homes: 2012 Salt Lake Housing Forecast Report - 01/18/12 07:34 AM

I attended the 2012 Salt Lake Housing Forecast Meeting this morning. The two presenters this year were Eric Belsky, Managing Director of the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University and James Wood, director of the University of Utah’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research. While Mr. Wood's remarks were pointedly local, Mr. Belsky's report covered the state of the housing market nationally, with concluding remarks to show where Utah stacks up among the states.
The expectations? Cautiously and realistically optimistic. Realistically meaning that while there were no bold statements of certain recovery, the outlook is that things are … (0 comments)

homes: Could you live in a 300 square foot house? - 06/07/11 04:34 AM
You may have seen this already, but I thought it was something cool to share if you haven't.
An architect has turned his 300 sf Hong Kong apartment into 24 living spaces.
Is it a dream home? Probably not. But it's a cool home nevertheless.
Like interesting houses that employ eco-friendly or green designs?
See some of the World's Greenest Homes on by clicking here.
Looking for your own new living space?
Do you have excellent credit? Are you looking to purchase a $300,000-$800,000 home within 90 days? Are you making a substantial down payment (5% of … (7 comments)

homes: Buying "Small" in Salt Lake - 10/03/08 08:53 AM
With all the plusses that come with more square footage, the smart buyer will look at the additional costs. Whether you are buying a home as an investment, or planning on living there a long time, there are many reasons some Buyers choose to buy "small" rather than buying "large" homes. Most Buyers who choose to buy small do so out of some necessity: The home is closer to work, their buying budget only gets them a small home, etc.
But some buyers who could buy big, still choose to buy small and their reasons are food for thought.
Some of … (3 comments)

homes: CNN Money Article - Exclusive Buyer's Agents representing their clients - the Buyers! - 09/17/08 04:47 PM
I suppose I should have blogged about this a few weeks ago, but I was interviewed by Les Christie from CNN Money last month and was written up in another CNN Money article, this one titled "Homebuyers turn the screws on desperate sellers."
Although the article doesn't mention this, I believe all of the agents mentioned in it were Exclusive Buyer's Agents (EBAs).
In the Salt Lake area, sellers who need to sell their homes are beginning to get reasonable about pricing and/or conceding so the deal gets done at a fair market value to buyer and seller. Sellers were able … (2 comments)

homes: Will Machines Replace Real Estate Agents? - 05/20/08 03:21 PM
A New World
Some websites promote their equivalence to or superiority over the flesh and blood real estate agent. While mathematical computations can be completed much faster by microchips and microprocessors, they lack the same thing Dorothy's beloved Scarecrow lacked: a brain.
Today's Lenn Harley post on Zillow caused me to consider: Just what is it that makes a real, live, on-site agent better than the Zillow machine?
What's Wrong with a Machine Estimating Value?
Probably the largest fault to be found with Zillow's calculations is that they are entirely mechanical. Data In - Data Out.
And what is wrong with … (121 comments)

homes: Salt Lake Real Estate over the past year (April 2007-April 2008) - 04/16/08 05:08 AM

A year ago Salt Lake was seeing appreciation rates in the 15-20% range. Today, appreciation is somewhere between 0 and +3% (My best guess - Official Data won't be out until the 20th).
There was a 6 month stretch with fewer home sales, making it harder to find comparable sales for new contracts and appraisals.
Many Buyers went into hiding while at the same time many owners decided to put their homes on the market. This is also true of Builders. Historically builders would list one or two homes with the intent of bringing buyers into their office. Then they would … (0 comments)

homes: 20-30 Year-Olds Help Sustain Utah's Economy - 02/26/08 03:21 PM
The New York Times printed an article explaining how the percentage of Utah's population in the 20 to 30 year-old range has helped keep its economy strong over the past few years while other areas of the nation have suffered.
The article focused on the job growth sector of the economy, but it is also true that people in the 20-30 year-old range are at the age where they are buying their first homes. When you have more people buying first homes, you have more move-up buyers and the whole cycle moves. Take away the 20-30 year-old demographic and the whole cycle … (7 comments)

