agents: 5 Different Types of Real Estate Agents in Utah - 07/30/19 04:05 PM
In Utah, we have several different types of Real Estate Agents, all offering their own level of professional services and representation. Here is a Brief Overview of 5 Different Types of Agents in Utah: 
Listing Agent also known as Seller's Agent: these agents are sometimes referred to as a "traditional agent." They are the most common real estate agent in Utah. They work on behalf of the seller and represent the seller's interests during a sale. They treat buyers as "customers" of the seller and the listing brokerage and not as clients. Discount Brokerage: agents who work for a discount brokerage are required to … (0 comments)

agents: Exclusive Buyer Agency In the News - 09/04/13 08:02 AM
I came across an old article in Kiplinger's Personal Finance touting the benefits of hiring an Exclusive Buyer's Agent (E.B.A. for short). The point of the article (and it's title) was: Hire your own AGENT
Buyers and sellers, have different interests in a real estate transaction. Sure, one wants to sell and the other buy, but both want to get the best deal. Independent representation makes sense. Two competing sports teams both want to play the game, but both want to win. They both have independent coaches to help them achieve their goals. So it should be with real estate.
Exclusive Buyers Agents work only for … (1 comments)

agents: Get Your Own Agent - It's common sense, right? - 07/20/12 01:40 AM
Yesterday a client asked me why we have a website telling people they should get their own agent when buying a home. "Everybody already knows that, right?"
I let her know that MOST people out there don't know that. She didn't believe me. "You mean there are buyers that contact the agent representing the seller, instead of getting someone to represent them?"
I told her it happens all the time. And it's not a few people. It's a LOT of people. She couldn't fathom it.
Which I can understand. Our clients are smart people. They would never even consider that it … (7 comments)

agents: Townhome Buyer Avoids Poor Purchase with Agent on Her Side - 11/10/11 07:22 AM
My Exclusive Buyer's Agent took me on as a client when he was busy with other personal things and yet he was one of the most professional people I have ever worked with.
He went the extra mile to help me find what I was looking for every time.
He never pushed me into anything that I was not sure of. Even when I had made an offer on a place and had it accepted he checked further into one troubling aspect and gave me the information and let me make the decision which was to withdraw the offer. … (1 comments)

agents: The Highest Level of Representation for Buyers - 11/03/11 09:40 AM
My last blog entry was a testimonial from me about my new dentist. What does that have to do with buying a home? Lots.
Everybody should know about biomimetic dentistry and doctors like Dr. Noot. I really connected with him and his practice because:
1. He really cares about what is best for his patients.
2. He takes the time to educate his patients about what is going on.
3. He lets the patient make the important decisions regarding their care.
4. He has gone the extra mile in his personal training and education in order to provide his patients with … (0 comments)

agents: Hire a professional, not a fortune teller who lost their crystal ball! - 06/14/11 10:17 AM
Many buyers ask their agents questions about what they think the market/seller/interest rates will do. It seems the prevailing attitude by many real estate agents is to laugh off such questions, or retort with a witty comment such as, "My crystal ball is on the fritz." Their response is more like that of the famous Magic 8-ball: "Reply hazy. Try again." And try again they do. Because they didn't hire a fortune teller to help them buy a home, they hired what they thought was a real estate professional.
Have we hit bottom? Should I wait to buy a home or … (5 comments)

agents: We're thinking about buying a home in the next year or two. How can we best prepare for a home purchase? - 05/09/11 06:02 PM
I have a lot of people asking me how to best prepare for a home purchase in the next year or two.
Here are a few tips. I'm more than happy to answer any additional questions anyone considering a home purchase in the next 2 years may have.
How much should you save for a down payment?
If you CAN, try and save 20% of the purchase price as a down payment. Here's why: Mortgage Insurance. Mortgage insurance is getting expensive and can equal hundreds of dollars a month on your mortgage payment. None of which goes toward the principle balance … (62 comments)

