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                                       Red Lion School District decided to increase their school taxes by 3.9%.  This has numerous people up on edge as the economy has already chopped away at their pocketbooks and now to take more out just isn't practical anymore.  More and more residents in the ...
                 Foreclosed Homes - Dear Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner.  I am sorry to hear that you are falling into hardship and are no longer able to maintain and afford your home.  I do wish you and your family the best down the line in your next home. On another note, please do not trash your home....
The Red Lion Area Business Association is a non-profit organization created to support community improvement, encourage business relationships, promote local business and increase member sales. I am the Vice President of the Association and have found how beneficial this can be not only to the c...
Reverse Annuity Mortgages - Are we in this business just for the money?  First of all I am in this business to make a living, but I am in the business to find people a comfortable place that fits their needs for their family. The financial pressure has hit the majority of this country over the pa...
Oh, the good old days. I know a lot of you out there have been in the business for over 20 years like me.  They seems like eternity in some sense, but it is amazing how far technology has come.  For the people that are still fairly new in the business, I did not write contracts with a hammer and ...
Ask and You Shall Receive Don't be a timid Realtor, or you may be in the wrong business.  In order to negotiate on anything, you have to make the effort and show the allegiance to your client that you are working on their behalf.  I was told by a wise instructor years ago that "the answer is alre...
Condominiums in York County, Red Lion, PA is a 55 and older Adult condo community consisting of approximately 260 units. Construction began in the year 2000.  Equine Meadows is a gated private community with sidewalks, public water and sewer.  It boasts a very large club house with an indoor heat...
PHFA (Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency) announced good news this morning.  They were down to about $200,000 of funding on the popular tax credit advance program. They now have an additional Five Million dollars allocated  This is the program where they buyer gets a second loan of up to $6000 t...
What an absolutely awesome training session with Steve Graham this this afternoon.  He did the absolute best he could to squeeze in the wealth of information that we all desperately need to maximize the benefits of AR.  I am going to do the absolute best I can to follow his instructions the best ...

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