blogging: Celebrating the Passage of Fifty Years JF Kennedy High School Class of 1966 Waterbury CT - 08/27/16 11:59 AM
It was a perfect afternoon for a picnic.  This picnic was so special that the people there traveled in from CA, MI, FL, ME, NJ, PA as well as all pars of our home state of Connecticut.
The occasion was the 50th High school reunion of the 1966 Calls of J F Kennedy High School in Waterbury CT.  This class was special as it was also the first graduating class for the school which opened as a new high school in September 1965.
The class size was 350 large at the time. For this afternoon, there were 70 that made the trip to Watertown CT to … (11 comments)

blogging: My Personal Success Gleaned Through Social Media - 07/29/16 12:24 AM
My Personal Success Gleaned Through Social Media
When the art form called Social Media is mentioned, people move their thoughts to the familiar such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. So many of us have taken the plunge to get onto those sites and even dabbled with some consistency to become known and advance the curiosity to what is there.
Using it as a mechanism to attract business is another story and while there are so many experts willing to get us to the top of search engines for a nominal monthly fee, we still labor to find that special formula by ourselves.
I can … (16 comments)

blogging: Safe Under Ground Oil Storage Removal - 06/15/16 09:29 PM
Safe Under Ground Oil Storage Removal
In the '70's and '80's it was not uncommon in New England, for people putting up larger homes to have bulk oil storage tanks installed outside, underground. This was thought to be more cost effective and to lessen the possibility of running out of fuel.
In spite of the preparations to the outsides of the tanks, over time, moisture in the ground as well as condensation inside the tanks cause them to erode and let the oil leak out and contaminate the ground. As this s environmentally dangerous the tanks should be removed before they … (12 comments)

blogging: How a Seller Can Cost Themselves Time, Money and a Sale - 01/15/14 02:37 AM
How a Seller Can Cost Themselves Time, Money and a Sale
Most sellers are very active participants in the sale of their homes and will listen to suggestions when offered. And then even before the home hits the market and the cooperation is lost.

Staging: That furniture that you recognized was taking up all of the space in the living room and you promised you were going to remove a couple of pieces to storage. Even though the rooms were large, no one could appreciate that and those specially designed hardwood floors underneath were not properly shown.
Showings: We agreed that we … (10 comments)

blogging: Did you ever Talk to the Client you Referred to Me? - 11/29/13 12:09 PM
Did you ever Talk to the Client you Referred to Me?
Referrals are a recognition of good marketing and sound business practices, whether from former clients or from our online presence. I have been fortunate that I have gotten several referrals recently and almost all have been well qualified. There have been a couple lately that have me wondering if the referring agent had ever talked to their client.

A referral is sent when an agent has someone that has a need outside the immediate sphere of an agent. Presumably that person is selling due to relocation and the agent … (32 comments)

blogging: We All have Days When we Just Get Tired of Cleaning Up the Garbage - 09/11/13 09:55 PM
We All have Days When we Just Get Tired of Cleaning Up the Garbage
It's been a tough stretch of activity, and it wasn't helped by others that just don't seem to take their jobs too seriously.
It started with a buyer that just didn't appreciate the importance of getting documents required to their loan officer on time, and in the detail required. Numerous calls back and forth and still it was like pulling teeth.

An inspector that was cautioned before entering the property that he should be careful with the older crank-out windows as we knew they were … (46 comments)

blogging: September's Cloudburst of You - 09/02/13 08:41 AM
Summer will officially end this month, on the 21st, ad then the fall push to tidy up those transactions before the Holidays. Another of the Cloudburst Challenges.
If you have done the precious Challenges, this will be easy. If you haven't done one as yet, it's a great way to get involved in a consistent blog challenge and all the points that go with it.
It's starting to feel like Fall around here and I for one am not happy about it.  Don't get me wrong, I love the seasons and Fall is most beautiful but I'm just not ready to … (0 comments)

blogging: My Greatest Failure, At Least It felt Like That To Me - 06/03/13 09:05 AM
My Greatest Failure, At Least It felt Like That To Me
We have all had issues that have happened in our lives that have left scars, good or bad. Over  35+ years of sales, I have had a few, but none impacted me as much as a real estate transaction gone awry, several years ago.
We all have friends and family that are hesitant to approach us with their real estate involvements. It is understandable as there are always financial issues that come to light or they just don't want someone close to them knowing all about their money … (33 comments)

blogging: I see That You’re The Expert In That Area . . . . Localism Posts Do Work - 03/10/13 05:51 AM
I see That You’re The Expert In That Area . . . .  Localism Posts Do Work I heard that statement twice this past week, and it was a reference to one of my neighborhood Localism posts on a condo complex. It seems to happen more lately as well.

