macomb county: Getting to the Finish Line Requires Training and Commitment - 08/28/09 03:31 PM
Last weekend Ed and I ran The Crim Festival of Races, a 10 mile race through the streets of Flint MI. It's a fun race but getting to the finish line requires training and commitment. This means running in the rain, getting up early when it's hot or if we you have early appointments and running when you really do not feel like it. Bottom-line it requires a commitment and a goal.
For Ed and I running started back in 2002 - our sons had all left for college and being empty nesters kinda made me feel well kinda empty.  So, … (0 comments)

macomb county: I am Seeing Tears from the Seniors - 08/25/09 03:46 PM
Okay, now I am seeing tears from the seniors on our listing appointments and I don't like it one bit. Over the past couple weeks we have had a few listing appointments involving seniors that need to downsize. These sellers are in the over 70 age group, better know as the "Silent Generation".
Since this generation was born in and around the Great Depression they are usually thrifty, they learned to save for a rainy day and were raised to pay off their mortgages and own their homes free and clear. Unlike the generations after them they were also very … (95 comments)

macomb county: Marcus Grill of Shelby Township MI - 08/12/09 04:59 PM
Looking for Polish food? Then check out Marcus Grill in Shelby Township.

Being of Polish decent I can tell you this is as close to grandma's food as it gets. I recently took my parents there and they agreed and said they for sure would be back. You'll be happy to know that the Polish entrees are made from scratch daily and you can tell.
They originally opened in Detroit about 80 years ago, opened another restaurant in Sterling Heights and now we have a Marcus Grill in Shelby Township and it's close to the office. Which is … (1 comments)

macomb county: MC Dental Care in Shelby Township MI - 08/10/09 05:05 PM

Looking for a new dentist? Then I would recommend MC Dental Care in Shelby Township MI. Whether you are a life long resident of Macomb County or new to the area and you are in search for a new dentist office, make an appointment with Dr. Michelle C. Dziurgot.
You immediately notice once you enter the lobby that this office is very clean and inviting. The waiting room is furnished with a large flat panel TV, loads of current magazines, play area for the kids, is tastefully decorated and offers a mini fridge filled with bottled water.
At … (2 comments)

macomb county: A Real Estate Agent Must be Present to Open the Lock Box - 08/08/09 12:21 PM

A real estate agent Must be present to open the lock box. So, if your agent is giving you the lock box code because they are to busy or to lazy to show you the home, than I suggest you find another one.  Why? Because they are actually placing you at risk of trespassing. You may not know this but as a member of the local MLS when we list a home we sign a contract with the seller that states "Broker, broker's representatives, agents and sub-agents are hereby granted access to the property". No where does it say … (4 comments)

macomb county: Ocean Breeze Restaurant in Shelby Township - 08/07/09 04:50 PM

Ocean Breeze Restaurant in Shelby Township is located at 51748 Van Dyke just north of 23 Mile across from the Shelby Township Senior Citizen's Center.  They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The restaurant is always clean, the tables are bussed quickly and the waitresses are always very pleasant. They also offer very generous servings and the prices are pretty reasonable too.

We do not eat breakfast out too often but when we do we always go to Ocean Breeze Restaurant in Shelby Township. We're about 20 minutes away but it's worth the drive. We … (0 comments)

macomb county: Wine Tasting Event in Shelby Township MI - 08/04/09 03:22 PM

Don't miss the Wine Tasting Event in Shelby Township MI this Wednesday, August 5 th from 7 pm - 9 pm at the Cherry Creek Golf and Banquet Center  This event is being hosted by the Shelby Township DDA (Downtown Development Authority) and the Utica-Macomb Daybreakers Kiwanis Club.
This Wine Tasting Event in Shelby Township MI will feature 100 wines and 16 micro-brews from Michigan and around the globe. Ted Moss, Sommerlier at Vince and Joe's Gourmet Market and vendor representatives will be there to answer any questions you may have about their products.
There will also … (0 comments)

macomb county: Cherry Creek Golf and Banquet Center Shelby Township MI - 08/04/09 08:31 AM

The Cherry Creek Golf and Banquet Center is located in Shelby Township on the south side of 24 Mile just west of M-53.  I have personally attended several events in their banquet facility - a wedding shower, baby shower and a wedding reception and I was pleased with the food and the service each time.
Opened in 1995 and designed by Lanny Wadkins / Mike Bylen this course is a fun 18 hole, regulation course that offers 4 sets of tees measuring from 5012 to 6784 yards. The course is just beautiful and has gentle rolling hills, cherry trees … (0 comments)

macomb county: Vince and Joe's Gourmet Market of Shelby Township - 08/01/09 04:49 PM
When Vince and Joe's Gourmet Market of Shelby Township opened in October 2006 it was an immediate hit. They moved in as the anchor store and soon filled the strip on either side of them bringing along many businesses. Honestly, before they moved in the corner of 25 Mile and Van Dyke was pretty dull. Now that corner is hopping with business which is great for the area. We just love it since our office is right across the street.
Vince and Joe's Gourmet Market is family owned and operated and was started in 1983 by Vince Domenica and … (0 comments)

macomb county: Diamond Pet Salon of Macomb Township MI - 07/30/09 03:54 PM

My hair dresser is Sheila at Diamond Pet Salon in Macomb Township. My mom and dad meet Sheila a few years ago when they sold her condo in Mt. Clemens. Her pet salon is located at 46808 Hayed Rd. just south of 21 Mile in Macomb Township, 48044. Sheila is a great groomer and trust me I have been to quite a few. My parents are pretty fussy when it comes to my grooming and as you can see she did a great job. Don't you just love the bows and scarf. Sheila's mom makes these by hand.
At … (0 comments)

