blogging on activerain: Zoom Call 11.22.22 Kat Palmiotti Lifestyle Facebook Pages - 11/23/22 05:05 AM
Kat Palmiotti  Lifestyle Facebook Pages
The Zoom call presentation of 11/22/22 was done by Kat Palmiotti and its focus was creating a Facebook Lifestyle Page.
Like many others that have presented calls on Facebook premonitions, Kat also offered her reasoning for trying to be just more noticeable in her market. Much of this was generated due to her arrival in the state from her former home in New York.
Facebook, among others offers opportunities to market ourselves and our businesses as well as maintaining a social platform for keeping up to date with family and friends. Keeping the lines separated makes it easier. Kat … (25 comments)

blogging on activerain: Putting Sustainability and Resiliency into Practice - 11/19/22 06:37 AM
Putting Sustainability and Resiliency into Practice
During the Zoom call this past week, 11.15.22, our speaker, Jan Green offered examples during the presentation of examples of changes within a home that allowed for a reducing of the carbon footprint. The changes also made for a healthier and less costly lifestyle.
I chose to leave the examples out of the original post so as to not disrupt the flow of the presentation.
Jan has been an active green agent since 2007 and not only talks the talk, but she also walks the walk.
She spoke of a Leed Certified building.  Definition of such is as follows:
The … (21 comments)

blogging on activerain: Grateful and Appreciative of Being an American - 11/18/22 05:49 AM
Grateful and Appreciative of Being an American
There is no accounting for where one has been born.  It is another of the mysteries of life. As humans, we all strive, or attempt to make the most of where we live to survive. There are very few places in the world, however, where one has unlimited opportunities available to them as we do here in the United States.
So many people in the world will live a life and not know even the minutest bit of freedom that we can so often take for granted.
I am so grateful for the good fortune that I … (22 comments)

blogging on activerain: Zoom Call 11.15.22 Jan Green Sustainability & Resiliency - 11/15/22 10:58 AM
Jan Green Sustainability and Resiliency
The Zoom call for the week of 11/15 was presented by ActiveRain member, Jan Green. Her presentation was on the recent NAR course she had taken:
Intro to Sustainability and Resiliency
The course, which is free from NAR, was well presented by Jan Green, who is a well-known and very committed EcoBroker.
The course consists of 3 modules:
Speaking Confidently about Sustainability
Knowing How Sustainability Affects Buyers
Taking Sustainable Action
Stainability, as defined by the course, is represented by 3 P's:
People, Planet and Profit
People is represented by healthy buildings and environment. By making a building healthy, lowering the carbon footprint, it makes the people … (21 comments)

blogging on activerain: Thankful for the Lady that Shares My Life - 11/12/22 01:45 PM
Thankful for the Lady that Shares My Life
We are into the Month of Gratitude and Thanksgiving and it's appropriate that the theme of the challenge this month, hosted by Debe Maxwell is to be Thankful.
I am so thankful for the woman that shares life with me and is always so supportive, my wife Cauna. We have both had marriages prior but we can agree that ours was meant to be and we appreciate each and every day together.
She was supportive when I called her on a Monday afternoon after we had just come back from a Hawaiian vacation, and I told … (16 comments)

blogging on activerain: Zoom Call 11.08.22 Sham Reddy Non-Conventional Financing for Home Buying - 11/10/22 09:18 AM
Creative Non-Conventional Financing for Home Buying
The Zoom call for Nov 8 was presented by ActiveRain member, Sham Reddy.  He's been in real estate since 1992 and his early deals were as an investor and also helping others with their real estate transactions.  
In his career he has been active as a member of his local Real Estate Investors Association as well as local community organizations.
As his activities as an investor, he has worked with a number of people that have allowed him to appreciate creative ways to finance properties as an investor.  Some he has used himself as well as picked up … (23 comments)

