activerain: Have You Seen "The Big Idea"? - 01/01/08 08:48 AM
I was switching channels recently one night and saw a show that surprisingly refreshing.
It's called "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch"!
It's on Monday through Friday nights at 10:00pm EST on CNBC.
Donny interviews ordinary people, who have come up with a great ideas and turned them into a million dollar or more successful business.  He normally has 3 - 5 different people on each night.
He has also successful people like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Donald Trump among others.
What I get out of the show is listening to the different philosophies and disciplines other successful people have and then see how I can … (9 comments)

activerain: 6878 Pelicans Run Court Maineville Ohio 45039 - 12/27/07 08:56 AM
6878 Pelicans Run Court Maineville, OH 45039

For more photos, go to: and click on "Buying" and then go to "Dan's Listings". 
6878 Pelicans Run Court Maineville, Ohio 45039$179,000by Dan Weis, Realtor, Cincinnati, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Real Estate 
This 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths, vinyl & stone, 2-story home is nestled in on a cul-de-sac lot with a fenced back yard.  It's located in the Sunrise Landing subdivision in Maineville and Hamilton Township and is in the Little Miami School District.  This resort-style community has many special features that differentiates it from other surrounding neighborhoods.  The amenities include a fishing lake with docks, 2 swimming pools, 2 clubhouses, tennis courts, sidewalks, etc.
Some of its special features … (4 comments)

activerain: Cincinnati area - Free Home & Condo Buyer Class - Nov. 7th - 10/16/07 09:43 AM
If you plan on starting your home search within the next 12 months, NOW is the time to start your learning process! So before you start looking, get 'educated' in the home buying and mortgage process - from start to finish.
     You will benefit from attending this educational class. Over 1,465 people before you have gained 'insider secrets' and learned valuable money & time-saving strategies with the knowledge they gained from the classes. Today's real estate transactions are becoming more complex and, if you're not aware of the pitfalls, it can become a difficult, frustrating and money-draining experience. Even if … (0 comments)

activerain: I Couldn't Believe My Eyes...Paying Off Credit Cards First? - 10/14/07 01:50 PM
I saw a headline in a local paper that said, "Credit Card Bills Paid First". Credit cards being paid before mortgage payments? You've got to be kidding me. People are so concerned about getting behind in their payments, but they don't think the lender will foreclose on them. Wake up! They will, if they have to. With Congress and others looking for ways to slow down the number of foreclosures around the country, some consumers may get a break from having to move out of their home by re-financing their mortgages or possibly adjusting their terms, but for many others there … (1 comments)

activerain: Do You Spend More Time Planning Your Vacation? - 10/02/07 08:19 AM
I recently returned from a marketing seminar and learned a lot of great information as well as took steps to set some items in motion. But one of the valuable lessons I learned is that after the seminar is over, you need to have a roadmap of what you want to accomplish from your newfound knowledge.You need to determine what your goals are and what achieving your goals will mean to you.  You need to take action.  No matter how easy or difficult various aspects of the project are, you need to gocus on the end result.  That's when you have success. Well, … (2 comments)

activerain: August Cincinnati Home Sales Surpass July, But... - 09/25/07 08:16 AM
August Home Sales Surpass July Sales, But Still Off on a Yearly Basis.
Home sales in August -- at 2,161 units sold -- increased over a month earlier, when sales totaled 2,112. But on a yearly basis, homes sales last month fell 15.3% from August one year earlier.
Nationally, August home sales were off 4.3% from July on a seasona lly adjusted basis, and 12.8% less than a year ago.  Average selling price locally for August was $176,592. That's down 3% from $181,768 a year earlier.
Median sale price August 2006: $141,000Median sale price August 2007: $141,000
The median sale price remained unchanged in August … (0 comments)

activerain: Seller-Held, Open House Safety Tips! - 09/15/07 08:14 AM
When home sellers hold their own open houses, they need to be aware that all prospects may not be who they say they are.
Here are some steps to take when holding your own open house:
Partner up, if possible.  Tell a neighbor to keep their eyes open during the open house for anything unusual and to call you if necessary.Make sure that you put all of your "breakables", valuables, medicines and any money away out of sight and secure.  Don't be surprised that people would look through drawers, cabinets and closets, if you're not with them.  Don't leave any house or car keys … (0 comments)

