real estate websites: 5 Online Marketing Concepts for Real Estate Agents - 04/04/11 09:14 AM
Connecting with consumers online is becoming more important everyday as people look to the web for answers, reviews and to purchase products (real estate is included in this category). Developing your skill set to engage customers online can result in a relationship and the all important real estate transaction but it may be more challenging than simply posting listings on Facebook, Twitter or the social media flavor of the year. To market your product and skills online takes time, focus and a strong commitment to learn how to navigate this broad reaching resource. Here are some tips to get started.
1. Be … (2 comments)

real estate websites: The Dirty Little Secret that your Real Estate Website Provider doesn't Want you to Know - 03/30/10 03:30 AM
Hiding behind an advertised search-engine-friendly face is a technology that is "dumb." You don't see the "dumb" until you realize that search engine friendly means little more than having a content management system (CMS) with a user interface that allows you to optimize your site by making changes to content, headings, page titles, meta tags, alt tags, etc., and laboriously create a site architecture with topically themed anchor tags that sculpt page rank.Granted, your site doesn't have to be "smart" but you had better be if you want search engine traffic. Of course, at great expense, you can always have it … (3 comments)

real estate websites: Just Say No to Reciprocal Linking - 02/25/10 02:27 AM
It's been understood for several years now that blatant reciprocal linking in an effort to manipulate search engine rankings is a big no-no and will get real estate websites penalized harshly. I only bring this up because I am repeatedly asked by clients if I think it's a good idea to set up a link page so friends and associates and random strangers can exchange links with them because linking is good right? Well reciprocal linking was okay pre-2007, but many real estate websites that normally ranked well for keywords starting getting penalized because of "link pages."  These are pages that … (66 comments)

real estate websites: Oh, Please, Not Another Real Estate Website Company - 01/14/10 04:24 AM
Their driving you nuts but what can an individual real estate agent do to compete on the web for precious Internet visibility? Use a real estate technology wrapped around a one of a kind IDX solution that is algorithm smart. In a nutshell we are all about creating a HUGE fishing net that will draw more opportunities to our clients on the internet which is truly the wave of the future in real estate.
We are a bottom line company that addresses branding, name recognition and true quality lead generation....not the fancy, custom (and oh, so expensive) electronic brochures you guys … (7 comments)

real estate websites: Why Maintaining Internet Visibility is a lot like owning a House - 01/08/10 05:24 AM
Okay, I know a lot of you can't see the correlation between Internet visibility and owning real estate but I see that they are both substantial investments taking both money and time. This idea came to me when I realized I needed to communicate a total shift in thinking about real estate websites and blogs to my customers in a way in which they could relate. The problem that I personally have with many clients is convincing them of the importance of being active in linkbuilding to drive traffic and to support the real estate technology that they just invested in.

real estate websites: Search Engines Rank Pages, Not Sites - 10/01/09 04:37 AM
This is an important distinction to remember as so many people get obsessed about ranking first on the Index (home) page for the most competitive high traffic generic keyword. Because people increasingly search the web by using very specific keyword phrases and not just competitive, generic terms like "Phoenix Homes for Sale," your home page is not the central entry point into your website. If you check your web logs, you will undoubtedly learn that your customers are finding your site on a page other than your home page. You might think of it as having many doorways for visibility instead … (11 comments)

real estate websites: The Skinny on Making Links Count the Most - 09/29/09 03:24 AM
I've noticed that a lot of people on ActiveRain use "linking text" in their blogs to empower their links to the full potential, but I've noticed quite a few that don't. Well here's how to use "linking text" and why you should do it. When writing a blog for your real estate website, don't just put your web address as the link to your site.
Bad Example
Carlsbad Oceanfront Homes Capture the Southern California Lifestyle
Oceanfront homes in Carlsbad embody the legendary surf-and-sun lifestyle of Southern California. Wide stretches of public beach, sport fishing, water sports of all kinds and more … (11 comments)

real estate websites: Social Media and Internet Visibility for the Real Estate Market - 09/03/09 03:54 AM
If you are not taking the intense impact that the Internet has had on real estate marketing seriously you may find yourself woefully behind the curve and shortly out of a job as a Realtor. There are now an unprecedented number of people making social connections and buying products online than ever before including houses.
This number will continue to grow and will cause the death of almost every other form of advertising. Think of how this impacts you as a real estate professional if you don't have a strong Internet presence.
The task of winning on the web can be … (4 comments)

real estate websites: SEO is Too Hard…Whaaah! - 08/25/09 10:56 AM
SEO is only hard if you make it hard and changing your attitude from “I’m not a computer programmer” to “I can do this” is really the first step. Okay…picking good keywords and structuring your site properly does require a degree of knowledge, but some of the most powerful SEO simply comes from creating backlinks to your site. And, a lot of the best social media sites are free. One of the biggest factors that Google and the other search engines use to determine page rank for keywords is back links, so why would you pay an exorbitant amount on pay … (9 comments)

real estate websites: Competing with Real Estate Aggregators – The Davids and Goliaths of Modern Internet Visibility - 08/03/09 09:57 AM
Competing with the real estate portals and aggregators and creating an individual identity can be exceptionally frustrating for any Realtor. Not many people think about how the aggregators make it increasingly frustrating for the consumer too because the search engines continually take homebuyers to the aggregators website's where only a fraction of the market is made visible.
The reason that the aggregator's win over the individual's website is because they supply a lot of relevant content about real estate and make addresses and MLS numbers visible to the search engines. Not many Realtor's have the budget to maintain a site with … (2 comments)

real estate websites: Capturing the 85+% of Home Buyers Who Begin their Search on the Web! - 04/21/09 03:46 AM
Can they find you? How do they search? There are, of course, keywords or phrases that are recognized as being searched for regularly such as "Dallas real estate". On the other hand, there are thousands of keyword phrases and queries that are searched for less frequently. In fact, I read a report recently where Google reported 20% of all search queries have never previously been done.
Do we, realtors try to capture the traffic generated by these unique searches? No, we are competing with each another, in great numbers, for a few highly competitive search terms or "keywords". For instance, "San … (4 comments)

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