zoom call: Zoom Call with Carol Williams Knowing When It's Time to Retire - 05/31/23 06:20 PM
Zoom Call with Carol Williams  Knowing When It's Time to Retire
The Zoom call this week was presented by Carol Williams and was a combination of preparing for retirement. and adapting to the situations that life presents as well.
As Carol described her transition it was thrust upon her to attend to her ailing husband.  With the pause, she essentially was away from the day-to-day operation of her businesses for over 18 months and during that period, she eased herself away from the day to day and as she had 2 separate business entities, she had a ready brand looking to acquire her … (23 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call 5.16.23 John Arendsen Accessory Dwelling Units - 05/18/23 07:44 AM
John Arendsen  Accessory Dwelling Units
John Arendsen was the speaker for this week's Zoom call. As founder and owner of Crest Backyard Homes, he gave a presentation that explained the nature of the modules he builds as well as its advantages.
For Multi-generational families, an Accessory Dwelling Unit, ADU offers convenience and serves to keep the family close and still offer independence.
His company is very much a regional operation staying close to His San Diego area. This is predominately as the efficiency of his operation is maintained by contractors that he knows to perform their jobs well and be cost effective. If he … (23 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call 4.04.23 Lauren Williams Working With Hoarders - 04/06/23 08:23 AM
Lauren Williams Working With Hoarders
The call was labeled as working with hoarders and as Lauren Williams started her presentation it was apparent that yes, it was about people that collect, but it really morphed into something far greater. The act and compulsion to hoard is a disease and is identified as such.  Knowing how to identify people that have a genuine illness and the right way to assist them is essential and the fix is not just to clean out the place.
Lauren Williams offered that she has taken better than 60 hours of professional training in order to recognize and treat … (21 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call 3.21.23 Debe Maxwell Open Forum on AI - 03/23/23 09:34 AM
Zoom Call 3.21.23  Debe Maxwell Open Forum on AI
The Zoom call this week was an open forum on AI, Artificial Intelligence, for members to input on their experiences on AI. 
Debe Maxwell started the conversation with a discussion on Heatmaps, and how it related to posting blogs in the past and specifically where we wanted our posts to be seen, (Above or below the fold).
In addition, there are discussions as to the best time to post on a particular social site. 
AI is a reality as evidenced by the ads we get sent to us after doing searches online.
No agent that calls themselves … (11 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call 1.03.23 George Souto State of Mortgages in 2023 - 01/04/23 08:58 AM
George Souto State of Mortgages in 2023
As we start the new year, it would be appropriate to get a 'State of the Industry' Zoom call from a qualified Loan Officer. That was the theme of the first call of the year.
George Souto is a loan originator for Allied Mortgage, working out of Middletown CT.
As a well-respected, senior officer with many 18 years of experience, he offers the state of the industry and his insights as to what we may expect with mortgages in 2023.
Our business of real estate is aligned with the lending industry with exception of cash purchases, and even … (24 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call 12.27.22 Mayra Espinosa Creating Digital Business Cards - 12/29/22 09:14 AM
Mayra Espinosa Creating Digital Business Cards
The Zoom call this week was presented by Mayra Espinosa and she spoke on how to create "Digital Business Cards".  It was more appropriately how to use Canva to create the cards. 
Canva is a free site and once one has gotten familiar with its capabilities, it can allow for more graphic images to our blog posts.
The advantage of having a digital card are numerous. With modern technology, having that card on our phones will allow us to give someone our full electronic details and all aspects of our business would be presented as links on our digital … (24 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call 11.22.22 Kat Palmiotti Lifestyle Facebook Pages - 11/23/22 05:05 AM
Kat Palmiotti  Lifestyle Facebook Pages
The Zoom call presentation of 11/22/22 was done by Kat Palmiotti and its focus was creating a Facebook Lifestyle Page.
Like many others that have presented calls on Facebook premonitions, Kat also offered her reasoning for trying to be just more noticeable in her market. Much of this was generated due to her arrival in the state from her former home in New York.
Facebook, among others offers opportunities to market ourselves and our businesses as well as maintaining a social platform for keeping up to date with family and friends. Keeping the lines separated makes it easier. Kat … (25 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call 11.29.22 Craig Daniels: Improving Your Digital Footprint - 11/23/22 05:04 AM

