realtors: Are You On Track With Your 2007 Goals? - 03/07/07 07:37 AM
As the 1st quarter is almost coming to an end, are you on track to achieving your business goals?   Did you list as many houses as you thought you would?  Did you show homes to the number of buyers you expected to work with?   If you did, great!    If you didn't, don't beat yourself up about it.  Nobody hits their goals every time.  Million dollar baseball players only get 3 hits out of every 10 at-bats.  Just increase your at-bats.   Look at this next quarter and re-evaluate your goals.  Set new goals for the quarter. Better yet, set new goals only … (12 comments)

realtors: Do You Have SMART Shelves? - 03/05/07 02:04 AM
How many books, magazines, tapes & CDs do you have on your shelves?
We all have them...some more than others; often from all of the seminars.
If you have any of these items lying around your office or home, I guarantee you're missing out on implementing strategies that could earn you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars or more.
It's time to pick up one of these money-making tools and dive into it to see what 'treasures' you can find.  Write down the valuable nuggets you uncover and make a timeline to take action.
If you started reading a book awhile back, maybe … (0 comments)

realtors: How Big Is Your TV? - 02/26/07 09:01 AM
I may be able to tell if you're financially secure by the size of your TV vs. the size of your library.Are you where you want to be financially?Do you sometimes wonder how the agent in the next office earns more than you, but you can't figure out how they do it?One question to ask is: "How big is their TV?"Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, what in the world is Dan talking about?Has he gone off the deep end?What does the size of a TV have to do with whether or not you're wealthy?Well, let me ask you this: "Do … (2 comments)

realtors: What A Billionaire Says About Time! - 02/21/07 08:27 AM
I read this quote a while back and thought it was insightful! 
source: Nicolas Hayek, Cofounder & CEO of the Swatch Group, Biel-Benne, Switzerland"Time is both wonderful and horrible. It's wonderful, because it holds so much fantastic possibilities. It is my work and my life. I creat beautiful objects that measure time. If time didn't exist, then my profession wouldn't exist. I wouldn't have 42 watch plants. I wouldn't have built a company with $3 billion in sales. I wouldn't be a billionaire. And I wouldn't have given pleasure to the many people who have bought my watches." "Yet I hate time. … (4 comments)