ephrata: Selling Your Pet Loved Home:) - 11/08/10 01:47 AM
Pet Odor Can Chase Away Buyers Don’t let pet odors derail your home sale. Read
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ephrata: Take Care of Your Moses Lake Home - 10/07/10 04:52 AM
The Value of Home Maintenance Regular home maintenance is key to preserving the value of your house and property. Read
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ephrata: Small Town Inspections - 08/30/10 07:23 AM
Inspecting in Eastern Washington means commuting to the small towns that dot the areas map. EWAHI has a territory that encompasses Adams, Grant, Lincoln, and Spokane counties. That is a large territory, and we have even inspected farther than that. Recently we had the privilege of inspecting in Wilson Creek, WA.
  The drive to Wilson Creek is typical for this area, wheat farms and sage brush scattered with rocky outcroppings; Rolling hills covered with wheat fields, and in the Columbia Basin irrigation brings in green fields for miles. I love the desert and this landscape reminds me of where I … (4 comments)

ephrata: BNI, Home Inspection Presentation, Our Work Is Important - 08/25/10 05:56 AM
Eastern WA Home Inspections is active in BNI (Business Network International), with meetings every week. Each Tuesday morning at 7:00 AM one of our inspectors, myself or Cody are at a meeting with other small business owners and professionals in Spokane.
Our group called the Northside Networkers has breakfast together while we discuss our businesses and find ways to help each other through referrals. Yesterday Eastern WA Home Inspections gave a ten minute presentation on Home Inspection and what we can do for our clients.
The presentation introduced the group to our family then proceeded to the business end and what … (2 comments)

ephrata: America and Individuals - 07/07/10 07:31 AM
We live in a great country, it spans from sea to sea, something many of us take for granted but it is really special. All you have to do is look at a map and see all the countries that do not even have a port let alone ports on two different oceans. The vast lands and natural resources we have in our borders has allowed us to prosper over the years. Couple that with the individualism, drive, and freedom we Americans possess and you get an economic power house.
Our economy is in a down turn and it may be … (5 comments)

ephrata: Safety is always on a Home Inspectors mind. - 06/17/10 06:02 AM
Our Spokane area Home Inspectors are ever vigilant on safety issues. These can take many different forms such as stored flammables in a home, wiring that is improper or in a state of disrepair; a whole gambit of situations that can be found in a home. It is our job to let the client know of these hazards or potential hazards so they can decide if and when to address the problem. Eastern WA Home Inspections, LLC noted this retaining wall that does not have a railing or fence near a service walk path.
It would be easy for … (4 comments)

ephrata: Spokane, Moses Lake Inspection Company, Plantings near the House Structure. - 06/16/10 12:51 PM
Many home owners in the Spokane and Moses Lake areas plant bushes and shrubs around the house, often putting them to close to the structure.  Even when placed away from the siding far enough they can grow into the house.
A busy Spokane or Moses Lake home owner may decide it is fine to leave the shrubs or bushes up against the house. EWAHI Inspectors on the other hand will see a bridge for water and insects, and a barrier to prevent the siding from drying, only compounding the issue.
Now those bushes and shrubs planted to bring a … (2 comments)

ephrata: Grant County Home Inspection, Issues Happen - 06/14/10 04:22 AM
Some times our Moses lake inspection team has to stop and wonder "what were they thinking".
Paying attention to the details is a lot of what Home inspectors do, and here we can see a door latch installed backwards.With the latch installed this way the door cannot properly shut, maybe this is a new anti-lock installation:).

Not all the items our Grant county Home Inspectors find take a rocket scientist to identify, but they are still concerns that need to be addressed. Many of the report items noted on our Inspection reports are simple fixes like this door latch. These … (7 comments)

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