Just how does an S-Corporation save tax? Simply put its by avoiding your income from being subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes, which is 15.3%. Check out thee video just exactly how this works.  Anthony Fontana EA800-245-0596www.eataxresolutions.com4630 Campus Dr #203Newport Beach, CA ...
Check out my video I made for some clients to learn what closing costs are tax decutible when buying a rental property. Not only do my clients need to know that closing costs are deductible for your rental, but this serves as a great reference for tax professionals too! Enjoy! Anthony Fontana EA8...
IRS Offer in Compromise has finally been accepted after about a year and a half ! Client's original tax debt of $131,894 was just settled with IRS for $3,638! The IRS offer in compromise may sound to good to be true, but it isn't, this program works to settle tax debt. To see if you or someone yo...
At our tax office in Orange County, CA we represent clients before the IRS to help them with tax compliance and to resolve their back tax debts. One of those options is the uncollectible status or the Currently Non-Collectible Status, CNC. What is the Currently Non-Collectible Status, CNC?The CNC...
Tax Debt Options – Currently Non-Collectible, Offer in Comprmise, or Installment Agreement. When clients come to our office in Orange County, CA for with tax debt, we first make sure they are tax compliant, then discuss options to resolve their tax debt. We start this process by learning about th...
Can’t tell you how many times, clients come by our office in Orange County, CA in need of tax help and have no idea where all their documents are. This should not stop you to settle your taxes. Copies of the tax forms like W-2 or 1099 Misc. and others are filed with the IRS, and you have access t...

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