agents: Why are so many consumers distrusting of real estate agents? - 05/04/11 11:40 AM
I was reading an Angie's List magazine column this morning and I couldn't help but feel for some of the commenters who were (and perhaps still are) distrusting of real estate agents.
For example, one commenter said:
"One caveat about using a home inspector: Make sure you use someone who is recommended by a friend NOT the real estate agent who is trying to sell you A HOUSE. Our "inspector" missed all kinds of major problems that we were not looking for being from another area and not knowing what to look for..."
Another responded:
"...our story exactly. I will never … (4 comments)

agents: Homebuyer Representation, Inc. Earns Coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award - 01/12/11 09:19 AM
Award reflects company's consistently high level of customer service
Jan 12, 2011 - Salt Lake City, UT - Homebuyer Representation, Inc. has been awarded the prestigious 2010 Angie's List Super Service Award, an honor bestowed annually on approximately 5 percent of all the companies rated on the nation's leading provider of consumer reviews on local service companies.
"Our Super Service Award winners are the cream of the crop when it comes to providing consistently high quality customer service, as judged by the customers who hired them," said Angie Hicks, founder of Angie's List.
Homebuyer Representation, Inc. is an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage, … (3 comments)

agents: Utah Ranked Best State for Business and Careers - 10/22/10 10:43 AM
Among all 50 states, Utah adds yet another top end ranking to it's list of growing accolades I've been trying to keep up with over the past few years. recently ranked Utah as the "Best State for Business and Careers."
Here are a few other honors earned by Utah and Salt Lake City that I'm aware of:
Best Commute in the Country (Salt Lake) Least Stressful City in America (Salt Lake) 2nd Healthiest State (Utah) Best City for Bargain House-Hunters (Salt Lake) Most Fiscally Fit State Government in the U.S. (Utah) Household Incomes Rising Fastest in the Nation (Utah - … (3 comments)

agents: Only 22% of Home Buyers are Satisfied with Their Agent? Not HERE! - 04/14/10 06:24 AM
A recent RISMedia article stated that only 22% of home buyers are happy with their real estate agent.
I wondered why this might be, and reading the article didn't really shed any new light on the reasons. Strangely enough, the article talked more about complaints from Sellers, such as, "The agent priced my home too high, so it took too long to sell".
Still, there was some mention of Buyers who felt that the process was not adequately explained, loan terms were not adequately disclosed, or simply felt that their agent was looking out more for themselves, and not for the … (2 comments)

agents: 25 Reasons to Hire an Exclusive Buyer's Agent - 03/24/10 09:18 AM
Exclusive Buyer Agents:
Do not list homes or represent sellers Work for real estate companies that take no listings Work solely for the buyer Remain loyal to the homebuyer throughout the transaction Avoid conflicts of interest inherent in the traditional seller-oriented purchase transaction Never represent the seller in a real estate transaction Are less than 1/2 of 1% of all real estate firms nationwide Offer a unique relationship of trust to real estate buyers Offer a higher degree of loyalty to a buyer than an agent who also works on behalf of the Seller Do not practice dual-agency Are 100% loyal … (2 comments)

agents: Don't Work with a Pushy Real Estate Agent - 04/30/09 10:52 AM
I saw this and realized just how different the experience is for clients of Exclusive Buyer's Agents than it must seem to most of the public who work with pushy real estate agents.
British humor and real estate all in one short video clip.
If you want to have a different experience when buying a home, get an agent on YOUR side of the transaction who will work for you and not try and SELL you any home.

