motivational: How Choices...Wants...Needs Affect Your Life! - 06/23/07 06:09 AM
Do you ever get an "Ah-Ha"?  Sure, you do! I recently came upon a realization that makes that can simplify how one looks at their life and in what direction they want to go in versus just floating along in life.The 3 words of importance here are: CHOICES......WANTS......NEEDS We are where we are today based on the "choices" we have made up to this point in our life.Read that statement again and let it sink in.From the smallest choices to the largest, we all make hundreds of choices every day.  Some of them we do automatically, because we've done them thousands of times, … (0 comments)

motivational: Why Smaller Is Better - Part 2 - 06/09/07 11:10 AM
Take a moment to review my last post and this will tie the two together much easier.I write these "Agent Success Tips" LIVE and up to the minute and then I post them, but sometimes I have ideas that I've come up with earlier, so I write them down to remember them.Anyway, "on with the show" as they say.For example.......If you have an income goal of $250,000, but have never earned over $100,000, you need to figure outwhat you need to do more of and what you need to do less of.(Plug your own numbers in here.)Jumping from $10,000 per month to … (1 comments)

motivational: Why Smaller Is Better - Part 1 - 06/07/07 01:57 AM
You might disagree with what I'm about to tell you and that's OK.Many "so -called experts" would think I'm wrong for thinking this way and I'm fine with that.But what I want to share with you can make a HUGE difference in your life.Even though it's one of the simplest things to do, it's also one of the toughest to do on a consistent basis. Not even I have mastered it.  I continue to work on getting better with it day by day.What am I talking about?You see, I used to "Think BIG".Now, there's nothing wrong with having a BIG VISION...something to strive … (6 comments)

motivational: Maniac On A Mission! - 06/04/07 03:41 AM
How important are the next 30 days in your life?
Well, you won't get them back once they're gone.
Will you just go through your daily routine...half-heartedly and with no sense of urgency?
How much can you implement in your real estate business and complete in that time?
Today is a new day for you. It's just the beginning. You're at the beginning of something amazing.  You just have to realize it.
If you're not happy with where you are right now, it's because of all of the decisions you have made. You may not be willing to admit your made … (1 comments)

motivational: Increase Your Open House Conversion Rate! - 05/25/07 01:57 PM
What is your mindset for having open houses?
Do you eagerly anticipate lots of buyers walking through or do you dread the thought of another wasted day?
Well, whichever way you feel about open houses will come true most of the time. So if you're going to hold an open house, you might as well do it right and then you'll benefit from it most of the time. Here are a few ideas that may help you connect with more buyers (and many of them are sellers too, who need their homes listed):
Think about what other agents do at their … (3 comments)

motivational: What Are Your Daily Thoughts? - 05/21/07 03:30 AM
The thoughts you think before dozing off to sleep at night - as well as the thoughts you think first thing in the morning, are extremely powerful.Yet, the average person is often unaware about what they think about during these very important time frames.What you say when you talk to yourself in the early morning sets the tone for how you will feel - and what results you will get - for the rest of the day.And what you think before you go to bed at night has a major influence upon what you will dream about - and how you … (1 comments)

motivational: Being A 'Jack-Of-All-Trades' Will Cost You $$$! - 05/08/07 03:38 AM
I recently attended a seminar, where at one point, agents were sharing which target markets they were working in and how they were doing in them.  
I was shocked by many of their responses.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
Most of them were naming all of the different target markets as though they were going through the alphabet......listing up to ten or more different categories that they "SPECIALIZED" in.  It was incredible!
My question to them would have been, "How can you be a specialist in ALL of these areas?"
Do top brain surgeons also market themselves as a General Practioner or OB/GYN?
Do … (6 comments)

motivational: INSTANTLY Improve Your Business! - 05/03/07 05:11 AM
If you haven't done this yet, you're costing yourself thousands of dollars and tons of time that you could be spending with your family and your hobbies.Often, it's the simplest things that when done over and over again, make the biggest difference in our lives and our pocketbooks.So why don't we do them?Lack of focus and constant distractions!Isn't that the truth? I can't count on both hands how often I get distracted every day by thoughts in my head and phones ringing in my ears. Make an A-B-C list every night of what you need to do the next day and … (4 comments)

motivational: Are You Giving Your Best? - 04/30/07 02:46 AM
Are you giving your real estate business 100%?Before you read below, take a few minutes and watch this amazing video. Don't NOT watch it, because it shows football players. Look for the important messages behind this powerful video! It can make a difference in your life!.................................................................Now that you've watched the video, what did you get out of it?Let me know your thoughts. Send me an e-mail at:'s what inspiration I found from the video:1) If you don't think you can do it, you're right! It's that simple!2) Who are you accountable to? Who can help motivate you? Who can tell … (0 comments)