Craig Daniels:  Improving Your Digital Footprint
The Zoom call of 11.29 was another fine presentation by AR member Craig Daniels. It wasn't his first call and hopefully it won't be his last. 
By way of offering imagery that was very basic, he showed dinosaur tracks that would be best appreciated by any paleontologist. He then showed tracks that were under water for years and were far larger and better defined. His efforts were to show, that while both sets of tracks can be appealing, the larger, better-defined set of tracks needed less effort to be appreciated. This was the starting point of his … (20 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call 11.01.22 Greg Brown Facebook Local Pages for Business - 11/02/22 02:12 PM
Greg Brown Facebook Local Pages for Business
Facebook has become a way of life for people as well as business. It is not uncommon for business to openly ask people to Like their Facebook pages just so as to garner additional SEO on the Internet.
There are also the personal Facebook pages as well as our own business pages.
Then there are the local community pages which are intended to be informative for the community and keep company and personal promotions to a minimum. That was the topic for the Zoom call this week.
Greg Brown is a real estate agent in the Greater Toronto … (15 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call 10.25.22 Nick Vandekar Using Social Media to Develop New Business - 10/27/22 10:16 AM
Using Social Media to Develop New Business
The Zoom call of October 25 was presented by Nick Vandekar, who offered his insights and successes in using social media to develop new business and in particular in new areas.
Being a transplanted Britisher, and new to real estate when he did relocate, it was important for him to develop his social media skills in order to generate the business he wanted. It is also high on his priorities as he is getting married and had bought a house that is outside his current market area.
As he offered, many are familiar with social media and … (20 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call 10.11.22 Peter Mohylsky Welcome to Florida's Emerald Coast - 10/11/22 10:43 AM
Peter Mohylsky  Welcome to Florida's Emerald Coast
This week's presenter for the Zoom call was Peter Mohylsky, on the area he has called home for many years, the stretch of Florida along the panhandle from Pensacola to Panama City called the Emerald Coast and in the early February time frame it is swamped with spring breakers from the surrounding states. 
Even though there are airports nearby, the majority of visitors to the area come by vehicle allowing for an average of an 8-hour drive. This is due to the many toys they bring to play in the surf of the Gulf.
His primary marketing … (19 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call 9.20.22 Protecting Your Property Rights - 09/21/22 11:27 AM
 Protecting Your Property Rights
The Zoom call this week was presented by Buzz Mackintosh, and he spoke on protecting your property rights. In most urban areas, property rights are pretty well established, and could be more difficult to encroach or change.
Regretfully, the examples that Buzz offered were those encountered by his family or people that he knew in the area of Maryland he and his family call home.  He was able to get a satisfactory resolution to the issues, but it was his attentiveness and perseverance that saved him and his friends.
Definition of property rights:
What are the rights of a property owner?When … (30 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call 9.06.22 Paul Henderson Agent Safety - 09/07/22 07:34 AM
 Paul Henderson  Agent Safety
The Zoom call this week was on Agent safety and only fitting as September is Agent Safety month. 
Paul Henderson, has made the presentation before so it was a simple call for him.
Our business has been very visible the past few years but also opportunists hve gotten bolder.
He opened the call with a story of an agent that was placing signs out for an Open House event. She started to walk across a very busy roadway and let her car running so she could put up an open house sign. When she turned back someone had gotten into her … (28 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call of 6.21.22 NAR Educational Opportunities - 06/22/22 09:55 AM
Zoom Call of 6.21.22  NAR Educational Opportunities with Jim Paulson
Jim Paulson was the speaker for this week's Zoom call and his presentation was on the opportunities offered with NAR's education courses. 
Jim has been an agent for 31 years and has been a recognized instructor in real estate for 28 years.
He found that taking classes while on vacation gave him more opportunities as well as allowing him to be more focused on the classes.
Taking classes online offers a great deal of flexibility but also requires ore focus as there are no distractions or the ability to ask questions.
As an irony, he felt … (26 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call 6.14.22 Panel Discussion Recession or Correction - 06/15/22 11:52 AM
Zoom Call 6.14.22 Panel Discussion Recession or Correction
The Zoom call this week was an opportunity for ActiveRainers to share their experiences in the current market. With interest rates going up and the threat of runaway inflation are the current values in homes a repeat of the debacle of 2008
Debe Maxwell opened up the meeting with the request that it be in an orderly manner.
Eileen Burns from Florida opened up the conversation with her experiences with commercial sales in her area.  The feeling that the market is lowering a bit for commercial.
Hannah Williams offered that in her area, builders are having problems … (20 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call with Jeff Masich The American Dream - 06/08/22 12:51 PM
Zoom Call with Jeff Masich  The American Dream
The Zoom call this week was presented by Jeff Masich and moderated by Eileen Burns.
The American Dream can mean different things to different people, but it is most common associated with home ownership. 
As he states, home ownership is good for America and it has been recently shown that an average home sale can add as much as $60,000 to a local economy, as hone owners add to the home or buy materials to add to the home to really make it theirs.
It is not at all uncommon for people that come from other countries … (17 comments)

zoom call: Reverse Mortgages  Zoom Call 5.10.22 - 05/11/22 01:59 PM
Reverse Mortgages  Zoom Call 5.10.22
The Zoom call of 5.10.22 was presented by Caroline Gerardo, or CG. She has been in the lending business for over 30 years and aside from some technical difficulties presented the call most expertly.
A reverse mortgage is a type of loan that allows homeowners aged 62 and older to turn their home equity into cash. Most reverse mortgages today are insured by the FHA and are called Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs).
This allows homeowners to have access to some extra cash without having to sell their homes, having to give up their title or possession, or having … (16 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call 5.03.22 Greg Vetter on Being More Efficient with Emails - 05/03/22 10:52 AM
Zoom Call with Greg Vetter on Being More Efficient with Managing Emails
The tone of the call was on how to property manage emails and creating a system to categorize them by importance to what we do daily.  His intent was to have us recognize what is important with emails and create a system whereby we can fly through them in a few minutes and have no emails in our inbox at the end of each session and the day.
His belief is that no one should work out of their inbox. Separate files need to be set up so as to allow … (18 comments)

zoom call: Zoom Call with Lisa Spampinato Guide to Social Media Marketing - 04/06/22 10:21 AM
A Guide to Social Media Marketing as Presented by Lisa Spampinato
Lisa Spampinato, is the the Founder, and as she describes herself, CIC (chick in charge) of WGSD Virtual Assistant Services LLC. It didn't take long on the call to recognize that this CIC knows her stuff and was very obliging with her knowledge.  Her intent on the call was to teach us how to get our social media set up and also offer advise as to where and how to post.
As she describes Organic social media, is a long process, more a marathon and not a sprint. To anyone that has … (23 comments)

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