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The "Millenium" Trilogy ... a book and film review from Ocean City, New Jersey   I read the three "Millenium" books one after the other (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest) during my summer recovery from bypass surgery.  I enjo...
Real Estate Agents & Teachers #4 ... from Ocean City, New Jersey   This is my 4th posting about real estate agents and teachers as I try to get input from readers to assist me in putting together an education article and maybe a real estate one regarding the training and education of both groups ...
Beach Clean-Up in Ocean City, New Jersey   With the colder fall days slowly starting to arrive in our little barrier island, it means the "Ocean City Beach Sweep," the 25th annual, has just been completed.  Community efforts going up and down the entire beach area results in an extensive picking ...
Real Estate Agents & Teachers #3 from Ocean City, New Jersey   This is my third of a series of occasional postings where I share some ideas about these two jobs and the people who work in them ... planning to share ideas, receive some, and eventually write a final education piece on the topic, ma...
Book Recommendtions ... from Ocean City, New Jersey   Since college so many years ago, I have tended to slowly move into the mystery, espionage, and crime fields,  fiction almost exclusively, instead of the high literature and history and social science that I was required to read in those years....
Northend & Gardens Sale Listings ... in Ocean City, New Jersey   If this isn't the largest selection of "Northend" and "Gardens" sale listings with one agent, it's got to be a close second to any other.  The Northend and Gardens areas are my area of interest and expertise ... I live here, work he...
Real Estate Market Reports ... updating you on sale property information from Ocean City, New Jersey   I just finished my monthly "Listing Log Update" for my listing owners, and I thought I'd share some general information for my blog readers.  As of October 24th, we have identified 148 sold/pend...
Indian Summer Arrived Over the Weekend here in Ocean City, New Jersey   You never know when the weather will warm up again ... we had a great September, but in parts of October it cooled down quite a bit.  Rain and colder morning temps caused me to switch to long pants for several days, but just ...
Open Houses in Colder Weather ... a bit of a problem here in Ocean City, New Jersey   I often draw on the differences between our "resort market" here in Ocean City (NJ), a little barrier island in South Jersey about an hour from Philadelphia (PA).  One might say:  "that's not that far from every...
2011 Summer Rental Decisions ... The Wise Rental Tenants Make Them Now ... for Ocean City, New Jersey   So who are phoning and emailing their rental agents to lock up rental properties for the 2011 Summer Season.  I call these very smart people "the professional rental tenants." They are the ones...

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