real estate: We Need to Discuss Your Offer. Cn U Call me? - 01/20/14 08:39 AM

We Need to Discuss Your Offer. Cn U Call me?
Our real estate business has become far more productive with the advent of the Internet. Clients can see houses on line and decide what they want to see as well as getting a lot of additional information on neighborhoods, schools, shopping and services.

The smart phones put all of this at their fingertips, and with a few taps of their thumbs we can be alerted to where they might want to go next. There are a few occasions when those taps need to be replaced by an actual … (20 comments)

real estate: Inman News Looking For Real Estate's Most Influential - 10/28/10 11:58 PM
My Neighbors to the East, Pat & Wayne found the original article from Inman News on the 100 Most Influential people in real estate. They plucked the names they recognized, which is a rather impressive list, not only for their real estate achievements, but as special people to ActiveRain as well.
I went to the original article and noticed some additional ActiveRain contributors that weren't mentions as well as some names very familiar to fellow RE/MAX agents or Keller-Williams agents.
Take a few moments to click on the Inman logo to pop over to the site, and vote for the person … (7 comments)

real estate: Working With A Realtor...How It Works. - 10/25/10 12:49 AM
This is a great post on the value of having a Realtor that is focused on working with and for you alone when buying a home. Calling the name on the sign can get you some initial information, but it won't necessarily get you the best deal.
Looking to buy a home, talk to several agents that you think you might want to have working for you. Pick the agent that takes the time to talk to you and explain the process to you in detail. This is a big undertaking and at the end of the transaction only one person … (2 comments)

real estate: In a fix with Real Estate? Don't look Under the Sink, Call a Realtor! - 10/16/10 03:35 PM

Almost everything hidden under the sink is synonymous with cleaning and dirt.
It's the place where the resolution to all the dirty jobs has the start of the fix. The window cleaner, the dish-washing detergent, dust pan, garbage bags, furniture polish, all of it.
We're conditioned such that whenever there's a mess to clean up, we head straight to the cabinet under the sink, take what's needed and all will be resolved.
Not unlike the job we do as Realtors, to keep our transactions going and clean up or resolve the incidents we encounter along the way towards closing the … (10 comments)

real estate: Buyer’s Use Caution when Calling the Name on the Yard Sign - 05/19/10 05:24 AM

It's inherent in human nature to try and get a deal on a purchase. This will always be the case in real estate as buyers will call the name on the yard sign believing they can get a better deal than if they use a buyer's agent to assist them.
The belief is that if there is only one agent in the transaction then the seller will lower the price, as there is only one commission to pay. Although this does happen if the seller and agent have agreed to a lesser commission if the property gets sold by the … (77 comments)

real estate: Make Sure you Know What you are Buying . . and How to Actually Live There - 10/15/09 02:10 AM
You're been through the house hunting, negotiating the price, inspections, appraisals, coordinating the move, and now comes the real challenge:
Understanding and operating the various mechanical systems in the new home. The larger the home, the more involved the amenities can be, and without some tutoring, getting the systems to operate properly can be a nightmare.
With homes now being equipped with security systems, sound systems, sprinkler systems, and pools, without some assistance, these high priced features that made the house more attractive can get very expensive to repair. The houses have all the bells and whistles, but the instructions may … (2 comments)

real estate: The Real cut off day for the $8000 credit is Nov 25, NOT Nov 30! - 09/29/09 02:01 AM
We're heading into the home stretch for first time buyers to be eligible for the $8000 tax credit. If the proeprty isn't under contract within the next 10 days, then chances are real good that it won't close on time.
One date that everybody has been looking at for months is Nov 30, , a Monday as the drop off date. Well take a look at the calender and see where that falls.
THANKSGIVING is Thursday, Nov 26. Many people in the banking system use this day as one of their 'floater' vacation days in order to get a long weekend, get … (11 comments)

