spring flowers in prospect ct: The Colors Said Welcome Home - 04/23/17 05:10 PM
The flowers are starting to really burst forth to announce the warmer weather. Our yard is no exception and as I came in after doing what agents do all day, it was a joy to see the welcome signs out for me.
The daffodils were put in the lower garden with the flox starting to show signs of getting their buds going soon.
It is pretty, but unfortunatley it doesn't last very long.
The Colors Said Welcome Home

spring flowers in prospect ct: The Colors Are Starting to Show in Prospect CT - 04/09/17 10:34 AM
As I walked around the yard early this morning picking up light branches and trash that had dropped over the winter, I also took a few minutes to take photos of the spring colors starting to emerge.
The crocus are out and I had a variety of colors.

The most plentiful being the yellow but across the yard I had the purple and white as well.
The daffodil sprouts are all over the place and I even saw the hyacinths and tulips sprouts making themselves known.

While they may not be much to see now, I am so anxious for spring that I''ll accept this … (12 comments)

spring flowers in prospect ct: It's Colorful in our Yard in Prospect CT - 04/27/16 12:14 PM
I had the opportunity to work in the yard today, and as I was finishing up the lawn, I just had to step back and appreciate the spring  flowers in the yard.
At the bottom of the driveway, the flox is in bloom in the lower garden and the daffodils are still hanging strong even though it's been a little cooler than  we would like.

Along the driveway the tulips are scarce.  The squirrels must have been busy after the bulbs, and the astilbe is starting to pick up. The buds are out on the azaleas and the laurels as well.

Of course there … (14 comments)

spring flowers in prospect ct: It's Starting to Look Like Spring in Connecticut - 03/19/16 10:05 PM
As I was approaching a home on Friday afternoon for a final walk through prior to closing, I was pleased to see sprouts and colors representative of spring.

The daffodils were starting to bloom, as were the crocus.  Large clusters of tulips were jumping out of the ground promising flowers maybe within the week.  We have not ha a very bad winter, but regardless the colors were much appreciated.
Hopefully the storm that is coming our way will bypass us and we won't get the 8 inches of snow they are projecting.
It's Starting to Look Like Spring in Connecticut

spring flowers in prospect ct: Maybe Not the Azaleas of Agusta, But Still Pretty - 05/17/15 07:46 AM
The Azaleas Share their Colors in Prospect CT
After such a brutal winter, the colors of spring are so welcome.  Our daffodils have just about gone away as have the tulips and the hyacinths.
It's time for the azaleas and the rhododendrons to share their colors and they are just about exploded with their colors.
The winter did take it's toll on the rhododendrons as a couple of them lost a lot of their leaves and are very slow in coming around
The flox in the rock garden is into it's prime and we will have the rest of the area planted with begonias this week for the rest of … (23 comments)

spring flowers in prospect ct: We've Turned that Corner, The signs are There - 04/19/15 05:30 AM
It has to be Spring, all the signs are there.  The yards are active with owners working on them to get the winter debris cleared away.  The parks are jammed with youngsters getting ready for their spring sports and their parents just watching and appreciating the warm weather.
The golf courses are opened and the winter rust is being chipped away, one swing a a time.
The colors are returning as well.  We have several areas of the yard where the daffodils sprout early spring.  Almost all of the chutes are up, but this early bunch, just wanted to race out to be appreciated first.  It … (16 comments)

spring flowers in prospect ct: Mother Nature Has Some of It's Siblings Confused - 03/15/15 04:20 AM
Signs of Spring in Prospect CT
A few days ago I wrote a blog about hearing the birds singing as a sign of the arrival of Spring.  There was still a lot of snow on the ground, but there had to be a reason for the sign. We are starting to get some warmer temps, and have not had any real snow in almost 2 weeks now.
There is still a lot of snow on the ground and I would expect at least another couple weeks of milder weather before we can see the ground that has been hidden since late December. 

Around the foundation … (24 comments)

spring flowers in prospect ct: The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring, The Peony - 06/21/14 09:02 PM
Our Peony Blossomed and it is Spectacular
Spring is wonderful for it's colors and for us the blooming of our peony plants is anxiously awaited. The plants are big and when in full bloom, a blossom can be almost 8 inches across.

Once they start to form, I have to stake them as they cannot support the weight of the blossom. The description of the plant can vary but dates back to Greek mythology. 
"Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor. With their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of … (10 comments)

spring flowers in prospect ct: The Azaleas Are in Bloom in Prospect CT - 05/18/13 01:04 PM
The Azaleas Are in Bloom in Prospect CT   As we get into spring, every day is a day of anticipation for the colors around us. I glanced up our front walk and the colors were fresh. Our azaleas are in bloom.

The laurel in the back are a bit more shaded so they will be out a little later and our Rhododendrons are ready to sprout shortly as well. We have color almost always from Late April to early October. We didn't do it ourselves, bit we try to maintain it.
The Azaleas Are in Bloom in Prospect … (8 comments)

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