tax compliance: IRS Penalty Abatement Accepted! Got over $39k removed. - 02/25/20 06:59 AM
Just got a penalty abatement accepted, removing over $39k in penalties and interest!
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tax compliance: IRS Offer in Compromise. How the RCP Formula Works. Orange County, CA - 01/09/20 08:39 AM
The IRS Offer in Compromise is the name of a tax settlement. These sound like a gimmick when you hear them on the radio/tv, but they actually work. You have to qualify, and know what you are doing when you file the offer. With experience in having many of these offers accepted by the IRS for our clients at EA Tax Resolutions in Orange County, CA we know how to file the Offer in Compromise.
In this blog I am going to explain how to determine your “offer” or “reasonable collection potential” (RCP).
The IRS reasonable collection potential (RCP) or offer is based … (1 comments)

tax compliance: IRS Installment Agreement, explained. Orange County, CA - 12/15/19 10:47 AM
An IRS installment agreement is a monthly payment plan with the IRS when you have tax debt and can’t pay in full. You need to keep in mind that even though you set up an IRS installment agreement, penalties and interest will continue to accrue on any outstanding tax debt, just like a credit card. Also, once an installment agreement is set up, if you subsequently file a tax return with tax debt, and do not pay by the due date, your installment agreement will go into default. An IRS installment agreement can not be set up until all required tax … (0 comments)

tax compliance: IRS Offer in Compromise Process - Orange County, CA - 11/29/19 08:53 AM
The IRS Offer in Compromise Process
At our office in Orange County, CA we help clients with their back taxes, and understanding the IRS offer in compromise process to ensure a successful offer. As you can imagine, the process to settle your tax debt with the IRS for less than you owe through the IRS offer in compromise takes time and there are certain steps you have to take. The following is the process to obtain an IRS offer in compromise:
Making current tax payments - The IRS will never settle back taxes, knowing that you are going to continue to owe after … (0 comments)

tax compliance: The IRS uncollectible status. The what, why, and how to obtain it? Orange County, CA - 11/11/19 04:05 PM
At our tax office in Orange County, CA we represent clients before the IRS to help them with tax compliance and to resolve their back tax debts. One of those options is the uncollectible status or the Currently Non-Collectible Status, CNC.
What is the Currently Non-Collectible Status, CNC?
The CNC is a status the IRS will code taxpayers accounts’ when the taxpayer can prove that they have no equity in available assets and their income is lower than their IRS allowable expenses. Once taxpayers have been placed in the currently non-collectible status, the IRS will no longer take any levy actions. This means … (1 comments)

tax compliance: Options available for Tax Debt Relief – Orange County, CA - 11/07/19 08:20 AM
Tax Debt Options – Currently Non-Collectible, Offer in Comprmise, or Installment Agreement.
When clients come to our office in Orange County, CA for with tax debt, we first make sure they are tax compliant, then discuss options to resolve their tax debt. We start this process by learning about the client’s current financial situation. This will tell us what the best route to take to resolve their tax debt. We can then teach our clients why a certain tax debt relief option would be more beneficial than another and everything involved in that relief option.
The 3 options the IRS has to resolve … (0 comments)

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