activerain: Handling Home Builders Right Now! - 09/05/07 04:35 AM
There's been a lot of discussion about the solvency of builders lately.  Some builders are picking up and leaving subdivisions where they've been selling homes, but with slower home sales now, they're looking for greener pastures. 
Today, the experience you'll have with any builder is based on how good the sales rep and field supervisor, who's overseeing the construction, are.    Do they answer your questions or do they just give you 'lip service'? Right now, no matter who the builder is, I would check with the Better Business Bureau, ask for some references and talk with those who recently built with the … (0 comments)

activerain: Cincinnati Home Selling Tip: Build New or Sell First? - 09/04/07 06:42 AM
You're currently a homeowner, who wants to build a new home.
It could be a home you fell in love with and have to have or maybe it's a builder's model home or you've just outgrown your current home.  In any case, you need to hit the brakes and look closely at your options.
Can you afford to buy a new home without your current home being sold?  If so, would money be tight if it takes longer than 3 - 6 months to sell your current home?  Can you handle the financial pressure?
Many home builders don't want your current home sale as … (0 comments)

activerain: Life Is Like A Planters Creamy Peanut Butter Jar! - 08/17/07 03:11 AM

A long time ago, there was a man, who was born in Holland.  When he was young, his family brought him to America, where he grew up and later had a family of his own.  During his journey through life, he bought a lot of land in the Kenwood area of Cincinnati, which became very valuable.  Then one day, he was scammed by a person, who traded him some worthless apartment buildings for his valuable land.His later years in life were tough as he lived in places where he could find a relative to help him out.  After he passed away, the … (6 comments)

activerain: Is Media Controlling The Real Estate Market? - 08/16/07 07:23 AM
Is Media Controlling The Real Estate Marketby Dan Weis, Cincinnati OH REALTOR®   Cincinnati OH Real Estate  
All people see and hear right now 24/7 is how bad the real estate and mortgage markets are. The news makes it sound like the world is coming to an end.Well, because many in the mortgage industry gave mortgages to people who couldn't really afford them or to people who won't be able to afford the adjustable rate mortage (ARM) increases when their initial rate goes up, we're now seeing a large inventory of foreclosures on the market nationwide. Many sub-prime and Alt-A mortgage lenders are closing their doors.Countrywide Mortgage … (4 comments)

activerain: Home Buyer Class Numbers Are Up! - 08/15/07 06:11 AM
In a previous post, I asked "where are all of the buyers?"
Well, I've found 17 home buyers so far in the past week.
You see, I'm teaching a First-time Home & Condo Buyer Class tonight and the response is the largest yet this year for attending one of my classes.  We teach a monthly class and earlier in the year, we were only having anywhere from ZERO to 4 people register.
Now, attendance is normally 50% of those you register, because it's a free class and life happens or people forget, even though I contact everyone the day before the class.
So, we'll see … (15 comments)

activerain: Are WEEDS Blocking Your View? - 08/14/07 08:04 AM
 Do you ever feel like you can't get a handle on what you want to accomplish?
Have you looked at your surroundings lately?
(This photo is of an actual listing (not mine) - weeds and all! I'm sure the neighbors love this home being for sale and vacant!)
What are your "WEEDS"?
Tolerations, distractions, lack of achieving goals, lack of focus, etc.....
Take an overview of your working conditions:
How does your office desk look - clean or cluttered?How does your vehicle look - clean or have food wrappers on the floor, etc?Where do you take notes while on the phone - input into computer or put … (4 comments)

activerain: Where Have All The Buyers Gone? - 08/13/07 08:14 AM
Where have all of the buyers gone?
It's an excellent market for home buyers right now, so where are they? 
Here's some thoughts:
~ Are there just a lot more sellers than buyers right now?  With the increase of foreclosures and owners needing to sell before their adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) adjust along with the normal activity level of people wanting to move, most areas have increased property inventories right now.
~ Buyers are hiding behind their computers now - only contacting agents when there's something they really want to see.  They rarely call from newspaper ads or real estate magazines any more, because they don't want to … (3 comments)

