north myrtle beach: Myrtle Beach Mortgage Rates...are You Seriously Still Waiting? - 06/15/09 05:25 AM
Chart: Freddie Mac 30-Yr Fixed Rates 
The above chart provided by: Tim Lane | Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist | Crescent Bank | (p) 843-222-8574 | (f) 843-429-2429
I know this is kinda a dramatic illustration, and we are not trying to incite panic, but aren't you tired of waiting?  I mean seriously...even now rates are still under 6% but for how much longer?  Do you want to take that chance?  We classify rates are at "historic lows" when they are under 6% for the most part, but we as humans get sooo greedy.  I mean, we were all waiting (now be honest) for rates to go … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach: EAGLE REALTY & 4031 MISSIONS DIG A WELL! - 06/09/09 03:29 AM

north myrtle beach: Boring Real Estate Stats from NAR, but you might like! - 05/28/09 01:50 AM
So do you want to hear some good news with terms you might not understand or even care about?  I mean really, we as a culture thrive on bad news (of course we do or else their would not be any bad news on the news channels every single night/hour/minute)'s sad when you think about, quite the paradox since our desire is for good news, yet we focus and intensley want to hear bad news.  But, maybe you will read this seemingly good news (maybe i will throw in some bad just to keep your attention).
According to NAR, FHFA, and … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach: Realtors Giving Back, There Is Never Too Much Giving - 05/27/09 03:20 AM
According to Real Estate Business magazine, charitable giving in 2007 topped the $300 billion mark at about $306,000,000,000 in estimated giving...but its not enough! Is there a cap to giving? Sure many would argue that when it becomes that you can't write it off on your taxes anymore, then it's time to stop. Some might say when a local need arises or for someone they know (or friend of a friend) then they will give, but only when they can see there money at work. Still others may only only focus on certain organizations, ignoring others and their there a … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach: 2BR/2BA Spinnaker Bay with Golf & Water View $126,900 - 05/26/09 03:05 AM
This beautiful 2br/2ba unit in spiannker bay in eastport golf course in little river sc is newly refurbished and upgraded. Top floor corner unit with elevated ceilings, pool in community, and newly opened golf course. VERY MOTIVATED seller, $126,900 (2nd lowest offered in complex). Minutes to the beach in north myrtle beach, and moderate POA fees. Newly renovated exterior of all buildings in 2007. Come see!! … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach: Open House Saturdays and Closings on Friday! - 05/15/09 03:29 AM
Here is the way to kick off your weekend if you are a Realtor or Broker in real estate...closings on Friday, morning that is, that way if you are in South Carolina anyway, they will record at the courthouse before the end of the day making all parties happy and dispersed.  Also, as i got to enjoy this morning, cash closings are much better and and a heck of less paperwork to go through for my buyers.  Actually both closings today in our office were awesome!
And then, how about an Open House saturday with already booked people to come?  … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach: May Pendings Pick Up across the board in Myrtle Beach - 05/13/09 02:44 AM
You ever just get that feeling that things are starting to get energized?  I have got to talk with Brokers and agents from around the myrtle beach and north myrtle beach areas and there has been a modd shift with most (and boy did we need it).  Really think about it, how much of this business, and any business, is mental?  We need the belief and focus to drive our businesses, not too mention realistic optimism to perpetuate a good attitude in our success.  Real Estate has the perfect storm for Buyers right now in a sense that all the factors … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach: 5523 Clubhouse Villas in Tidewater Golf Course and Plantation $269,900 - 05/13/09 02:17 AM
3BR/3BA 2nd Floor unit in Clubhouse Villas at Tidewater, Elevator boasts 3 pools, 1st class Golf, Clubhouse, Fitness Center, Tennis Courts, 24/7 Manned Security, Ocean front cabana for owners, and more!! Make Offer! … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach: $8,000 Tax Credit for 2009, Why Are You Not Taking Advantage??! - 05/11/09 03:51 AM
It blows my mind...but maybe you really don't know it, or don't believe it.  Are you a First Time Home Buyer?  You currently rent or do not own a home...?  Let me sweeten the pot a can be considered a first time buyer if you have not owned in 3 years too!  I think there may be some skeptics or those that dont believe, but the IRS has state on their site that this is a true credit, not a loan like 2008.  This $8000 does not have to be paid back and you get it as a true … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach: Eagle Realty Releases New Iphone App Today! - 05/08/09 02:21 AM
Just relesased today...New FREE App for Iphone users +...You need Real Estate info on the go, check out this app to link you to the experts on the South Carolina and North Carolina coast when it comes to real estate, rentals, appraisals, and insurance.  Eagle Realty and Eagle Resorts, Inc is on the cutting edge of real estate and are the local experts on the Myrtle Beach coast and surrounding areas when you are looking to buy or sell! Reaching over 10,000,000 iphone users!!
Go to your itunes today and download the App free from the App Store.  Just search "Eagle Realty" … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach: 1224 Spinnaker Dr Tidewater Golf Course $379,000 - 05/07/09 06:25 AM
3BR/3BA $379,000 Golf Course Lot … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach: Oceanfront Condo programs still out there in Myrtle Beach! - 05/06/09 07:19 AM
Most likely the hardest product to find right now in our Myrtle Beach market, and the most needed.  Ocean front has become one of those tricky proeprties, unless you have cash that is, which we are seeing more buyers pullout to invest in this bargain rich environment.  But even if you don't want to lay your cash on the line you still may be able to find financing.  The biggest hurdle is the "condo-tel" definition being attached to more and more properties.  Now, in mine and most Realtors opinions this is crazy since the restrictions and definitions are starting to label … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach: #509 Carolina Keyes North Myrtle Beach $123,900 - 05/04/09 03:10 AM
lease-option avaialble … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach: 3215 Heron Lake Villa Tidewater $158,900 - 05/04/09 03:05 AM

