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Real Estate Scoop in Aurora, Montgomery, Oswego, Naperville, Yorkville, IL and nearby communities! Learn how your market is doing with latest stats and what they mean. Hear about the latest business openings. Get personal reviews of restaurants, cafe's and other small business in the area. Find out the latest events and what else is happening in these great towns in the Chicago western suburbs.



I happen to have a rental listing in my inventory and one of the calls I got was rather interesting.  We were discussing my listing and the fact that the potential client was going to be viewing some other homes that were available.  I naturally asked if he was working with a realtor. He said no ...
You thought you had found the perfect Realtor to list your home but despite your due diligence your home has not sold!  What could the reason be?  If you are in this position and you wonder why oh why won't your home sell, you may want to look at the following chart to see if any of these might b...
Debt Relief Act) Although I keep hearing that the Mortgage Tax Relief Act (aka The Mortgage Forgiveness) which expired in 2013 will be extended the more pressure we exert on Congress the better!  With short sales still at least 1/4 of the short sales in my area and more in surrounding communities...
Living in the Auroraland area, or anywhere in the Midwest for that matter, its always a challenge when winter sets in.  Whether you are showing homes or you have homes listed sometimes the weather gets in the way.  Unshoveled walks and driveways where you can be up to your knees in snow, cold hom...
Can you believe that we are already 21 days into 2014?  Where has the time gone?  As we get ready for another freeze how are inventory levels in  Oswego, IL?   The single family detached category? Currently we have 148 active listings.  Of those, 7 are considered "New" - 7 days or less on the mar...
I can't believe I have lived in Lakeview Estates for 15 years!  Within that time both of my original neighbors passed away and new ones moved in.  When I moved in I was one of the youngest in my immediate area.  In established neighborhoods people seem to stay longer. So when my neighbor told me ...
If you remember Mr. Roger's Neighborhood from the 60's or even you have seen it in reruns you realize that most neighborhoods rarely resemble the idealized version shown on this show.  With today's busier lifestyle and the internet those days seem to be gone. Although many social media sites conn...
Thanks to the Research Center at Redfin for breaking down the numbers and letting me know what is the best time to sell....not spring which is what the traditional mindset would say but According to the research - after analyzing data March 22, 2011 through March 21, 2013 there was a higher likel...
I love to keep current on the various trends in the general real estate market so whenever I get a moment between appointments I get out my IPAD and catch up on the various digital industry magazines, newsletters, forums, blog posts, etc. I was surprised to see that Redfin's Research Center had a...
I never thought I would be on the selling side of Real Estate.  As a young single mother I lived in apartments and never even thought about owning my own home.  My late father believed in buying homes and had several investment properties while I was growing up and after I went on my own he acqui...

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