blogging on activerain: Friday Flags A Double Shot in Watertown CT - 11/04/22 06:37 AM
Friday Flags A Double Shot in Watertown CT
While walking towards the Pro Shop at Crestbrook Park so I could get a cart to take my progression photos, I had to stop to appreciate the 2 flags  in front of me.The closer flag is on the snack shack where golfers top as they are making the turn to the second nine.
In full view is the flagpole in front of the pro shop/
With a little patience, I was rewarded with a breeze that unfurled the pole flag so I could capture both. The only issue being the bright sun in the foreground that … (8 comments)

blogging on activerain: Blogging is Not a Sprint, It's a Marathon - 10/25/22 06:51 AM
Blogging is Not a Sprint, It's a Marathon
There is a Challenge for October hosted by Carol Williams, Aura Alex and Leanne Smith to offer insights as to our blogging success stories. I would venture that better than 80% of the current members are still waiting for their first real business call from their blog and have great disappointment that they didn't get immediate results from their first efforts.
My secondary title: Aesop would have Been a Great Blogger, carries a clue.
A successful blog is developed over a period of time with content that educates and imparts knowledge to a reader that the … (24 comments)

blogging on activerain: Zoom Call 10.18.22 Paddy Deighan Something Old is Something New - 10/20/22 08:15 AM
Something Old is Something New Again
The Zoom call this week was presented by Paddy Deighan, a real estate lawyer working in Las Vegas.  
He has started a new program that he calls 'Something Old is Something New Again, and believes that we as real estate professionals have gotten away from practices that were once golden for generating business, which is working to our sphere.
With people chasing the algorithms that offer to get us to the top of search engines, and from some it may be effective, particularly those that may not have as much experience as others or have had as many … (17 comments)

blogging on activerain: Wordless Wednesday Litchfield County in CT is in Falling Color - 10/19/22 11:40 AM
Wordless Wednesday Litchfield County in CT is in Falling Color
On my Wednesday morning visit to Watertown Ct, I again went by the golf course at park to take a look at the progression of the colors. Last week, the colors appeared to be in peak show and this week the hues are more subdued.
The top of the secnd hole looking across the valley was right last week:

And within a week, a lot of the colors have fallen to the ground.
The 6th fairway was similar from week to week:

By next week there will be very little color left on the trees. Watertown … (9 comments)

blogging on activerain: Zoom Call 10.11.22 Peter Mohylsky Welcome to Florida's Emerald Coast - 10/11/22 10:43 AM
Peter Mohylsky  Welcome to Florida's Emerald Coast
This week's presenter for the Zoom call was Peter Mohylsky, on the area he has called home for many years, the stretch of Florida along the panhandle from Pensacola to Panama City called the Emerald Coast and in the early February time frame it is swamped with spring breakers from the surrounding states. 
Even though there are airports nearby, the majority of visitors to the area come by vehicle allowing for an average of an 8-hour drive. This is due to the many toys they bring to play in the surf of the Gulf.
His primary marketing … (19 comments)

blogging on activerain: Friday Flags: Hotchkiss Field Prospect CT - 10/07/22 07:17 AM
Friday Flags:  Hotchkiss Field Prospect CT
The past week was a strange week for weather as we went through the remnants of Tropic Storm Ian. As I was driving though the center of Prospect CT, I glanced to my right and saw the wind working the flag at the rear of Hotchkiss Field
Hotchkiss Field is the largest park in town, and it is a multi-purpose play area with all seasonal activities available.  There are the basketball courts tennis courts, running track, soccer pitches, ball fields, and even the ice-skating area.
The Field of Dreams play-scape and is a wonderful play area for younger … (11 comments)

blogging on activerain: Zoom Call 10.04.22 Blogging Success Stories Open Discussion - 10/04/22 10:52 AM
Blogging Success Stories  Open Discussion
The theme of the Zoom call this week was in line with the October Challenge to offer up our Blogging Success Stories. This Challenge may find more significance with members that have been well before the changes in ownership turned our SEO into chaos. However, there are success stores out there and just maybe a few of the tales from those that spoke may inspire or remind others to take part in the challenge.
Debe Maxwell was the moderator on the call and offered up the floor to all that wanted to participate.
Jeff Dowler started up with his … (22 comments)

