homes in tiburon ca: September 2009 Tiburon Real Estate Market Update - 09/05/09 11:19 AM
According to the Census: the population of Tiburon CA is 8,666 with 3,906 total housing units, 2.3 people per house, and a mean income of $202,100.
 Estimated average 2009 household income for Tiburon is $272,000  ‘09 incomes imply Tiburon can support average home prices near $2m  Current prices are hovering at $2m  Our fair value estimate for average home prices is $2.3m  2004-2009 historical prices average $2.35m Similar to Belvedere CA Real Estate, some high-end home sales in Tiburon are made by folkswhose current income is not key to their current homeownership, and historically has skewed prices higher than income affordability … (0 comments)

homes in tiburon ca: How Much Farther Will Housing Prices Fall in Southern Marin CA - 09/05/09 10:08 AM
One way to evaluate how much farther prices will have to fall in Southern Marin County CA is to approximate average incomes in each town and to apply some basic financial planning concepts to determine what average prices should be. 
 Approximate 2009 Average Incomes:
Incomes in Tiburon:           $270,000 Incomes in Mill Valley:        $180,000 Incomes in Sausalito:         $167,000  Example:  The average family living in Homes in Tiburon CA  earns $271,500, pays $38,000 income tax, leaving them with $233,500. They spend 30% on mortgage interest, could afford a $70,000 annual mortgage (rate 5.5%), and a $1,274,500 mortgage. The average homeowner … (0 comments)

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