north myrtle beach: April 09 Market Report Myrtle Beach - 05/01/09 01:51 AM
APRIL MARKET WATCH  April Active/Pending ListingsHomes: 763 listingsAvg Price: $369,509 Condo/Townhome: 662Avg Price: $203,147Land: 371Avg Price: $298,585Commercial: 63Avg Price: $285,099 April SOLD Listings Homes: 174Avg. Price: $192,115Condo/Townhome: 160Avg. Price: $159,217Land: 27Avg. Price: $297,668 Commercial: 3Avg. Price: $188,000  "Solds were up in every category for April, Rates are Low, Listing Inventory Was Down Slightly...Don't wait!!!"  Data Above Is A Representation of New Lisitngs and Sold Listings for the Month of April Only

north myrtle beach: Rates Hold in Myrtle Beach around 4.875% - 04/28/09 01:31 AM
So i just recieved an email this morning from a local bank that had its 30 year fixed with NO points at 4.875%.  I can remember about a year and a half ago if i would have told someone this rate existed they would have people don't bat an eye.  Why?  Most likely they know that the banks have so many restrictions and walls that obtaining the loan at that rate is darn near impossible for the average amercian.  And the people who can get it seem to be hiding somewhere, and we would love to find them! haha
But … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach: Wildfire North Myrtle Beach Friday Update - 04/24/09 01:21 AM
According to the wild fire is only about 40% controlled at this point.  Please continue to pray.  The biggest help too would be donation to American Red Cross Emergency Relief...locally you can do this at Coastal Grand Mall in front of Texas Roadhouse, or call 843-477-0020 locally.  Over 19,000 acres have been damaged thus far
In the midst of this lets look at some things...luckily wildfires tend to burn in the majority in un-populated areas.  Though this one unfortunately hit some major areas and has displaced many people and destroyed homes, still a bulk is in the woods on teh … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach: Myrtle Beach Real Estate - Who To Believe? - 04/22/09 06:54 AM
Ok, so the debate lingers on...we have interest rates at all time lows (Under 5%) but the restrictions on getting the money are higher.  We have inventory at all time highs and deals galore, but the media sais prices will get lower.  We have Realtors saying things have picked up, but some that say its only going to get worse...WHO ARE YOU BELIEVEING!??
Here is what i suggest...turn off the TV, contact your Realtor, tell them what exactly you are looking for and what YOU consider a good deal would be.  They will tell you exactly, in their LOCAL MARKET if … (0 comments)

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