activerain: Bad MLS Photos Are Stealing Your Sellers' Equity! - 08/10/07 06:48 AM
When you peruse through real estate listings on various web sites, do you really look at the interior photos?
(I'd love to show you some examples, but I'm not permitted to 'copy and paste' other agent's listing photos.)Some sellers are losing thousands of dollars or even outright sales on their homes.Why?Because agents aren't telling their sellers what they need to do to make their photos show off their properties in the best light!If you go online and look at a few homes, you'll quickly see what I mean:~ too much furniture shrinks a room~ un-made beds~ cluttered counter tops and pantries~ garage full of 'stuff'~ … (13 comments)

activerain: Home Selling Tip: Beware of Lender Deal-Killers - 08/07/07 10:04 AM
Home Selling Tip: Beware of Lender Deal-Killersby Dan Weis, Cincinnati OH REALTOR®   Cincinnati OH Real Estate   The mortgage industry is currently in turmoil and going through a lot of changes right now, so be careful. 
When you have your home on the market and receive an offer, it's not enough to assume that the buyer has been pre-approved.  You need to make sure that you or your agent, if represented, requests a copy of their lender's pre-approval letter.
Next, you need to inquire about the legitimacy of the pre-approval letter.  What steps did the mortgage loan officer take before providing you with the pre-approval letter?  Did they pull the … (7 comments)

activerain: Are Mechanical System Photos Too Much? - 08/06/07 09:05 AM
Everyone talks about taking more photos of their listings when posting online.
Many real estate websites now allow multiple photos up to 20 or more to be posted online.
How much is too much?
Once you've taken all of the normal interior and exterior photos of a home, is considered OK to take a photo of the furnace, water heater, etc, especially if they're new or newer?
What are your thoughts about this?
What different types of photos do you take and post online that are out of the ordinary?
Thanks, Dan

activerain: 8810 Charleston Woods Drive, Mason, Ohio - 08/03/07 08:58 AM
8810 Charleston Woods Drive, Mason, Ohio 45040
For more photos and details, go to: and click on "Dan's Listings". 
8810 Charleston Woods Dr. Mason, Ohio 45040by Dan Weis, Realtor, Cincinnati, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Real Estate 
This 4 bedroom, 3 full bath, brick, transitional 2-story home shows like a model.  It's located in the Charleston Park subdivision of Deerfield Township and is in Mason City School District.  Some of its special features include:  1st floor study or 5th bedroom with adjoining full bath...beautiful hardwood carpeting throughout...front & rear staircase...2-story entry...9' ceilings...master suite with luxury bath - separate vanities, walk-in closet, shower and whirlpool tub...formal living and dining rooms...full basement...fenced, level back yard with new landscaping and an … (2 comments)

activerain: Changes in the Sub-Prime, Mortgage Market! - 07/25/07 10:17 AM
I attended a seminar today about the changes that are happening in the sub-prime mortgage market that was hosted by Rick Pilger, an ActiveRain Mortgage Consultant.  I wanted to educate myself on the changes occurring in the sub-prime and high LTV (Loan To Value) mortgage markets.
Here are some of the highlights I learned:
Deliquencies of sub-prime, Adjustable Rate Mortgage and exotic home loan products are on the rise.Wall Street has lost its appetite for "higher LTV, higher-risk loans.Pressure from legislative bodies to curb "Abusive Lending".Recent Mortgage loan products may have been too aggressive.Typical contraction phase of business cycle - the media kept hyping the "Bubble" until it … (1 comments)

activerain: You're At The Half Way Point of 2007! - 07/03/07 01:08 PM
Now that the first half of 2007 is over, how are you doing with your business goals so far? It's been another good year for some and a tough year for many, because as the market changed, not everyone changed with it.Why is that?It's all between your ears!  You make your own "economy" based on what you want to achieve and how muchyou stick to your business plan. Even if interest rates shot up to over 8%, there would still be plenty of homes to sell, but while many agents would fall out of the business, you can still go after your … (3 comments)