easysell system: Should She Stage or Lower Her Price? - 05/07/08 01:42 AM
I received a call from a new friend - we have known each other only 4 months but are fast becoming good friends - about the house she currently has on the market. She and her husband (they are now separated) are selling the house through a local Realtor who has a very well known name in my area. Her Realtor wants to drop the price on the house... again.
They listed the property 80 days ago at $429,000 but after a few showings and no offers they lowered the price to $419,000. In the last meeting with the Realtor he suggested lowering … (10 comments)

easysell system: It's a Big Job and No One Wants To Do It - 05/03/08 09:52 AM
I was called by a woman whose parents recently passed away leaving her and her brothers a bungalow in an older yet very nice neighbourhood here in town. The house had been vacant for some time and while she mourned the loss of her parents, and best friends, she new the house had to be dealt with.
She said she wanted movers to go in and pack everything - she was emotionally unable to go by the house much less go inside. Movers were the only option. They would box everything up, label the boxes and place them in storage ready for the … (6 comments)

easysell system: Tips for Staging the Bedroom - 04/27/08 02:32 AM
The Master Bedroom can sometimes be the most neglected room in the house. But when it's time to sell, this room must appeal to viewers, after-all it is where the person paying the mortgage will sleep. It is definitely a space worth spending "staging effort" to achieve a wow factor. Here are some tips for the master, as well as the secondary bedrooms.
The master bedroom is the most critical room. Make sure the bedding, the window treatments and the paint colour all coordinate.Run a vacuum over the rug every day. Dust the dressers and side tables often.Make the beds every day.Keep … (5 comments)

easysell system: Guest Room's are Not Staging Exempt - 04/26/08 02:55 AM
 Bedroom BeforeBedroom AfterThat's right, we didn't neglect the guest room. Chocolate brown paint was very 'in' about 5 years ago and it was great for facilitating a good sleep for a person who likes a room to be dark. But when it was time to sell, the chocolate closed in the space and to be honest, my eyes took a few minutes to adjust before I could actually see the size of the room.We put on a fresh coat of sunny yellow, updated the drapery, reoriented the bed and added some nice french-style inspired accessories. And the rooster is facing east to … (6 comments)

easysell system: How Important is it to Define Spaces? - 04/26/08 02:03 AM
I walked have to say that defining spaces is critical to clearly illustrating the features and benefits of a house. This house in particular was a four level split in an established neighbourhood walking distance to a junior high and high school. One target market for this house was be a family with teen-aged children, and where do teenagers like to hang out with their friends? In the living room upstairs with mom and dad? No way! They like a space they can call their own that is removed from the folks by at least one floor.
Fortunately, the home owners saw the … (3 comments)

easysell system: An Upgrade Some Don't Consider - Closet Organizers - 04/23/08 04:31 AM
The power of a closet organizer can be overwhelming. This isn't one of those times, but it sure looks good! The problems these people encountered were many - shoes slipped off the rack on the bottom, items were stored in three separate locations (some coats in the closet, mittens & gloves, etc in a cabinet on the opposite wall, and more coats and boots were stored in the closet down the hall), and it just looked messy all the time.
By installing this closet organizer, we added room for 6 full length coats and 7 bomber style coats, drawers for hats, mittens, gloves, scarves … (6 comments)

easysell system: Tips for Staging the Living Room - 04/23/08 03:51 AM
Here are some ideas to prepare the living room for viewers.
Remove all personal and family pictures. These are very distracting and viewers will be looking at them trying to recognize someone they might know.Windows are very important. Clean them and allow as much natural day light into the space as possible. Remove furnishings and hanging objects that obstruct the view. Frame the windows with a full length window treatment or nice blinds.Create a focal point using the fireplace or a piece of art. Group the furniture so it is conversational meaning the seating is in close proximity for easy conversation, but … (1 comments)

easysell system: 9 Quick Upgrades to Create Impact - 04/22/08 09:30 AM
•·         installing a new lockset on the front door
•·         new window treatments and rods, brackets and finials
•·         painting the interior a fresh neutral
•·         installing new faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms
•·         upgrading tired appliances (fridge, stove, dish washer, microwave, etc)
•·         upgrading the kitchen and bathroom countertops
•·         updating the knobs and handles on cabinetry in kitchens and bathrooms
•·         updating porcelain in bathrooms (toilets and sinks) and installing a tub surround
•·         updating light fixtures

easysell system: My Benjamin Moore Go-To Colours - 04/22/08 01:46 AM
I discovered through someone else's blog (and I am sorry I don't recall who) that the numbers and names of Benjamin Moore colours differ from Canada to the US when another Stager told us about her favourite colours to work with when selecting neutral tones for clients.
For the Canadians, here are a few of my go-to colours for Staging, all are Benjamin Moore:
2160-50 Oklahoma Wheat - a soft buttery yellow the really brightens a room (the photo on the left)
CC-210 Dijon - I have used this colour in rooms below grade and in kitchens and bedrooms. Very versatile.
CC-470 Rocky Road - … (2 comments)

easysell system: Chronicle of a Stager - 04/19/08 06:52 AM
Yesterday, Shelley (Organizing Queen)and I staged a property here in St. Albert. The Realtors we do a number of stagings for described this house as "different". Not knowing what to expect, we go in expecting anything. As some background, we have seen MANY DIFFERENT houses and after 5 years we have lost any sense of judgement and just go in and make it look as best as we can.
The Realtors contract us to do up to 4 hours of Staging on most of their listings, and we have such a wonderful relationship built with them that they know we'll be in there … (2 comments)

