dual agency: 5 Different Types of Real Estate Agents in Utah - 07/30/19 04:05 PM
In Utah, we have several different types of Real Estate Agents, all offering their own level of professional services and representation. Here is a Brief Overview of 5 Different Types of Agents in Utah: 
Listing Agent also known as Seller's Agent: these agents are sometimes referred to as a "traditional agent." They are the most common real estate agent in Utah. They work on behalf of the seller and represent the seller's interests during a sale. They treat buyers as "customers" of the seller and the listing brokerage and not as clients. Discount Brokerage: agents who work for a discount brokerage are required to … (0 comments)

dual agency: Dual Agency, Bad for Buyers (And Sellers!) - 03/16/09 03:36 PM
When I first began my career in Real Estate, I observed agents as they asked consumers to agree to dual agency. Sellers are often asked to do so when they list the home. Buyers are often asked to do so when writing an offer.When taking a listing they may have said something like:
Initialing here allows me to bring a Buyer for your home.
When writing a contract with a Buyer, they may have said something like:
Initialing here allows me to help you with the paperwork to buy this home.
No discussion whatsoever about what fiduciary duties a Seller or … (1 comments)

dual agency: Does Your Agent Really Have YOUR Best Interest At Heart? - 01/24/08 10:12 AM
Broker Bryant's post about agency struck a chord with me when it was pointed out to me by a fellow ActiveRainer (Thanks Fran!) (Here's the Link)
My reply deserves its own post, so here it is:
I agree 100% that there is absolutely NO advantage to either Seller OR Buyer in Dual Agency. It should be abolished and I still wonder why it has not been. I am surprised at how many Sellers sign away their right to full representation at the same moment they hire an agent to list their home. I am surprised at how many Buyers sign away their right to … (3 comments)

dual agency: Sellers have a choice when it comes to Dual Agency - 12/20/07 05:11 AM
I don't represent Sellers, so why am I writing about this? Almost all Buyers will someday be Sellers and almost all Sellers buy after they sell. My clients may as well understand that what is true on one side of a transaction usually has its parallel on the other.
Just as Buyers often sign away rights and protections when entering a Buyer-Broker Agreement, Sellers are almost always asked to sign away their right to full representation when signing a Listing Agreement. Once again, Sellers, just like Buyers have a choice.
The law often requires the disclosure of this choice, but it is usually not presented … (1 comments)

dual agency: Understanding the Buyer-Broker Agreement - 12/19/07 04:51 PM
When selecting a Buyer's Agent, you will often be asked to sign an "Exclusive Buyer-Brokerage Agreement" (or something of a similar title). This title does not (necessarily) mean that the agent you are hiring will be an "Exclusive Buyer's Agent," working solely on your behalf, on any home you wish to buy. The title (and the document) means that you are exclusively going to use this Broker for your home purchase.
At the signing of this agreement, many Buyers sign away specific beneficial and legal rights, often without even knowing it.
Utah's Exclusive Buyer-Brokerage Agreement includes an option to Allow or Dis-allow your Agent to act as a Limited or … (1 comments)

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