cincinnati condos for sale: Free Home Buyer Class: How to Avoid Making Costly Home Buying Mistakes - 07/16/18 12:05 PM
As a First-Time Home or Condo Buyer, which is these questions apply to you:   Are you tired of helping pay for your landlord's mortgage?
Do you wish your kids could play in a back yard of their own?
Can you stand to hear people yelling & TVs/music blaring?
Do you want to start building equity in your own home?
Wouldn't you love to paint & personalize your own home?
Are you sick of scraping ice and snow off your windshield?
Do you hate having repairs done on Landlord's schedule?
If you're planning to start your home search, NOW is the time … (2 comments)

cincinnati condos for sale: Free, Home & Condo Buyer Class - Wednesday, Aug. 31st - 08/28/11 06:50 AM
Free, Home & Condo Buyer Class This Wednesday, Aug. 31st.To register, go to: http://www.HomeBuyingClass.comAre you planning to purchase your first home in the near future and you don't know where to start?
Where can you turn to find all of the information you need to buy a new home or condo?
While there are many places to do extensive internet research about buying a home or condo in Cincinnati, you may be left with many unanswered questions. 
You may be afraid to make a mistake when purchasing a home, because a mistake can end up costing you thousands of dollars or putting you in a situation you don't know how to get out of.Don't begin … (0 comments)