exclusive buyers agents: 3 Reasons to Use an Exclusive Buyers Agent (EBA) when Buying a Home - 07/26/19 01:01 PM
Here are 3 reasons you should hire an Exclusive Buyer's Agent when you buy a home:
1. You Become A Client, Not A Customer
If you buy a home without hiring an Exclusive Buyers Agent to represent your best interests, you will either become a customer of the Seller and their agent, or, in some states you could end up working with a dual agent. According to NAR (the National Association of Realtors), "As a customer, a buyer is not represented by an agent... the agent cannot negotiate on the buyer's behalf nor reveal to the buyer any confidences of the client, the … (0 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Buying a Home in Salt Lake County, UT - Buyer's Real Estate Agents - 01/05/16 07:59 AM
Most in the real estate industry represent sellers. Training seminars and classes for agents are heavily focused on increasing listings. "Get more listings" is the industry secret. "It takes 4 times as much time to work for a buyer as it does for a seller." When listings generate calls and inquiries from buyers, sell the houses or hire new agents to write up the paperwork for the buyers, top producing agents are told.
Ironically, this whole setup leads to buyers not really getting a real estate AGENT at all!
An AGENT is supposed to represent a client. To be loyal to them. To … (0 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Zillow picks Salt Lake City as #1 Hottest Housing Market of 2014 - 12/06/13 02:18 AM
Zillow knows a thing or two about real estate and housing markets. Their Chief Economist and their Director of Mortgages predict that Housing prices will be up 3% nationwide in 2014, with Salt Lake City, Utah as the #1 Hottest Housing Market. Factors in making this prediction included the unemployment rate, population growth and Zillow's home value index.
Other predictions are that home loans will be easier to get as interest rates rise, drying up refinance business and forcing lenders to be more competitive on purchase transactions. 
In any market it is important to make sure the professional you are working … (0 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Repeat Clients are the Best! - 09/13/13 09:35 AM
I love working for repeat clients! Repeat clients are clients who loved working with me so much, that when they buy again, they call me back!
Here are a few testimonials from some past clients:
"We wanted someone who would work with us and not be constrained or biased by their own listings or those from colleagues in their same office or group. Benjamin was extremely responsive and even did virtual walk-throughs with us via video on the web. With his help, we found the ideal home. Benjamin came up with a brilliant approach that gave us a real advantage in the … (4 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: 3 Reasons You Should Hire an Agent when Buying a Home - 09/13/13 09:24 AM
Here are a few good reasons for getting your OWN agent when buying a home:
1. You become a client, not a customer
Without an agent on your side you are just a customer to the seller and their agent. According to the National Association of Realtors, "As a customer, a buyer is not represented by an agent... the agent cannot negotiate on the buyer's behalf nor reveal to the buyer any confidences of the client, the client is the seller." Want someone looking out for you? Don't use the seller's agent! Become a CLIENT of an agent who will represent … (0 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Benefits of Using an Exclusive Buyer's Agent Explained by a Real Home Buyer - 02/24/10 06:43 AM
When you use an Exclusive Buyers Agent, they are not biased in their opinion of which properties they want you to view or buy. Our Exclusive Buyer's Agent was very willing to show us any property that we wanted to see.
He went the extra mile and beyond to meet our needs and wants in a home. He worked in every way to save us money. He helped us see down payment and closing cost options we would not have known about without his help. He took care of all the paperwork and even ran documents to our places of employment … (4 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Salt Lake Area Home Buyers Should Seek Professional Representation and Certified Negotiation Expert when Buying a Home - 10/13/08 08:01 AM
The NAR 2006 Profile of Home Buyers showed that:
98% of Buyers believe negotiation skills are "Very Important" or "Somewhat Important" in their real estate agent.
and that:
Buyers give "Negotiation Skills" the lowest satisfaction rating of all agent skills and qualities.
Fewer than 3% of all real estate agents have received formal professional negotiations training.
Exclusive Buyer's Agents are already set apart from traditional real estate agents because they work for the Buyer in every transaction. By keeping in mind what is in the Buyer's best interest at all times, Exclusive Buyer's Agents naturally become good negotiators. Still, when the … (2 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Exclusive Buyers Agents - A Good Choice when Relocating - 09/15/08 06:57 PM
I was relocating to Utah and needed an agent to help me find a home and navigate the buying process.
Through web searches I contacted several agents and ultimately selected Ben Clark of Homebuyer Representation to help me with my home search.   Ben helped me consider adjacent areas in my search, and his greatest strength was his experience in facilitating the home buying process and in negotiating on price.   I was *very* impressed by Ben's promptness and communication follow-up. The last agent I purchased a home with a few years ago did not even read their email and I … (2 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Will Machines Replace Real Estate Agents? - 05/20/08 03:21 PM
A New World
Some websites promote their equivalence to or superiority over the flesh and blood real estate agent. While mathematical computations can be completed much faster by microchips and microprocessors, they lack the same thing Dorothy's beloved Scarecrow lacked: a brain.
Today's Lenn Harley post on Zillow caused me to consider: Just what is it that makes a real, live, on-site agent better than the Zillow machine?
What's Wrong with a Machine Estimating Value?
Probably the largest fault to be found with Zillow's calculations is that they are entirely mechanical. Data In - Data Out.
And what is wrong with … (121 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Homeowner's Insurance and Buying a Home - 05/20/08 01:28 PM
Who Most Clients UseMost clients use the same company they use for auto insurance and/or renters insurance (although some auto insurance companies don’t offer homeowner’s insurance). This is often "the path of least resistance", but that doesn't mean it is a bad choice.
Why Cheapest May Not Be the BestThose who choose to shop other companies may find that they can save a few dollars per month. Some clients who have chosen to use one of these “other” companies have reported that they don’t get a “bundle” discount and often after the first year the rate is raised to higher than … (0 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Zillow's "Zestimate" - Astoundingly Accurate! - 05/16/08 08:31 AM
(Please reread the title with sarcasm. Good.)
Zillow can guestimate Market value within 20% of the actual sold price between 51 and 88% of the time! Yippee!
What this means is that Zillow can guestimate the market value of a $500,000 home within $100,000 more than 1/2 the time! (It's worth somewhere between $400,000 and $600,000...)
Do you really need a computer to help you guess the market value of a home with that much precision?
And what about the other 12-49% of the time?
To Zillow's credit, it does guestimate the actual market value within 5% of the actual sold … (4 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Homebuyer Relocating to Utah Seeks Out Exclusive Buyer's Agent for Representation - 05/15/08 11:47 AM
This was my second experience using an exclusive buyer-agent. We are relocating due to my work, and we only had a few days in Utah to view homes before returning to Illinois.
Benjamin Clark of Homebuyer Representation went above and beyond every step of the way. He ensured we had the most current market information and set up our viewing appointments according to our criteria and interests. Most important, he always provided top-notch professional advice concerning each property (resale-ability, advantages of location, construction, etc.) while completely free of the seller-bias a listing agent cannot legally avoid.
We viewed over 30 homes … (0 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Forbes Rates Salt Lake City as One of Nation's Top 10 Recession Proof Cities - 05/02/08 06:52 PM
Salt Lake City actually pulls in at Number 6 on Forbes' list of the top 10 Recession Proof Cities in the nation in a report posted on April 29th, 2008. 
What factors led to it's top 10 placement?
Median Home Price is up 2.5%
Unemployment is low at 3.1%
Education and Health Services are growing at 5.5%
Relocating to the Salt Lake City area soon? Make sure you get an Agent on YOUR side of the transaction!
If you have excellent credit and will be buying a $250,000-$750,000 home in the next 30-60 days and would like an agent who will … (1 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: The Crazy Nicknames We Give To Houses - 04/28/08 05:03 PM
Some of the most memorable homes I've shown are homes that my clients would never buy because of something really unique or bizarre. Still, the house was in some way unforgettable and my day was that much more interesting.
Often when showing homes to clients, we will see a dozen or more homes in one outing. As we discuss and compare the homes, inevitably somebody will give certain homes a name whereby they don't have to explain all the details of the house, but by which each person knows exactly which house the speaker is referencing. This isn't planned, it's just … (18 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Ummel Case Follow-Up - 04/19/08 04:20 PM
I got the chance to correspond with a reporter in San Diego who wrote an article this week about one of the juror's responses following the verdict in the Ummel vs. their Realtor (R) case.
Like many of you, the reporter had not heard of Exclusive Buyer's Agents before we had our exchange.
Shortly thereafter she posted this follow-up which included some of my comments:
Here is a small portion of the round-up:
Today I heard from Benjamin Clark, a real estate broker in Salt Lake City, who says he only represents buyers, never any sellers. And he's on the … (3 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Interpreting a Market Analysis - 04/18/08 07:03 AM
A market analysis not only helps a Buyer understand what the market value of a home should be, but it can also be used to help determine which home (say, out of 3 excellent choices) is a better investment. Usually there is a discrepancy large enough to make a fair determination as to which home is probably the best priced. That doesn't mean that the home is the best fit for you or your family, but knowing which home is the better value can help a client see past some of the emotional attachments they may have toward a certain home.

