zoom calls: Zoom Call 5.07.24 Debb Maxwell Handling Squatters and Other Like Issues - 05/08/24 06:15 AM
Zoom Call 5.07.24 Debb Maxwell Handling Squatters and Other Like Issues
The Zoom call this week was hosted by Debe Maxwell, and was on issues facing agents for which many are unprepared as not everything can be covered when taking real estate classes.
How does one react when we approach a listing and are confronted with people occupying a property that is supposed to be vacant? This is happening across the country and causing issues for property owners, and the agents that have been entrusted to sell those listings.
The squatter issue is something that is occurring all over the country and is not … (14 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 4.16.24 Cruisin' 'Round the World with John DL Arendsen - 04/18/24 11:29 AM
Zoom Call 4.16.24 Cruisin' 'Round the World with John DL Arendsen
Jules Verne wrote about traveling Around the World in 80 days as a wager amongst 'gentlemen" . The book and the novel captured imaginations and if only for a brief moment, people would wonder what that adventure would offer in the way of delights and sights to nourish the mind.
Technology has evolved and the Zoom call put all within that adventure if only for an hour and through the eyes of AR member John DL Arendsen.   From somewhere aboard the cruise ship Seven Seas Mariner of the Regency lines, John described … (19 comments)

zoom calls: How Mushrooms Saved My Life - 04/10/24 06:00 AM

The Zoom Call as presented this week by Patricia Kennedy, was a  little different as it wasn't real estate related, but the subject, as relates to better health was one that seemed to echo with those that were on the call.
There is a point within a medical diagnosis where one senses the a major lifestyle change is in order.  It can be for the fear of what lies ahead or the consult of people that have faced similar that causes one to take note and reflect on what will be the new course once the serious part of the recovery.
Its not … (12 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 3.26.24 Gayle Rich-Boxman On the Reality of Animal Rescue - 03/26/24 12:17 PM
Zoom Call  3.26.24  Gayle Rich-on the Reality of Animal Rescue
The informational Zoom call this week was presented by Gayle Rich-Boxman, as a presentative and founder of a large Animal Rescue sanctuary called On Golden Rescue, located in Birkenfield, OR.
Th impact of the Covid pandemic was the impetus to get active with the rescue, as her business slowed down and she and her husband needed to be busy.
They bought their current property of 14 acres app 7 years ago. They got their first rescue animal through anther agent whose family had animals but were overwhelmed and she was asked if they would … (12 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 3.05.24 Working to Energize the Members - 03/06/24 06:19 AM
Zoom Call 3.05.24  Working to Energize the Members
The Zoom call for this week was intended to be an open brainstorming session on getting the platform more interactive especially as revolves around the less seasoned members.
It should be noted that the Zoom calls were initiated during the pandemic start as a way of just getting social as so many were bunkered down.
The focus turned to an informational call allowing different people to offer insights to their business plans, areas of expertise or just an introduction to different parts of the country and how real estate is transacted there.
It is apparent when looking … (12 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 2.27.24 Tom Hurley Inspection Overview - 02/28/24 01:25 PM
Zoom Call 2.27.24 Tom Hurley  Inspection Overview
The Zoom call this week was presented by Tom Hurley, an Inspector from Sheriden, WY.    His business is Double H Inspections, LLC and he's been working at it for about 4 years.  In what he describes as the wild, wild west regarding consistency with inspections and real estate, he has endeavored to bring professionalism and consistency to his craft and keep the drama out.
 His approach has been to make the process and his reports as simple as possible for his clients to understand yet give full details of what he sees.
He has taken several … (15 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 1.23.24 Open Discussion on NAR - 01/25/24 07:18 AM
Zoom Call  1.23.24  Open Discussion on NAR
The Zoom call this week was an open discussion on NAR and the impact it may be having on our interaction with our clients. The call was moderated by Debe Maxwell and all that were on the call were encouraged to offer insights.
As independent contractors many of whom have had exposure to corporate business, leadership is always important as all want to feel comfortable that the ship is on course and the people with the responsibility of keeping us headed in a positive direction are doing their job.
General conversation was made regarding the money we … (13 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 1.02.24 Lars Hosford Understanding Appraisals - 01/03/24 10:29 AM
Zoom Call  1.02.24 Lars Hosford  Understanding Appraisals
This week's Zoom call was presented by an appraiser that recently did some work for Margaret Rome. Her enthusiasm got her to invite him to present to a zoom group and he obviously accepted.
Lars is a Maryland appraiser and owner of Four Corners Appraisal. He has 18 years of experience, and it was demonstrated with the call.
He offered his observations on the basic nature and observation of a typical appraiser as he has encountered in his state., as being an older white male, educated and well established in his community. Their experiences and quantity of … (13 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 12.12.23 Understanding Credit, Part 2 - 12/14/23 09:30 AM
Zoom Call 12.12.23  Understanding Credit, Part 2
The Zoom call this week was to be part 2 on Credit as impacts real estate transactions.   Due to last minute issues William Piotrowski was not able to dial in and was replaced quite well by George Souto.
George was caught slightly off guard and claimed to be not as prepared as he thought he should be, but with over 30 years in the industry he had more than enough knowledge to present the call.
The call was initiated by Jim Paulson, who introduced George Souto. 
The conversation started with the offering that credit reports fees will be … (12 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 11.28.23 Margaret Rome Scams in Real Estate - 11/29/23 02:46 PM
Zoom Call 11.28.23 Margaret Rome Scams in Real Estate
The Zoom call this week, for those in attendance, was a walk down a horrible memory lane for anyone that has been in the business for a while. 
Margaret Rome started her call noting that many of us would understand the nature of the scams, but as it is inevitable that a scam form will reappear at some point, new agents need to be given the defenses to protect themselves and their clients.
People will always be anxious to get into their real estate adventures. This anxiousness is the fodder for some to steal from … (13 comments)