macomb county: Is Rent to Own Right for You? - 07/28/09 06:49 AM
Boy have times have changed.
Up until a few years ago the only leases we drafted were on our own rental properties. That was until the banks came into town and ran the real estate market into the ground. Now many homeowners are being forced to rent their homes or foreclose, if they want or need to move on.  The local MLS we belong to - MiRealSource shows the following data for 2008 in Macomb County - 896 homes and 458 condos were rented out by real estate agents vs 12 homes and 10 condos in 1995. Pretty amazing for … (0 comments)

macomb county: Hey Bank of America the Unemployment lines are Long! - 07/14/09 02:43 AM
Yesterday I sat and listened to my calm husband hit his breaking point, just as I did last year dealing with the dreaded "Short Sale" process. 
As a husband and wife team we each have duties and mine is to take a file from bottom line to closing. Well last year I had a seller that needed to relocate his family. Our seller tried to do the right thing - he tried to sell his home via a short sale rather than foreclose. However, after 4 offers in 12 months the bank was unable to get him to the closing table. … (0 comments)

macomb county: Will the Housing Bubble Burst Bankrupt Your City or State? - 07/08/09 04:09 PM
On July 1st homeowners in Macomb County went to their mail boxes only to find their 2009 summer property tax bills. Of course, the calls immediately started "Why are my taxes so high when property values are dropping?" or "Why is my house listed so much lower than my assessment?" We see it daily.
But just about everyone including our cities, townships, states and federal government are feeling the ramifications of the housing  problems. But the real question is Will the housing bubble burst bankrupt your city or state?
According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities  "at least 48 … (2 comments)

macomb county: Are Real Estate Prices Being Held Back? - 07/03/09 12:25 AM
Like many real estate agents I am getting more than a little ticked off at how the government banks are handling the foreclosures and the sale of homes and condos. In my opinion, they are running the real estate market right into the ground. Of course, right behind them are the appraisers who are actually "untouchable" now thanks to the HVCC Home Valuation Code of Conduct. One of my favorite blogger's Chris Griffith wrote about this recently. Right behind them are the underwriters who yes work for the banks.
So do I sound ticked off? Well I am and right now I … (37 comments)

macomb county: Has the Macomb County real estate market hit Bottom? - 04/12/09 01:30 AM
For the past year we have been tracking the total number of listings, pending and Foreclosures, in our area. Why? We were looking for trends or signs that the Macomb County, Michigan real estate market hit the bottom. We figured once the foreclosures started to drop off we would finally see the bottom and maybe even get a bit of a rebound.
Funny thing is last year at this time we were estimating half way through 2009 we would start to level off again. But that was before the September 2008 financial crisis.
So what trends did we see in our … (2 comments)

macomb county: Macomb County Commissioners meet Macomb County REALTORS® - 03/28/09 10:57 AM
Yesterday, we attended a Meet and Greet of local REALTORS® and the Macomb County Commissioners. I have never had an interest in government nor do I care to listen to what politicians have to say, especially since they all say one thing and do another. But with government spending more and more and getting bigger and bigger, while people are losing houses, jobs and cutting Waaaay back, we figured we would attend and see what they had to say.
So what was discussed???
After the normal introductions we listened to what the Commissioners had to say as they talked … (2 comments)

macomb county: Macomb County Neighborhood Stabilization Program - 03/24/09 04:34 PM
Yesterday, we attended a meeting giving us the details of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program(NSP) for Macomb County home buyers. This program was authorized under the Title III of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 under President Bush. That funding has just hit the county for distribution. But it will run out quickly.
The purpose of this program is to help rid our Macomb County neighborhoods of the vacant foreclosed homes. They are not only dropping home values but creating eye sores in our neighborhoods. As expected there are income limits which you can read about on our website. This program is not just for first time buyers but … (2 comments)

macomb county: Spring Forward - 03/07/09 07:54 AM
It's Time to Spring Forward and say Good Bye to the Michigan Snow

and Hello to Spring

.. and don't forget when you turn back your Clocks tonight to 
change the batteries in your Smoke Detectors
and re-set your breakers and change your fuses

macomb county: My Taxes Went Up Should I Fight My SEV? - 03/05/09 01:45 PM
Every year about this time homeowners receive their State Equalized Value or SEV in the mail.
That's usually about the same time our phone starts to ring asking us "why did my taxes go up". This year it's "why did my taxes go up if home prices are falling ". So this year I am going to explain it the best I can - since the state does not make it easy to understand.
Okay here goes (and Dad, I hope you are reading this):
First there are 2 values - one is a Taxable Value and the other is the … (3 comments)

macomb county: You Can't Discount a Discount! - 02/28/09 04:47 AM
Why do Buyers offer less?
Last week I showed a condo that was priced at $110,000 and it was actually in very good shape with newer items. The complex was built in the late 80's but the association has done a fine job of maintaining it and even recently replaced the roofs, siding and gutters. The fee's are still low and the unit was in a great part of the complex.
Get this the buyer wants to offer $90,000 - $95,000 because it is a buyers market. I wanted to scream "You can't discount a discount". Here's the best part … (10 comments)

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