how to: How To Keep Your Basement Dry In Ulster County NY - 11/13/12 04:33 AM
As if we needed another reminder, Hurricane Sandy once again demonstrated the devastation that can be caused by water damage. Thankfully, Ulster County NY was largely spared from extreme damage, but extensive rains and heavy winds still wreaked havoc in the Hudson Valley region, and more than a few basements were flooded. Here at Taft Street Realty we feel it couldn't be a more appropriate time to discuss steps you can take to keep your home - namely the basement - high & dry during heavy precipitations. If you're planning on putting you're home on the market remember: dry basements sell … (0 comments)

how to: How To (Potentially) Lower Your Property Taxes: Tips for Hudson Valley Homeowners - 02/13/12 06:45 AM
Homeowners, particularly those in New York State, have been struggling with exceedingly high property taxes. In the midst of a slow recovery, when home values still remain low, property taxes, seemingly immune to the dismal economic climate are high and even rising in some areas. In fact, according to the National Association of Home Builders, property taxes rose a whopping 20% from 2005-2009 (with '09 being the most recent data available). During that same time period, home values fell 31%. Homeowners are essentially paying more taxes for an item that has been steadily decreasing in value. Why the disparity? and what can you … (0 comments)

how to: Who Pays the Buyer's Agent in a Real Estate Sale? - 02/03/12 08:36 AM
Are Buyer's Agents Really Free to Home Buyers?
A question I’m commonly asked is are buyer's agents really free to home buyers? The services of a real estate agent, like any quality service, come with certain costs. In real estate, “quality service” is the name of the game, and the value of a great agent often exceeds any monetary fee. The trusted Ulster County real estate advisor is worth every penny, serving as a guide, aid, and resource of every kind. A good agent is a local expert and acts as your trusted real estate advisor. That being said, who is responsible … (2 comments)

how to: How to Sell in Today's Real Estate Market - The Right Marketing, Who to Hire, and Advice on How Much to Pay Them! - 01/13/12 04:37 AM
Earlier, we brought you Selling Your Home in Today's Market: Is Pricing it Right Really That Important? There, we talked about the importance of pricing a home right from the beginning, and why the right price early on will get the seller the most money for the sale in the quickest time, with the least amount of stress.  Today, we will discuss a few other really important parts to the selling process.  Hiring the right agent, marketing online correctly, and providing fair and compelling incentives are critical to selling a home in Ulster County, NY in today’s tough real estate market.
- Marketing Online … (0 comments)

how to: Selling your Home in Today's Market: Is pricing it right really that important? - 12/20/11 07:55 AM
In one of my recent posts I introduced to you How to Sell an Ulster County Home talking about what I feel are the most important things sellers need to do in order to sell their home in Ulster County, NY.  Maybe you are selling a Hudson Valley home.  At the end of the day it doesn't matter where you are selling, what does matter and what you are about to here Mr. & Mrs. Seller, are the realities and truths behind selling in today's ever-challenging market.  It's how I see it, and I know this advice to hold true because my clients … (0 comments)

how to: How to Sell an Ulster County, NY Home - 12/17/11 07:07 AM
Selling homes in Ulster County isn't as easy as it used to be.  Gone are the days in which anyone could put any seemingly appropriate price tag on a property and have it sell in the first couple weeks.  Nowadays, it's a little bit more involved. Pricing your home right is crucial, but many factors today are restricting home sales and I'm not just talking about local limitations.  National and even global economic troubles have plagued the housing industry for almost 4 years now.  Even the political landscape here at home is affecting the market.  Gridlock between parties and their inability to bring … (0 comments)

how to: How-To Winterize Your Home: Tips, Tricks, & Helpful Advice - 11/23/11 10:36 AM
As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, the winter season in the Hudson Valley is getting into full swing. Preparing your home for winter is very important. With fuel prices through the roof, and tough times economically all around, you'll want to preserve and make the most of your heat in order to keep living costs down. If you live in Ulster County, NY  and you want to stay cozy & comfortable without cranking up the heat, there are a number of simple, practical, and common-sense tips to help maximize the warmth of your home.
It Gets Cold in The Catskills! Give Your Home A Winter Check-Up!
Winters … (3 comments)

how to: How To Buy An Ulster County Home In 5 Phases - Phase #5 - Contract to Closing - Almost There, But Not Done Yet - 10/20/11 08:55 AM
Buying a home may seem easy and uncomplicated on the surface, and if you have a good agent they’ll do their part to make it so. But for some, it can be mind-blowing and scary, full of paperwork and pitfalls. Setbacks can be very demoralizing if you’re unprepared.  In our 5 part series on how to buy, we talked about everything from timing in Phase #1, to getting educated in Phase #2, to house hunting & identifying in Phase #3, and even broke down key aspects to negotiating in Phase #4.  But at this point, once a deal is together, a buyer … (2 comments)

how to: How To Buy An Ulster County Home In 5 Phases - Phase #4 - Offers & Negotiations - Being Prepared and Well-Represented - 09/20/11 05:59 AM
Once a buyer feels they have found a suitable property, it may be time to make an offer.  This is the beginning of the end of the buying process. Upon reading our previous blogs  phase 1, phase 2 & phase 3, the buyer should have made contact with a bank or mortgage professional to determine where they stand in terms of purchasing power.  When it does come time to make an offer, the buyer is ready to act.  Not having all ducks in a row could cost a buyer the house they want.  Good properties in good locations are often seen by multiple buyers, so you … (2 comments)

how to: How To Buy An Ulster County Home In 5 Phases - Phase #3 - The Identifying Phase - Style, Price, Location - 09/16/11 06:16 AM
Buyers can view homes online for as long as they please. Being patient and doing your homework (phase 1 and 2) are very very important. However the real work begins when you actually visit the homes.  Getting a feel for the property's location, seeing the neighborhood, and actually experiencing a home is where the rubber meets the road.  After this stage, a buyer should be able to confidently make a decision whether or not the home is right for them. In addition, hopefully, the buyer has identified and selected a trustworthy agent who knows the area and can guide them in the right … (0 comments)

how to: How To Buy An Ulster County Home In 5 Phases - Phase #1: Is Now The Time For You? - 08/22/11 05:12 AM
Purchasing a home is a complicated transaction.  It can be simultaneously exciting, overwhelming, and confusing at times.  For many Americans, buying a home is the single largest purchase they will ever make.   An important purchase such as this should be handled with care and consideration.  Professional representation a must.  The following is a general Buyer's Guide geared more towards first-time buyer situations than towards the investor type.  We plan on future blogs aimed at investors, but this series will deal mainly with the various owner-occupied situations.  These 5 natural phases can help you navigate through the process making it easier to find the home that is perfect for you! … (0 comments)

how to: 3 Cheap and Easy Ways to Make Your Home A Little Greener - 07/14/11 06:30 AM
Having an energy-efficient, eco-friendly home is a great idea for many reasons. However, some people see big price tags when they think of trying to convert to a green lifestyle. Installing solar panels or all-new, energy-efficient appliances can certainly make going green seem like spending big bucks, but there are some simple (and cheap!) lifestyle changes that anyone can implement to help conserve energy, lighten your footprint, and even save you a little money!
Take Your Temperature
Nearly half of a home's energy consumption comes from heating and cooling. We've grown so reliant on heat and air-conditioning that we tend to … (0 comments)

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