easysell system: Staging and Educating - Thank you for being open! - 04/18/08 03:18 AM
Last evening, my partner, Shelley Sadownyk, Organizing Queen, and I did a staging consultation with a woman in Edmonton. She found us through http://www.stagedhomes.com/ as she was conducting her research about selling properties. On a guess, I'd say she is about 60 - strong, independent, very lively - and so open to any information that will help her sell her house. On a side note - meeting open minded people makes for the best conversations!
Anyway, Shelley and I proceeded with our usual review of the house, room by room, and we filled out the house specific report. The things we identified with … (1 comments)

easysell system: Great things that Happened Today - 04/17/08 10:48 AM
Today is my 9th wedding Anniversary. I am married to an amazing man so it only make sense that I began my day feeling pretty darn happy and feeling really good. The card he gave me... well, who knew a redneck from Innisfail could be so romantic!
The phone rang as I was leaving the house for my morning appointment and it was my instructor from University. She'called me last spring to sit on a panel to facilitate a question and answer period with her new students who were enrolled in her design course. I enjoyed this experience immensely and she called me … (4 comments)

easysell system: Staging and Selling Cars - 04/16/08 06:27 AM
This particular analogy helps me a great deal especially with male home owners.
Have you ever sold a car? If you were selling a car, you would shine it up really nice, vacuum it out, check it for any obvious dents or necessary repairs. You may even get a mechanic to check it over to make sure it is in good running order. You might even replace the cracked windshield or worn belts, and you would make sure the operators manual and any other necessary documentation is included. With care to the details when presenting your car, your car will get more … (0 comments)

easysell system: Should you leave them dangling? - 04/15/08 01:51 AM
Lately, I have been approached by a number of firms to provide a quote or to elaborate on how I might see a business relationship unfold. I have provided ideas, showed flexibility and illustrated a willingness to negotiate and find mutual synergies to advance both our businesses.
After I provided the proposal for their consideration, I sat back and waited for a response. Then none comes. In one instance, it seemed like there were many synergies to promote both business, and the other party was very responsive... at first. Then, nothing. Even after a friendly "let me know where you are in your process" … (6 comments)

easysell system: How I love dream clients! - 04/14/08 07:48 AM
Yesterday I did a quick staging consultation in Edmonton. I work with two wonderful Realtors and provide staging services up to 4 hours for most of their listings. The sellers are in their 30's with young children and eager to sell and move to their dream house on the south side. The first thing she said to me was "I'll do whatever you say. I don't want this house to sit on the market for 4 months." She obviously saw how staging was going to benefit her and the listing.
We set to work, and I must say, that when the client is … (5 comments)

easysell system: Staging is not Just for Selling - 04/11/08 06:37 AM
Gwen (not her real name) inherited a number of lovely antiques when her mother passed away. She didn't know where to put everything. For the 3 months that it took her to settle her mother's estate, deal with her own grief, and try to carry on without her best friend, she lived with the antiques surrounding her (rather closing in on her) in her small condo. She called us - "can you help me figure this out? I don't want to move, I just want to find a place the things that matter."
My partner, Shelley Sadownyk, and I spent 5 hours … (5 comments)

easysell system: For Realtors - Do You Tell People That You Work with a Stager? - 04/10/08 08:05 AM
I'm curious. Do you tell prospective buyers if a property has been staged? If you have a stager to whom you refer work, do you tell your peers, or anyone else with whom you work, about the stager? Is there a professional stigma attached to properties that have been staged - good or bad?
Selling is more than price - it's product and presentation as well. The combination of all three has to be right for value to be demonstrated and for a sale to take place. Let me know your thoughts.

easysell system: Staging to Benefit the Seller - 04/10/08 03:15 AM
Staging is usually illustrated as a tactic in a selling strategy as a benefit to the buyers - they see less "visual static" (Thank you Janis), they can visualize their own belongings in the space, and they gain a sense of neutrality - that the house could belong to anyone.
But what about the seller? How does staging benefit the seller? Here's how:
It allows them to mentally prepare for the idea that someone else will soon be living in their home, which is now a house and it's for sale.It allows them to physically go through all their furnishnigs and belongings, and … (1 comments)

easysell system: Tips on Negotiating & Achieving a Win-Win - 04/09/08 01:29 AM
I was reminded the other day after reading a Realtor's blog about the nature of negotiating and how some people are unaware that this step that closes deals is an essential part of the selling process. In the book I wrote along with Greg Tonn, a property investor, called The EasySell System we addressed the nature of negotiating, and point out that it is about both parties getting a good deal. Good negotiating is about reaching a fair middle ground with both parties showing flexibility, and neither is interested in getting a one-sided deal. That is simply bad negotiating.
Here are the tips … (5 comments)

easysell system: Why People Like Clutter - 04/08/08 04:13 AM
This can be perplexing to some, especially those of us who are practical by nature. The Staging profession has put me in the front-line dealing with clutter-bugs, and over the years I have gained a small understanding of this type of client. But what do you do about a clutter bug? What is it about clutter that is so comforting to these people? Here are the top 10 reasons clutter-bugs resist purging, short of having some sort of psychosis.
Sentimental attachment - they like the piece and it reminds them of someone they lovedFeeling of Abundance - they feel rich and abundant surrounded … (11 comments)


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