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The first step is to upload the video into one of the multiple place that hold videos in the Internet like you tube. The second is to copy the text to embed from your Internet server. third step is to embed the video in the Html blog browser You are done enjoy!
The California realtor association made a survey that shows that 90% of Agents are not providing what the consumer wants. Consumers number one consideration in choosing an Agent was its lowest commission and the last reason was the most knowledgeable. The survey show s that most of the participan...
Different authors are giving a lot of advice on what can be done in this tough market, from the use of email newsletters1, to subscriptions and long tail phrases2 to try to catch the traffic from the Internet to suggestion to customers ages 62 and over to use the special options available for thi...
Recently I read two different articles in Broker agents News that I think should be read by most of my clients. In the first one Maya Baily makes a wonderful work on placing the importance of letting your clients know the truth about the market value of their homes and how you both can actively p...
The Lehman Team and Virtual Florida Tours will like to present to the market this one of the kind fabulous home by the lake in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Miami City Florida. This four bedroom two bathrooms pool home has an excellent distribution, is furnished with new appliances a...
Virtual tour providers need to learn from our main customers and increase our presence in the Internet using the power of SEO and the content of our web page. Parker Mike1 recommends that you need a web page that not only will be easily found when your prospect is looking for the service you are ...
Despite some reports that consider that the economy was not suffering as much as others were saying 1. Due the reality is that the customers are not noticing the increase in loans availability from the banks. This intention to safe the economy started in the previous administration investing most...
Recently I was talking to one of my clients and he came with a question on why he should be placing his adds in the Internet. My answer was extremely simple Return On Investment (ROI). Why we have to base our adds in ROI is very simple if you place an ad in a magazine or newspaper you invest betw...
Recently Virtual Florida Tours was asked to make a virtual tour for a For Sale by Owner at the Pinnacle in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami Florida. This Fabulous Condominium Building is run like a five stars hotel with all those little features that will make feel pampered as if you were royalty! Just t...
Success depends to a certain measure in doing the right thing to all your customers to the point they will start commenting on how good their relationship with your company was for their business. To do this you need to plan in advance how to deal with the different situations you might find in y...


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