ideas About Marketing - 09/10/10 11:52 PM
Some times when you start marketing for a service or product you feel that marketing is aversive and painful.  In occasions you will like that clients come to you allowing you to just do your work.
In reality you should change your ideas about marketing because this is part of who you are. If you love what you are doing, then doing what you love to do with others is authentic.
Marketing is a craft that requires that you give to others either by writing an article, a blog or by taking someone to lunch to talk about your product or … (4 comments)

internet marketing provider: The importance of maintaining an active presence on the Internet - 08/16/09 09:45 PM
I wass recently reading an article published in and noticed that the author refers in a very good way to a set of the most important issues related to why specially in this market everyone should dedicate some time to maintain an active webpage.
I have address the importance of some of this same issuesin tdifferent articles in my blog, but I am going to emphasize again some of the issues.
The look of your webpage is very important.
The name of your company and contact information should be readily visble. Are you following your company motto and ideas. Do … (3 comments)

internet marketing provider: Best Deals at Freeport Grand Bahamas - 07/15/09 01:04 AM
In a recent visit to Freeport Grand Bahamas, I happened to find an excellent place when you are looking for the best possible deals in your visit.
I would recommend that you to visit the International Bazaar. This Mall has by far the best pries we encounter during our visit.
Very important hidden inside the bazaar is Cindy's Roti-Hut is a little restaurant where you can eat or order your meals. This place provides the best Bahamian dishes you will ever find at Freeport the prices are ridiculously low for such a quality food. Their phone is 352 1661 just a … (0 comments)

internet marketing provider: How to use Social Networking Profitably? - 06/10/09 08:51 AM
There is a lot of information regarding which is the most important way to use social networking to obtain the biggest return on investment. In reality when we talk of social networking we are using our own time to promote our services so unless you are one of those realtors that prefer to pay to get a low quality blog that supposedly will allow possible customers to see you as something you are not we are talking about your own time.
Of course time is too valuable and most of us have very little free time to invest it in something … (0 comments)

internet marketing provider: The Importance of Social Networking - 05/15/09 10:33 PM
Social networking is a very important tool that will allow you to increase your presence in the Internet and to make your prospective clients understand that you are the expert in your particular field. Real Estate is a very competitive business and every day our customers are becoming savvier in the use of the Internet. This is only one of the reasons that virtual tours and network syndication are becoming so important in our time
Your goal should be to write about a topic your customer should be interested and by doing this you start increasing the number of readers that … (3 comments)

internet marketing provider: Dealing With a Reluctant Prospect - 05/02/09 11:59 AM
Sometimes a prospect tells you that there are low cost providers that could allow him to do a minimum investment and still obtain an acceptable virtual tour. Normally this low cost providers do not offer more than the possibility of a do it yourself virtual tour.
I will recommend not to question the prospect's decision because by doing this you are making your possible customer feel that she/he made a mistake. Instead accept that you understand that the economy is going by difficult times and he/she has to decide how to invest his/her hard earned money in the most profitable way … (0 comments)

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