If you have excellent credit and will be buying a $300,000-$800,000 home in the next 1-3 months and would … (0 comments)

agents: An Equal Level of Representation for Home Buyers - 03/16/09 04:14 PM
Great Article in the New York Times Friday, featuring a good friend and colleague of mine, Ira Freireich of Long Island, NY.
The article points out how many homebuyers are becoming more savvy and aware of how they can get the best level of representation in the real estate transaction: Exclusive Buyer Agency.
Some key points:
Exclusive Buyer Agents (EBAs) negotiate for the Buyer EBAs work for the Buyer only - Not the Seller like traditional real estate agents EBAs keep confidential information confidential - The seller won't know that you can or will pay more EBAs give you more control … (3 comments)

agents: Dual Agency, Bad for Buyers (And Sellers!) - 03/16/09 03:36 PM
When I first began my career in Real Estate, I observed agents as they asked consumers to agree to dual agency. Sellers are often asked to do so when they list the home. Buyers are often asked to do so when writing an offer.When taking a listing they may have said something like:
Initialing here allows me to bring a Buyer for your home.
When writing a contract with a Buyer, they may have said something like:
Initialing here allows me to help you with the paperwork to buy this home.
No discussion whatsoever about what fiduciary duties a Seller or … (1 comments)

agents: Are Builders Partially to Blame for the Real Estate Crisis? - 10/03/08 08:20 AM
Can you blame builders for getting sucked into the hype? When you are taking orders for homes as fast as you can build them, why not decide to build a ton of "spec" homes?
Still, builders should have seen an end coming at some point, and those who did, planned accordingly and had an exit strategy. (Always a good idea: Have an exit strategy.)
I also don't fault builders directly for building spacious homes with lots of "extras" and amenities. After all, this is where some of the most profit is made, and buyers were buying up their homes just the … (1 comments)

agents: Exclusive Buyer's Agent: The Purest Form of Real Estate Buyer Representation - 09/01/08 01:43 PM
Christopher Cruise writes on
Any licensed real estate agent in the United States can legally act as a "buyer's agent," although not all have experience doing so. You can... engage what's called an "exclusive buyer's agent." This is the purest form of buyer representation...
Every time you buy a home, make sure you get an Agent on YOUR side of the transaction!

If you have excellent credit and will be buying a $250,000-$750,000 home in the next 30-60 days and would like an agent who will work exclusively for you, call us at (801) 969-8989 or contact us via … (0 comments)

agents: Utah Leads Nation in Price Appreciation (STILL!) - 02/26/08 10:42 AM
The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight has issued the report we have all been waiting for...
Utah still leads the nation in home-price appreciation!
Of course, these reports are a little behind the times and I wouldn't expect anyone to believe that homes appreciated at 9.7% for January or February. I'm still sticking to a more modest 2-2.5% (Well below what was predicted!)
(Images from OFHEO's report)
I would suggest that part of the most recent drop in the appreciation rate in Utah is due to the fewer homes selling in the $600,000 + price range due to the increased difficulty and or … (4 comments)

agents: Some Things Aren't Learned In School - Like How To Buy A Home - 02/13/08 09:02 AM
Some things just aren't taught in school. I have always believed that there are many things that, if taught in school, would make life easier and more successful for many of the next generation. 
"Utah lawmakers right now are considering a bill, sponsored by Sen. Patricia Jones, D-Holladay, that would set up an enhanced financial literacy program in the state's public schools. Kids would learn about basic budgeting, banking, investing, home buying and borrowing in ways that are integrated with their normal curriculum." (Jay Evensen, Deseret Morning News, February 10, 2008)
One thing that should be taught young is this: Homebuyers have the … (3 comments)

agents: The Truth About "Buyer's Guides" - 10/20/07 06:25 PM
Are You Missing The "HOT" Listings?If you're relying on the "Buyer's Guides" that are distributed in grocery store racks to find your home, you will likely find that the only homes still available are the "leftovers."
It can take up to 45 days for some "Buyers Guides" to be compliled, printed and distributed.
In Utah's market today, that means you will miss out on the best homes. Nice homes, priced fairly (called "Hot Listings") usually sell quickly, often within a few days. Thus, by the time you see them, most of the good homes are already gone.
These so-caled "Buyer's Guides" also don't really … (3 comments)

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