I wrote a blog post about a large condo complex that is exclusively for over 55 residents. With each caller I informed then that I was not the exclusive agent for the complex, just an agent with a great deal of knowledge of that area and had sold several units in … (9 comments)

blogging: Working to Be More Efficient and Productive - 03/08/12 08:47 PM
Working to Be More Efficient and Productive
Being more efficient and productive is something I have always tried to do to make my job easier. It has served me well for years but every now and then no matter how efficient we believe we might be changes need to be made.
I recently met with my web adviser to discuss ways to make my Internet presence more effective. I get a lot of traffic to my web site, which I can see from my back office, but it’s not effective in getting me more activity from potential clients.

blogging: Lebanese Farina Cake A Follow Up to a Holiday Blog - 03/04/12 03:41 AM
Lebanese Farina Cake    A Follow Up to a Holiday Blog Back in December, I had a blog post that offered up some of the items I was being forced to eat in order to keep peace at home. One of the pastries got me some side emails. I had been after my wife for some time to allow me to post the sacred family recipe that had been handed down for at least a few years from one family member to another. I pass it along to my ActiveRain audience
Lebanese Farina Cake1 stick unsalted margarine or butter½ cup sugar2 cups … (10 comments)

blogging: A Milestone of Significance, My Journey on ActiveRain - 02/22/12 06:33 AM
A Milestone of Significance, My Journey on ActiveRain 
None of us may know what we will be getting into when we first start a task. We have our ideas and hopes for what it may do for us, but there are always potentials for something to go awry. Such was the case for me 4 years ago to the day, when I wrote my first blog on ActiveRain.
I had little clue as to how it would be perceived, and whether it would even be read. It probably was so poorly presented that it never even got a tickle from a … (16 comments)

blogging: You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but You Can't Make Them Blog - 01/12/12 01:48 AM
You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but You Can’t Make Them Blog!

Trying to get someone to do what could be beneficial to them can be a challenge. Getting an Invitee to stay aboard and be a consistent blogger is just as difficult as trying to make that horse drink. It’s not that they don’t see the success you may be having, but I believe more a fear of not being able to look professional in their postings and then coming off as less than professional as a real estate agent.
I know my first efforts at blogging were … (7 comments)

blogging: Gotta Love the Activerain Referral Network! - 01/10/12 11:34 AM
This is a fine post written by Margaret Woda on the ActiveRain referral network. Many of us, without realizing it have created our own network of individuals we would refer to with no hesitation.
By going to the Referral Network section, which is accessed from the left column of our home page, we can see system leads by state, county, and city that are there to be satisfied.
The system leader board allows us to source an agent again by state, county and city.
Referrals are the best type of lead, get into the system and make it work for you.

blogging: Trust is Seldom Given, and Must be Earned - 01/06/12 05:36 AM
Trust is Seldom Given, and Must be Earned!  
Trust is a word spoken so often, and used to imply good faith, but is a difficult word to keep. As children we know that the people around us can be trusted. Our parents, siblings, close relatives, are people that we need to trust to feel protected.

As we get older and become more involved with the people around us, we recognize that trust now has different meanings. We learn that there are degrees of trust just like there are many shades of gray.  We learn that some of the … (8 comments)

blogging: ActiveRain / Adobe EchoSign Challenge: What Does Trust Mean to You? - 01/04/12 01:56 AM
Let the games begin! ActiveRain and Adobe EchoSign are offering up the first contest of the year with the potential to not only earn points, but an IPad as well.
Read the blog, bookmark it, and let your feelings of trust as demonstrated in you business or personal flow.
ActiveRain contests are great for participation and a learning experience in so many ways
Wow, 2012 already? Can you believe it?
For January's challenge, we are honored to have the folks from Adobe EchoSign joining us. EchoSign was recently purchased by Adobe. Adobe is a company that a ton of us have … (0 comments)

blogging: Blogging Topics and Events for 2012, Are you Ready? - 01/02/12 01:25 AM
Blogging Topics and Events for 2012, Are you ready?
As I watched the ball drop for New Year’s Eve, I started to think about some of the events that will generate blog fodder for the year. We know there will be the typical posts on the resolutions that just might make it to the end of January.
February will bring several posts on the Patriot win of Super Bowl; the beginning of spring training for baseball, and Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
March will carry the moans of the winter experience in the northern part of the country, and … (72 comments)

blogging: Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know about SEO ... Well Almost - 12/17/11 12:04 AM
Putting information onto the Internet and trying to get it picked up by the search engines is key and essential to Internet marketing.
Tammy has presented a primer on Search Engine Optimization, that is certain to help anyone.
If you appreciate her thoughts, follow the link and leave a comment on her original blog.
I keep a list of most of my blogs on my profile page for easy navigation and for a quick find if I need it. It really helps so you don't have to go back through all your months of blogging to find that one blog you … (0 comments)

blogging: November Newbie Challenge....Introducing 3 Very Special Newbies to Active Rain! - 11/30/11 01:16 PM
We've all had a bit of stage fright in getting into the flow and style of ActiveRain. In this post, Karen Bernetti is trying to give a hand to some Newbies. Like being the ActiveRain Welcome Wagon and letting the new kids on the block that they are welcome.
Introducing 3 Very Special Newbies to Active Rain.....November Newbie Challenge
As part of the November Newbie Challenge - I've chosen a few new Active Rainers to introduce you to today.  I wasn't exactly sure how to go about choosing who I'd feature in my post, so I visited the Newbie Site - which I didn't even know … (0 comments)

blogging: Printing on the Fly is Made Easy with Cloud Printing - 10/14/11 11:19 PM
Printing on the Fly is Made Easy with Cloud Printing
We have all been in a situation at one time or other where we needed the ability to get something printed but were nowhere near a printer. Maybe it caused time to be lost, or extra driving to get to a printer or quite possibly a delay in getting a contract submitted for a client that caused them to lose a deal.
Technology is a wondrous thing, and almost daily there are new creations and innovations that make one not only marvel, but also appreciate the time saved.
Google has … (8 comments)

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