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“The FHA Back To Work Loan” program allows homeowners who lost their house through a foreclosure, short sale, or a deed-in-lieu a second chance at homeownership.  Realtors, especially those who specialize in listing short sales, need to learn the lender guidelines for the FHA Back To Work Loan pr...
Hawaii USDA Refinance - If you are a Hawaii homeowner with an existing USDA Guarantee Rural Loan and your interest rate is 4.75% or higher refinance now.  If you don't mind working with a mainland lender, call me at (866) 552-5912 for your Hawaii USDA Refinance.  If you feel more comfortable with...
USDA Guaranteed Loan Refinance – Post Divorce and Legal Separation A USDA Guaranteed Loan can be refinance post-divorce without requiring a new appraisal report.  This allows borrowers who owe more on their current mortgage than the house is worth to refinance the house, thus removing their forme...
One of the primary benefits of the USDA to USDA Refinance Loan program, including the just announced USDA Pilot Program Refinance is that there isn't an appraisal report required.  However there are situations in which an appraisal report will be required when refinancing an existing USDA Loan, w...
USDA Refinance activity is growing with the recently announced launch of the USDA Rural Loan Pilot Program.  While this is an exciting opportunity for USDA Guarantee Loan borrowers in the 18 states that the USDA Rural Loan Pilot Program is available there are many USDA Refinance options for all U...
No USDA Rural Loan Funding Problems Here - October 2011 USDA Rural Loan Funding Update   Great News! I have no problems with USDA Rural Loan Funding.  Unfortunately not all lenders are able to make this claim.    Many homebuyers using the No Money Down USDA Rural Loan, who were anticipating closi...
The Affordability Gap Between USDA Loans and FHA Loans Widens On April 18, 2011 FHA increased the Mortgage Insurance or MI on all FHA insured loans .25% across the board. This represents the second increase since October 2010, in which the ratio used to calculate FHA monthly mortgage insurance pr...
Completion of the 2010 Census Impacts USDA Eligible Areas  USDA Loans are available in rural areas and suburban communities with population densities of 10,000 people or less per census track. With the completion of the 2010 Census, some areas that were once considered eligible based on USDA Rura...
USDA Loan 3.50% Guarantee Fee  One of the most frequent questions that come up when discussing the USDA Loan program is the 3.50% fee that appears on the good faith estimate. USDA Loan are a "budget neutral" loan program offered through the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This means that the loan...
When a USDA Loan Amount Can Be Greater Than the Purchase Price One of the little known facts of the USDA Loan program is that, under certain circumstances, the closing costs can be included in the final loan amount. This option is available when the appraised value exceeds the purchase price, the...

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