blogging on activerain: Friday Flags at a Waterbury CT Cemetery - 09/30/22 06:49 AM
Friday Flags at a Waterbury CT Cemetery
I was going into a cemetery in Waterbury CT to give a few moments of respect for a family member on what would have been their birthday. Directly across from my stop was a flag flying proudly in the breeze.
The flag was billowing and against the backdrop of the tree with the onset of fall colors it just sparkled.
The flag stood over a memorial to deceased Veterans not only in the cometary but also the town.
What made it dear to me is it stood across the driveway from the grave of a highly decorated WW2 … (12 comments)

blogging on activerain: Zoom Call 9.27.22 Leanne Smith Ranches to RV's - 09/27/22 10:45 AM
 Leanne Smith  Ranches to RV's
The Zoom call of September 27 was presented by Leanne Smith, an ActiveRain member from Kingsman, AZ the High Desert in NW Arizona. This is the Mohave Desert and can get hot and dry.  It is also extremely picturesque and is sought by people looking for the beauty and simplicity of the desert, yet still retain some conveniences.
As many people choose to travel for their vacations, there are 2 ways in the desert to vacation with an RV: within a park, or on a plot of land that one owns.
Kingman AZ is in Mojave county and is … (15 comments)

blogging on activerain: Veterans Memorial in Prospect CT Friday Flags - 09/23/22 10:09 AM
Veterans Memorial in Prospect CT  Friday Flags
We have a brisk Autumn like day in Prospect T this day and as I drove [assed the town center I took a detour onto the Green are of the town.
The flag in the center of the square was flowing in the autumn breeze. It stands adjacent to the Veteran's Memorial on the green.

The original monument was dedicated in 1907 and has the names of the locals that fought in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as well as Worl War 1
The smaller monument at the front of the fenced area was dedicated in 1977 and … (6 comments)

blogging on activerain: War Stories in Real Estate a September Challenge - 09/22/22 07:22 AM
War Stories in Real Estate a September Challenge
The September contest is first a challenge to try and remember things we have tried to forget and offer them up as a testament to our longevity and character.
The Challenge is hosted by Eileen Burns and Kathy Streib and it is somewhat ironic as we would expect horror stories to be presented in October for Halloween.
I would like to believe that I have had a fun time in my real estate career, ironically my anniversary of licensing will be 19 years in October and I had to really think hard to try and come … (12 comments)

blogging on activerain: Zoom Call 9.20.22 Protecting Your Property Rights - 09/21/22 11:27 AM
 Protecting Your Property Rights
The Zoom call this week was presented by Buzz Mackintosh, and he spoke on protecting your property rights. In most urban areas, property rights are pretty well established, and could be more difficult to encroach or change.
Regretfully, the examples that Buzz offered were those encountered by his family or people that he knew in the area of Maryland he and his family call home.  He was able to get a satisfactory resolution to the issues, but it was his attentiveness and perseverance that saved him and his friends.
Definition of property rights:
What are the rights of a property owner?When … (30 comments)

blogging on activerain: Zoom Call 9.13.22 Dick Betts Welcome to The Villages, FL - 09/15/22 05:49 AM
Dick Betts  Welcome to The Villages, FL
Thee Zoom call this week was a masterful presentation on a very unique adult village in Central Florida. The Villages is a planned community catering to adults seeking a comfortable Florida lifestyle without the fast-paced disturbances of the tourist areas.
An 11-year resident of The Villages, Dick Betts, enjoys the area and serving the numerous people that make their way to the are seeking the social interaction of similar aged adults in an environment catering exclusively to an almost non-working population.
The exclusivity of age is strictly no one under the age of 19, or school aged … (21 comments)

blogging on activerain: In Remembrance Isolation Lost - 09/11/22 09:04 AM
In Remembrance  Isolation Lost
Today is a day of remembrance for the events of September 11, 2001 as our country which had such a sense of safety lost its innocence to a well-designed and financed attack that brought us into the reality that we are vulnerable.  Across the globe, people have lived with the reality that they could be attacked across borders.
As we are a large part of the North American continent, we never had a fear from our neighbor to the north, nor to the south.
That no longer exists as we found out and that plan was almost completed to perfection.
Flags … (9 comments)

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