real estate: Which comes First The Chicken or the Egg? - 07/23/09 12:13 AM
There probably isn't a person around who hasn't heard this question at least a thousand times. The argument could go on forever and still not be resolved. So, also is the case with some of the seller/buyers in the market. The statement is first offered that 'we want to up-size or down-size our home'. Can we start looking for a new house now?
Whether it's for a better school system, or to get closer to a job or family, or just because it's too much house with everybody grown up, we have all heard this offering a few times. In the type of market … (0 comments)

real estate: When is the Right Time to Accept an offer on a Home? - 06/25/09 05:00 AM
We are very much into the traditional ‘High Activity Period' of the real estate industry and so far the results are mixed. While the showing activity has increased, for a variety of reasons, the push to close on a property seems muted. Buyers do not appear to have the same sense of urgency about making a home purchase as they had in the past in spite of attractive interest rates and the inducement of the $8,000 federal tax credit. It's as though they are still waiting for the better than ideal house to come on the market with the opportunity to … (1 comments)

real estate: Why can't we learn to get along? - 06/17/09 03:40 AM
While this situation is not unique to realtors across the country, it never the less is a problem that requires a solution. Here in Connecticut, there are multiple MLS boards with the majority of the boards united to form the Statewide MLS system (CMLS). The statewide system allows for the efficient transfer and access of information to all dues paying members of any board, and our fees are reasonable.
The unaffiliated system is out of Fairfield County, and is known as the Great Fairfield County MLS. This board operates on the fringe of the CMLS and for some of the agents in … (2 comments)

real estate: If this is HVCC, it's not that bad! - 06/04/09 06:28 AM
The changes in the appraisal process that started on May 1, 2009 were projected to make the appraisal portion of the deal the black box nightmare. I have already had a couple of negative experiences so pessimismwas to be expected, but my latest episode leaves me optimistic.
Having just accepted an offer on a listing, and with the inspection process almost completed, I got a call from the appraiser within 10 days of the contract being signed. The appraiser requested a copy of the contract and asked me if I had appropriate comps that I could share. He was from a town … (1 comments)

real estate: Are Real Estate Prices Really Stabilizing? - 05/04/09 04:42 AM
In doing some reading over the weekend I ran across an article that although carried some optimistic news, also was a little confusing. The report offered the period from January home prices have seen a steady decline in value within the 20 hardest hit cities in this country. The decline over the first 4 months of 2009 show the slowest rate of decline during that period, which leads the ‘experts' to project that the worst may be over. I further goes on to offer that the stimulus packages within the government system, coupled with record low interest rates should continue to … (0 comments)

real estate: I Owe More than my House is Worth! - 04/19/09 02:20 PM
It can be a pretty sobering and depressing experience to speak with some folks who now face the simple fact that their homes are worth less than they owe on then. This term is called being "underwater".  For the people that have not experienced the joys of home ownership yet, it equates to the same thing as your car being "upside down" where you actually owe more that its worth.  Homeowners are facing more and more of this situation across the country, especially in cities and towns that underwent re-evaluations during the boom years of 2004 thru 2006. The worst situation would be for … (0 comments)

real estate: Solving a Sales Slump - 04/14/09 02:18 AM
The negatives feel like they are piling up. Listings are expiring. Inspections are turning up problems. Deals are dying. Buyers won't make up their minds. Sellers are needy and insistent on overpricing. You keep working and it feels like the problems multiply. You don't want to answer the phone or face the next day.
You are in a slump. By definition a slump is, "An extended period of disappointing results." There are two types of slumps. The easier of the two to solve we call "The Success Slump." The more challenging of the two, we call "The System Gap Slump." This … (4 comments)

real estate: How Competitive is the Current Market? - 05/22/08 02:03 AM
There are many factors that will determine how fast and at what price a home will sell:  age, condition, location and price. A significant yet often overlooked factor in a buyer's market is also the inventory of homes, and the rate of absorption in the market.
Inventory is important because it determines the competition in the market place, which goes back to basic economic principles of  "Supply and Demand". With the current market situation, supply is definitely up, and the demand, created by both the mortgage industry's state of transition, wherein programs are modified or dropped daily, and down payment amounts … (0 comments)

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