zoom calls: Did you know? A Guided Tour of Nerdin Gardens - 10/18/23 05:30 PM
Zoom Call  10.17.23 Wanda Kubat-Nerdin  Appreciating Nerdin Gardens
The Zoom call this week was presented by an ActiveRain member whose imagination is boundless and her energy exceeds that. Wanda Kubat-Nerdin gave a detailed presentation on how she and her husband manage to produce a bounty from a plot of land of roughly 300 sq ft with raised beds. 
They enjoy fresh picked vegetables and fruits and with the bounty still manage to preserve over 300 containers to enjoy year-round.
She offered a quiz to test and educate. For example, did you know that there are 7,500 varieties of tomatoes and all I thought there … (11 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 9.26.23 Paddy Deighan Using AI the Right Way - 09/28/23 08:01 AM
Zoom Call  9.26.23  Paddy Deighan Using AI the Right Way
The Zoom Call this week was entertainingly presented by ActiveRain member Paddy Deighan, a real estate lawyer and a highly qualified individual as offered with some of the conversation he presented.
Paddy started his presentation as a continuation of the AI Challenge in June.
He expressed that AI tends to be greatly misunderstood, as evidenced, from his experiences with other areas in which he is involved. 
He spoke of a conversation with a person he called the Godfather of AI, Dr Kelly of IBM who manages 15,000 PhD's at IBM. 
AI has really been a factor … (19 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 9.19.23 Dorie Dillard Dominating Your Neighborhood - 09/21/23 07:52 AM
Zoom Call  9.19.23 Dorie Dillard Dominating Your Neighborhood
The Zoom Call this week was presented by Dorie Dillard and was a how to on dominate your neighborhood or market area.
Her frequent posts are focused on the Canyon Creek subdivision of Austin TX. This is a pattern that was developed over a period of years and hard work to become recognized.
She started by offering up the uniqueness of our business, as we get to choose our partners, or collaborators. 
She acknowledged other ActiveRain members that dominate their market, and the manner in which they do same. Ours is a business that constantly changes and … (20 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 7.18.23 Nick Vandekar Walking the Camino De Santiago - 07/20/23 08:39 AM
Zoom Call  7.18.23  Nick Vandekar  Walking the Camino De Santiago
The presentation this week by Nick Vandekar was his personal recount of the pilgrimage he took walking the path of St. James through Portugal and Spain to get to Santiago de Compostela.
He was introduced to the Camino through a movie he had seen, titled The Way.  It spoke to him as he was at a stage of life where his issues seemed to be reaching crisis point. His then wife set up his travels to Lisbon so that he could start his pilgrimage. 
It was 2018, and his real estate business was well … (26 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 5.09.23 William Piotrowski What Types of Mortgages are Currently Popular - 05/11/23 07:14 AM
William Piotrowski What Types of Mortgages are Currently Popular
The Zoom call this week was presented by William Piotrowski a  Branch Manager and loan officer for Diamond Residential Mortgage.  As such, with the coverage his company enjoys, he offered up information on the state of loans in the current market.
FHA loans are a popular product, at least through the first quarter of the new year enjoying a jump from 8.4% to 11.7%. This represented the largest increase in loans since 2007. While it is still lower than people would like to see it still represents a significant appreciation. Sellers seem to be … (11 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 4.18.23 Tammy Lankford Community Facebook Pages - 04/18/23 10:52 AM