exclusive buyers agents: Things to Do in Salt Lake City Utah - 04/17/08 04:10 AM
One of the greatest benefits of living in Salt Lake County is that you can be in about any one of 30 towns in about 15-20 minutes! (Well, except during rush hour!)

Within that circle are:
4 Costcos 12 Wal-Marts 20 Movie Theatres (Including 4 Megaplexes with 12-20 screens!) Over 600 restaurants 5 Malls 4 LDS Temples 21 city and county libraries about 10 exciting sports franchises (ranging from college football to Minor League Baseball and Hockey and Major League Soccer, and Basketball) Youth and City Leagues for many sports (including adult leagues!) Museums a zoo an aviary an aquarium a … (0 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Ski Free in Park City! - 01/12/08 04:51 PM
Park City is offering a free lift ticket in exchange for your same-day boarding pass to Salt Lake Airport. Unfortunately, it seems you must not be a Utah resident to take advantage of this offer.
So, those of you who are visiting Salt Lake from another State (Including clients of mine who are relocating here!) don't forget to click on the link below and read the full terms of the program.
Ski Free then Buy a Home with Me!
Homebuyer Representation, Inc. is an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage serving Salt Lake and surrounding areas. We do not list homes and we don't represent Sellers. … (2 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: Thank You for the Referrals! - 01/12/08 03:53 PM
I want to thank all my family, friends and past clients who have referred family and friends to me. There is nothing better than helping a friend of a friend. As the Salt Lake real estate market slows back to its more normal rate, I would like your help in spreading the news that homebuyers can be represented by an agent who works on their side of the real estate transaction. Exclusive Buyer's Agents don't list properties or practice "dual agency." We work for the homebuyer only. Just as most other agents work to get the highest price and best terms … (0 comments)

exclusive buyers agents: MSN's Cramer: Homes are still a good investment - 12/19/07 10:50 AM
Are you a sucker? 
MSN's Jim Cramer says: "If you don't buy a house in 6-18 months you're a sucker." I won't go so far as that, but in our market, if you are waiting to buy a home, you are likely going to pay much more for that home in 6-18 months than you are able to save by not buying today. 
Click this link to watch the video clip:
He seems to be saying that because the economy is so good in other aspects (employment, etc.) - people who do not yet own homes should take advantage of the drop in home … (5 comments)

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