motivational: Are You Wasting Some Minutes & Hours Of Your Life? - 04/26/07 08:15 AM
If I were to walk into your office today, would you be able to show me a copy of your business plan or a list of activities that you strive to achieve on a daily basis? Isn't it true that if you don't have a road map, how will you know when you have arrived? I once heard someone say that if you want to earn a certain amount of money in 12 months, why not increase your daily activities and achieve it in 10 months or less and take the rest of the time off throughout the year.One of the ways to … (0 comments)

motivational: Awoke In The Middle of the Night! - 04/17/07 05:03 AM
It's 2:57am, Tuesday morning!I just returned from an Internet Marketing Conference in Atlanta tonight. I drove home from the airport at 12:35am.I've been asleep for a little while and...I rolled over in bed and now I'm wide awake, thinking about real estate strategies that can help other agents. Since I'm not able to fall back asleep with my mind racing, I thought I'd take time to write down my thoughts.
I've been a successful Realtor for 22 years now and have also been coaching real estate agents for over three years. There are so many thoughts running through my head right … (4 comments)

motivational: Where Is Your Road Map Taking You? - 04/09/07 03:40 AM
I want to share a success strategy with you that can make a huge difference in your life.One caveat, though...It will only work for you, if you DO it!I was recently talking with an experienced agent, who had done very well over the years, but in the past year or so he was struggling in his real estate business.His transactions were getting harder and harder to close and it seemed like people were more difficult to work with. (Can you relate to this?)After feeling beat down for so long, it's now hard for him to get excited in his business. He … (1 comments)

motivational: When Millionaires Talk, Are You Listening? - 04/06/07 07:56 AM
I recently listened to a 45 minute call, where 6 MILLIONAIRES were sharing their thoughts about what it takes to become a millionaire.The host of the call was John Assaraf.  He may be familiar to you, because he's been involved as Regional Director of RE/MAX of Indiana and also was co-owner of before it was bought out by IPIX (a virtual tour product).  John is now a success coach in San Diego.  I met him awhile backat a local Barnes & Noble at a book signing.I took several pages of notes, writing as fast as I could to keep up.  I want to … (5 comments)

motivational: Follow This Strategy For An Awesome April! - 03/28/07 03:54 PM
As the first quarter of 2007 comes to an end, are you on track to achieving your business goals for the quarter?  
Did you list as many houses as you thought you would?  Did you show homes to the number of buyers you expected to work with?   If you did, great!    If you didn't, don't beat yourself up about it.  Nobody hits their goals every time.  Million dollar baseball players only get 3 hits out of every 10 at-bats.  Just increase your at-bats.  
Look at this next quarter and re-evaluate your goals.  Set new goals for the quarter. … (5 comments)

motivational: Relaxing Under A Palm Tree! - 03/26/07 03:06 AM
One single idea can change the focus of your life.
If you could be anywhere in the world, imagine yourself at your most peaceful place.
Your eyes are closed and your mind is calm.
"Imagine you are laying on a cushioned lounge chair under a palm tree at your favorite spot on a sandy-white beach at 3:00pm in the afternoon with the sun sparkling through the branches.  It's 82 degrees and you have your favorite drink.  All you can hear is the soft, gentle breaks in the ocean waves with the occasional sound of seagulls.  Your body is fully relaxed and your mind is … (1 comments)

motivational: Do You Have SMART Shelves? - 03/05/07 02:04 AM
How many books, magazines, tapes & CDs do you have on your shelves?
We all have them...some more than others; often from all of the seminars.
If you have any of these items lying around your office or home, I guarantee you're missing out on implementing strategies that could earn you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars or more.
It's time to pick up one of these money-making tools and dive into it to see what 'treasures' you can find.  Write down the valuable nuggets you uncover and make a timeline to take action.
If you started reading a book awhile back, maybe … (0 comments)

motivational: How Big Is Your TV? - 02/26/07 09:01 AM
I may be able to tell if you're financially secure by the size of your TV vs. the size of your library.Are you where you want to be financially?Do you sometimes wonder how the agent in the next office earns more than you, but you can't figure out how they do it?One question to ask is: "How big is their TV?"Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, what in the world is Dan talking about?Has he gone off the deep end?What does the size of a TV have to do with whether or not you're wealthy?Well, let me ask you this: "Do … (2 comments)