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In a recent visit to Freeport Grand Bahamas, I happened to find an excellent place when you are looking for the best possible deals in your visit. I would recommend that you to visit the International Bazaar. This Mall has by far the best pries we encounter during our visit. Very important hidden...
In a recent article Mike Parker1 is emphasizing in the importance of getting a greater presence on the Internet.  He correctly quotes the different papers published by the national association of realtors (NAR) referring to the increase of prospects starting their house search through the Interne...
There is a lot of information regarding which is the most important way to use social networking to obtain the biggest return on investment. In reality when we talk of social networking we are using our own time to promote our services so unless you are one of those realtors that prefer to pay to...
I recently was reading a group of blogs as I usually do every weekend to see what could be of interest for my clients and I found a group of ideas that I will like to share with you. Pamela Candejas1 suggests the use of surveys as a way to evaluate the effectiveness of your website of your blog, ...
If you are looking for a excellent deal in this day buyers market, you should not hesitate no more you  just found it! This fabulous condominium building has a big conference room, a huge Club area where you and your colleagues can meet. If you like exercising you will have a state of the art exe...
Social networking is a very important tool that will allow you to increase your presence in the Internet and to make your prospective clients understand that you are the expert in your particular field. Real Estate is a very competitive business and every day our customers are becoming savvier in...
I was recently going over my weekly homework of following the different sites I usually follow and I found two interesting articles that essentially deal with the same topics on how to get noticed on the Internet. You engaging others (YEO)1 is one of this concepts that is really important when yo...
Sometimes a prospect tells you that there are low cost providers that could allow him to do a minimum investment and still obtain an acceptable virtual tour. Normally this low cost providers do not offer more than the possibility of a do it yourself virtual tour. I will recommend not to question ...
According to Midori Miller1 in a study done in July 2008 by Yahoo  white pages there 23 million people bought,  sold or are getting ready to buy and sell on the Internet. This should be a wake up call for those still doubting the importance of having an active presence on the Internet. This can s...


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