north myrtle beach homes: North Myrtle Beach area Foreclosure List Free…Eagle Realty! - 03/17/10 02:45 AM
FREE Short Sale / Foreclosure List!! (Myrtle and North Myrtle Beach Area)
Here is an Updated Foreclosure/Short-Sale List of new properties listed within the past 30 days!! Feel free to forward this list to any friends and family (a referral is the greatest compliment we can receive). For a more detailed list of specific property criteria, email us for a free list of only properties you want to see.CLICK HERE FOR FORECLOSURE LIST!
REDUCED!!! Make Offer!!629 Tarrent St, Colonial LakesLow Price

Reduced 629 Tarrent St.
MLS# 917148Sales Price:$ 209,000Bedrooms:# 3Baths:# 2Sq.ft:# 1800!!
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north myrtle beach homes: Mortgage Rate Education…Monday Clouds - 02/22/10 01:44 AM
OK, let's play some good news bad news...See the good news is right now you are still in the midst of the "perfect real estate storm" for buyers. The trifecta of Low Prices, Low Mortgage Rates, and Free money from the government for you when you buy! I mean, this is historic and may never happen again in our lifetime...And yet there are so many who do not take advantage. I think part of it has to do with the fact that people don't believe it will change...wrong! Bad news time...
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north myrtle beach homes: Monday Morning OPEN, and Myrtle Beach Condo Sales - 06/22/09 04:09 AM
Lets be honest, we all are sitting in our offices with the Live streaming cast of the final roudn of the US Open (that was delayed to today) playing in a tab on our browser.  Woods just doesnt have enough holes to make a strong comeback, but the leaders at the top (or were) are giving many people a chance to make a run at it.  (oops had to run an errand and now i am back and Mickleson takes the lead!)
Well, its just not Tigers year right now...tough million dollar life for him i guess...
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north myrtle beach homes: FUNNY FRIDAY, NORTH MYRTLE BEACH REAL ESTATE - 06/19/09 01:24 AM
Good morning, good morning... (did you know in ancient hebrew culture if you wanted to add emphasis to a phrase or statement you repeated it, even in writing)...either way, so i was greeted on yahoo by an interesting article about how to spot a struggling economy using wierd measuring devices/occurences, check out this link:
Some of my favorties included the increase in mosquito activity due to abandon pools at foreclosures and people not maintaining their own pool because of cost and the fact we go to the dry cleaners less and the struggle in their industry (i know i am … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach homes: North Myrtle Beach Home Reductions and Confusing Deals... - 06/18/09 07:37 AM
I need to vent a little bit first about a transaction that went bust.  In fact, we have all pretty much determined that if a Buyer wants a "smooth and easy" transaction this is not the market for them.  We as Realtors can only go so far as to make everything work and ok, but really, sellers and banks today are just literally insane.  I mean really, a seller trying to get out of a contract they signed, ratified and agreed too because a little higher offer came in a couple hours later and making it seem like that is ok … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach homes: Myrtle Beach Mortgage Rates...are You Seriously Still Waiting? - 06/15/09 05:25 AM
Chart: Freddie Mac 30-Yr Fixed Rates 
The above chart provided by: Tim Lane | Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist | Crescent Bank | (p) 843-222-8574 | (f) 843-429-2429
I know this is kinda a dramatic illustration, and we are not trying to incite panic, but aren't you tired of waiting?  I mean seriously...even now rates are still under 6% but for how much longer?  Do you want to take that chance?  We classify rates are at "historic lows" when they are under 6% for the most part, but we as humans get sooo greedy.  I mean, we were all waiting (now be honest) for rates to go … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach homes: Congrats to NMB High and local area Seniors! - 06/05/09 07:29 AM
Its that time of year, finally in the minds of most students...the time to GET OUT!  Schools are letting out across the myrtle beach area and across the country, and to much relief to most seniors.
Graduation is a heck of a time and one of the best times of my life personally.  That whole, "highschool being the best times of your life", yeah right.  No offense but my best years are always ahead of me, and should be for all of us.  If the past is the best you got, then your not focused enough on your future....hey you can … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach homes: National Pending Home Sales Raise UP! Check it Out - 06/03/09 03:03 AM
Pending Home Sales Up 6.7%, Biggest Gain in Over 7 Years The number of U.S. homebuyers who agreed to buy previously occupied homes posted the largest jump in nearly eight years in April, a sign that sales are finally coming to life after a long and painful slump.
You really wanted some confidence today because i know I did the midst of doom and gloom it is good to know that not everything stays down forever.  Our office her ein North Myrtle Beach has been much busier and those smart buyers who are out there are jumping and running … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach homes: Boring Real Estate Stats from NAR, but you might like! - 05/28/09 01:50 AM
So do you want to hear some good news with terms you might not understand or even care about?  I mean really, we as a culture thrive on bad news (of course we do or else their would not be any bad news on the news channels every single night/hour/minute)'s sad when you think about, quite the paradox since our desire is for good news, yet we focus and intensley want to hear bad news.  But, maybe you will read this seemingly good news (maybe i will throw in some bad just to keep your attention).
According to NAR, FHFA, and … (0 comments)

north myrtle beach homes: $8000 Tax Credit Can Be Used for Downpayment? - 05/14/09 02:41 AM
Like honey makes everything sweeter, this would certainly sweeten the home-buyers pot of already a host of great factors.  Especially for the typical first time home buyer who usually has the hardest thing being coming up with down payments money.  But think about FHA loan with 3.5% downpayment means your tax credit of $8000 when used as a down payment could cover up to a $225,000 home purchase price (est. and based on qualification).  And with inventory prices and home prices averaging closer to 180-190k that's alot of homes and properties to choose from!
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