idx: The Dirty Little Secret that your Real Estate Website Provider doesn't Want you to Know - 03/30/10 03:30 AM
Hiding behind an advertised search-engine-friendly face is a technology that is "dumb." You don't see the "dumb" until you realize that search engine friendly means little more than having a content management system (CMS) with a user interface that allows you to optimize your site by making changes to content, headings, page titles, meta tags, alt tags, etc., and laboriously create a site architecture with topically themed anchor tags that sculpt page rank.Granted, your site doesn't have to be "smart" but you had better be if you want search engine traffic. Of course, at great expense, you can always have it … (3 comments)

idx: Content is King, So Why Aren't You Using the MLS Database? - 02/19/10 02:58 AM
Are you using your MLS database content as a strategy to compete for traffic on the Internet? Did you know that your typical IDX display is invisible to the search engines? This is because the listings are housed in an i-frame which the search engines cannot crawl. If they can't crawl the listings, the content cannot be indexed. If it can't be indexed, it cannot be considered as a match for someone's search. For some of you that information might be SEO 101, but for others it may still come as a surprise.
 So why would any website provider ignore the massive … (7 comments)

idx: Tales of Adventure, Intrigue and Success at the NAR 2009 San Diego Expo - 11/19/09 02:36 AM
Going to the NAR Convention in San Diego last weekend was a true eye opener for this blogger. This was the first big convention that I have attended and I can now see what great opportunities are made available by just being present. I was disappointed that my team did not see Brad Anderson to make his list of the "Best of Nar 2009 Expo" but maybe next time we'll catch his eye and can have the opportunity to wow him with our real estate technology and get to know each other personally.
We had an overwhelming amount of visitors to … (4 comments)

idx: Going to Showcase our New IDX Technology at the NAR Convention in San Diego - 11/11/09 06:55 AM
Just to let fellow ActiveRain members know, Dynamic Page Solutions is going to be at the NAR Conference this weekend November 13-16 at booth 2246 in San Diego. I would be happy to meet any interested AR members to discuss our IDX technology and show you how we can increase your web traffic. We will be giving away a number of aged sites in specific areas. These sites will have a modest monthly hosting fee that includes our powerful IDX. Drop by to discuss these options or if you have any questions on SEO or long tail traffic strategies I am … (5 comments)

idx: What Good is a Killer Client Management System if you have no Clients to Manage? - 10/15/09 11:14 AM
Recently I received an inquiry from another ActiveRain member about my IDX technology that got me thinking in a new direction. While I am very appreciative of the inquiry, two of the three questions was "how is the CMS, is there any backend?" It is difficult to ascertain from an email if this was the most important thing (a deal breaker) or if he was genuinely interested in Internet visibility.
Do you drive your own traffic and then call it a lead?
Client management is important, but with no visibility, it is unlikely that a "backend" would be necessary because there … (0 comments)

idx: The Skinny on Making Links Count the Most - 09/29/09 03:24 AM
I've noticed that a lot of people on ActiveRain use "linking text" in their blogs to empower their links to the full potential, but I've noticed quite a few that don't. Well here's how to use "linking text" and why you should do it. When writing a blog for your real estate website, don't just put your web address as the link to your site.
Bad Example
Carlsbad Oceanfront Homes Capture the Southern California Lifestyle
Oceanfront homes in Carlsbad embody the legendary surf-and-sun lifestyle of Southern California. Wide stretches of public beach, sport fishing, water sports of all kinds and more … (11 comments)

idx: Are you Losing Leads by Default? - 09/15/09 08:24 AM
If we understand the importance of Internet visibility, we should also understand the importance of providing the search engines the material to satisfy homebuyer's queries. Long tail keyword optimization is vital to capture serious buyer's searches. In niche searches like "4 bedroom homes for sale in San Diego," if there are no results to match that query, the search engines default up a ladder to more general real estate related terms and the sites that have the most authority for those general terms.

Typically, it seems like we would want to spend our budget dollars allocated to Internet visibility on … (3 comments)

idx: Why Do My Realtors Waste Internet Leads? - 08/19/09 09:24 AM
My IDX technology company handles about 200 Internet buyer leads per day. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is that many Realtors still don't understand the importance of responding to an Internet lead immediately. People that search on the Internet are doing so because they want information right now! Not tomorrow, not this evening, not after lunch, but NOW!
I had one referral partner respond to a lead five days after receiving the lead and then mentioned something about the poor response from the leads we sent to him. Worse yet, he emailed the guy rather than calling him. … (1 comments)

idx: Competing with Real Estate Aggregators – The Davids and Goliaths of Modern Internet Visibility - 08/03/09 09:57 AM
Competing with the real estate portals and aggregators and creating an individual identity can be exceptionally frustrating for any Realtor. Not many people think about how the aggregators make it increasingly frustrating for the consumer too because the search engines continually take homebuyers to the aggregators website's where only a fraction of the market is made visible.
The reason that the aggregator's win over the individual's website is because they supply a lot of relevant content about real estate and make addresses and MLS numbers visible to the search engines. Not many Realtor's have the budget to maintain a site with … (2 comments)

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