Tammy Lankford Community Facebook Pages
The Zoom call this week was presented by Tammy Lankford,  long time ActiveRain member and also broker/owner of Lane Realty servicing the Lake Sinclair area of Georgia.
Tammy Lankford started her Community page for Lake Sinclair app 10 years ago and as moderator, tries to keep it informational to events of the area as well as free of people looking to self-promote businesses.   It is called Lake Sinclair area Community Page. While the Lake Sinclair area is primary, the community page also allows for residents of the 3 counties that bound the lake to join the group. She … (14 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 3.28.23 Bob Timm, Stories of a Mobile Notary - 03/30/23 07:29 AM
Bob Timm, Stories of a Mobile Notary
The call this week was on a topic that is essential to all real estate transactions but often not given its importance, the certification of documents by a notary public. In CT, all closings are done by lawyers, who are all certified as notaries as well. In states where title companies handle closings, Notaries are far more common.
ActiveRain member, Bob Timm, a retired real estate broker now working as a Notary offered information on the services he provides in the Minot, ND area as we as some of experiences as a mobile Notary.
The process he … (22 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 3.14.23 Philip Raices Effects of AI on Real Estate - 03/14/23 10:18 AM
Philip Raices Effects of AI on Real Estate
The speaker for the Zoom call this week was Philip Raices.  He offered his insights on the impact of Artificial Intelligence and its impact in real estate and also our daily lives. 
AI has been a factor in our daily activities for years. In it's base form it is the bots (robotics) that search the Internet looking for tidbits of information that have relevance to searches.
AI has been used by large manufacturers for years in the form of robotic operators to replace people on dangerous or tedious operations needing simple movements.
As technology evolves, AI has … (20 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call 3.07.23 Brad Andersohn From Prospects To Closings - 03/10/23 07:26 AM
 Brad Andersohn:  From Prospects to Closings
The Zoom call this week was a second opportunity with Brad Andersohn to offer up his gems and make those that attended a bit sharper. 
In his words, talking on the Zoom call was a bit like his presentations at RainCamps. From this person's perspective, it was identical as he gave so much, so fast and with much enthusiasm.
As was offered, the date was the 3rd anniversary of the first Zoom Call.
The call started as a continuation of the previous session, with Brad completing the work sheet he started from his Agent Goal Planner and the session … (25 comments)

zoom calls: Zoom Call with Brad Andersohn: Agent Goal Planner - 03/01/23 01:03 PM
Zoom Call with Brad Andersohn: Agent Goal Planner
The Zoom call this past week carried a lot of memories for those that have been in the system for while. Early RainCamps saw a speaker that would offer technical expertise on a number of topics and with a fast-paced delivery leave those that heard him mesmerized.
The Zoom call was very similar with the detail offered by Brad, as well as the detours he took most likely due to being back amongst people that knew him when.
No longer part of a brokerage and presumably enjoying his time off, he has offered to bring back … (19 comments)

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