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Homebuyer Representation, Inc. is the only Exclusive Buyer Brokerage in Salt Lake City, Utah and Surrounding Counties. Benjamin Clark, Exclusive Buyers Agent and Principal Broker shares valuable information and market data with homebuyers on this blog. Find out why you should always make sure you get an Agent on YOUR side of the transaction when buying a home! Exclusive Buyer Brokerages don't list homes and never represent Sellers. The agents represent Buyers ONLY, working to get BUYERS the Best Price and Terms, not Sellers. Finally! Real Estate Agents on the Buyer's Side™



Because of my work, I was required to relocate to Utah. As with my previous home search effort in Illinois, I decided to use an exclusive buyer agent rather than a traditional realtor. A traditional realtor normally cannot fully represent buyers since they are legally bound to work for the seller...
Wow, where do I start relaying my experience of buying our first house?  First, I guess you can say that my husband and I are very cautious people.  We do a lot of research before buying any large-ticket item, whether it be a lawnmower, a washer, a car, etc.  So when it comes to a HOUSE, I starte...
A New World Some websites promote their equivalence to or superiority over the flesh and blood real estate agent. While mathematical computations can be completed much faster by microchips and microprocessors, they lack the same thing Dorothy's beloved Scarecrow lacked: a brain. Today's Lenn Harl...
Who Most Clients UseMost clients use the same company they use for auto insurance and/or renters insurance (although some auto insurance companies don’t offer homeowner’s insurance). This is often "the path of least resistance", but that doesn't mean it is a bad choice. Why Cheapest May Not Be th...
(Please reread the title with sarcasm. Good.) Zillow can guestimate Market value within 20% of the actual sold price between 51 and 88% of the time! Yippee! What this means is that Zillow can guestimate the market value of a $500,000 home within $100,000 more than 1/2 the time! (It's worth somewh...
This was my second experience using an exclusive buyer-agent. We are relocating due to my work, and we only had a few days in Utah to view homes before returning to Illinois. Benjamin Clark of Homebuyer Representation went above and beyond every step of the way. He ensured we had the most current...
First Quarter 2008 showed only small improvement in home prices and the number of SOLD homes was also down. Fourth Quarters and First Quarters are historically low, while Second Quarters and Third Quarters are historically higher with regards to the number of SOLD homes reported. There has been i...
Salt Lake City actually pulls in at Number 6 on Forbes' list of the top 10 Recession Proof Cities in the nation in a report posted on April 29th, 2008.  What factors led to it's top 10 placement? Median Home Price is up 2.5% Unemployment is low at 3.1% Education and Health Services are growing at...

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