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Homebuyer Representation, Inc. is the only Exclusive Buyer Brokerage in Salt Lake City, Utah and Surrounding Counties. Benjamin Clark, Exclusive Buyers Agent and Principal Broker shares valuable information and market data with homebuyers on this blog. Find out why you should always make sure you get an Agent on YOUR side of the transaction when buying a home! Exclusive Buyer Brokerages don't list homes and never represent Sellers. The agents represent Buyers ONLY, working to get BUYERS the Best Price and Terms, not Sellers. Finally! Real Estate Agents on the Buyer's Side™



Some of the most memorable homes I've shown are homes that my clients would never buy because of something really unique or bizarre. Still, the house was in some way unforgettable and my day was that much more interesting. Often when showing homes to clients, we will see a dozen or more homes in ...
I got the chance to correspond with a reporter in San Diego who wrote an article this week about one of the juror's responses following the verdict in the Ummel vs. their Realtor (R) case. Like many of you, the reporter had not heard of Exclusive Buyer's Agents before we had our exchange. Shortly...
A market analysis not only helps a Buyer understand what the market value of a home should be, but it can also be used to help determine which home (say, out of 3 excellent choices) is a better investment. Usually there is a discrepancy large enough to make a fair determination as to which home i...
I don't know the specific origin of these questions, but Buyers ask them all the time. A wise homebuyer will ask these types of questions to any agent they interview. Here are my responses to Buyers when I am provided with these questions:  Do you spend 100% of your time representing Buyers? YES ...
OK. Those weren't her words. Read this article from The Voice of San Diego (author, Kelly Bennett) and comment if you like.Here are a few quotes from the juror: "After my seven days of realtor training (sitting in a court room), I may consider not using a realtor in my next purchase of property."...
One of the greatest benefits of living in Salt Lake County is that you can be in about any one of 30 towns in about 15-20 minutes! (Well, except during rush hour!) Within that circle are: 4 Costcos 12 Wal-Marts 20 Movie Theatres (Including 4 Megaplexes with 12-20 screens!) Over 600 restaurants 5 ...
A year ago Salt Lake was seeing appreciation rates in the 15-20% range. Today, appreciation is somewhere between 0 and +3% (My best guess - Official Data won't be out until the 20th). There was a 6 month stretch with fewer home sales, making it harder to find comparable sales for new contracts a...
Last week put out a picture story about the best places in the United States to SELL your home. Here's what they said: The story makes a few interesting statements about Salt Lake's ecoonomy that I thought should be considered by anyone considering a move to the area, as well as by tho...
 Q: One of our acquaintances yesterday mentioned that they were under the impression that when you close on a house technically everything inside the home technically becomes yours as well.  Is that actually how things technically work by default? You close and everything inside the home changes ...
When you go to "Settlement" you will sign documents such as your loan documents. Recording won't take place until after the Seller is paid. Possession can take place at any time as specified in the contract. See Section 3 of the Contract: "Settlement and Closing" Settlement occurs after ALL of t...

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