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Services for Real Estate Pros - Rocky Point Schoolhouse
This second-tier, private lake home owner has taken a bold move to sell this elegant historic schoolhouse quickly.  Taking an unusual approach to selling in a down turned economy, the homeowner has announced a radical change in the standard listing process.   Originally purchased for $396,000 in ...
Be sure to mark your calendars and attend the Kansas City Open House for this Weatherby Lake landmark. This former one room school, built in 1857, stands proudly on Lot #1 of Weatherby Lake - a monument to the importance the prairie pioneer placed on educating their young. Over the years, a majes...
Weatherby Lake is a great place to live, whatever your age or interests. Residents can enjoy: A dynamic private community lifestyle Spectacular views of the lake Within 1.5 miles to some of Kansas City Northland's best bars, cafés and restaurants Shopping and entertainment center, with Zona Rosa ...
When searching for old homes or schools for sale in the Kansas City area, don't limit your search parameters. There are several noteworthy sites dedicated to promoting awareness and preservation of our history. You can view available historic properties on, HistoricProperti...
Hidden Historical Gem :: 8316 NW Eastside Dr :: Weatherby Lake, MO :: Private Lake Community Weatherby Lake Home for Sale A rare opportunity to own a piece of local history! This former one-room schoolhouse, one of an estimated 75 in Platte County during the 19th century, has recently been made a...

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