homes: Re-Listing Homes - Can You Handle the Truth? - 02/23/08 03:45 PM
The Practice of taking a home off the market and re-listing it to show 0 days on the market again is becoming more and more common. Debates are heating up on the subject from coast to coast.
Listing Agents argue they are doing their client a service. They also argue that Buyers can't handle knowing the truth about how long a home has been listed because a home that has been on the market for a long time has an assumed problem or diminished value.
The Public cries "foul" and says they are being deceived.
Does the end justify the means?
Would re-listing … (18 comments)

homes: "Old"Listings - What's Wrong With This Home?" - 02/23/08 03:32 PM
Naturally, just like a Buyer, when I see homes on the market for 180, 240, 360 days or more, I also wonder "What is wrong with this home?"
Often, with a little digging, we can find out if the home was under a contract that failed or if there is some other reasonable explanation for the lengthy time on the market. Other times, a market analysis confirms that the Seller is pricing their home outside of market value.
What's wrong with that? Lots of Sellers price their homes above market value? 
True, lots of Sellers price their homes above market value, but most … (0 comments)

homes: Ummel Case - National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents Statement - 02/09/08 04:46 PM
Being an Exclusive Buyer's Agent and a member of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (Disclosure: I'm also on the Board of Directors), I was excited to see the following article on
Buyer Agent Organization Comments on Ummel Home Buying Case
The Association's position is simply that part of a Buyer's Agent's due diligence is to prepare comparative market analyses on properties being considered for purchase. (Certainly before submitting an offer on a property.)
As stated, all the details of the case are not readily available, but when a consumer hires a Buyer's Agent to help them with their home purchase, they believe … (6 comments)

homes: Salt Lake Named one of the Best Cities for Bargain House-Hunting - 02/08/08 02:15 AM
In the evening edition of 2/7/2008 an article titled "Best Cities For Bargain House-Hunters" names Salt Lake City, Utah as one of the Best Places to buy real estate in today's market. (Salt Lake is ranked #1)
What exactly do they say?
"They'd be smart to look for markets where job growth is strong, foreclosures are relatively low and inventory is high. With these factors in place, buyers can still dictate terms of sale and negotiate prices, but aren't as exposed to the economic and lending risk problems that have sunk many markets around the country.
"Good places to look? Salt Lake City and Raleigh, N.C., … (4 comments)

homes: Salt Lake Area Real Estate Blog Entries - A Guide for Home Buyers - 02/06/08 08:26 AM
Thank you for visiting my Salt Lake Area real estate blog for Buyers.
Here are recent posts that you may find of interest:
The Truth About "Buyer's Guides"
How to Know About the Newest Homes on the Market Each Day
"Staged" Homes in Utah - Things for Buyers to Consider
Buying a Home (Smarter, not Harder)
Different Types of Agents - Say What? 
Exclusive Buyer's Agents mentioned in Kiplinger's Personal Finance
Why you should always have an agent representing you in a real estate transaction - 1 example
Understanding the Buyer-Broker Agreement
Why is Signing a … (4 comments)

homes: Salt Lake's Smartest Homebuyers! - 02/06/08 08:14 AM
What clients are saying about Homebuyer Representation, Inc. Utah's Exclusive Buyer Brokerage!
"We wanted someone who would work with us and not be constrained or biased by their own listings or those from colleagues in their same office or group. Benjamin was extremely responsive and even did virtual walk-throughs with us via video on the web. With his help, we found the ideal home."Benjamin came up with a brilliant approach that gave us a real advantage in the negotiations. We closed at a price well below the original asking price. We are extremely pleased with the property. Thank you Benjamin!"-Vance Checketts Family, Provo, Utah
"I … (0 comments)

homes: The Truth About "Buyer's Guides" - 10/20/07 06:25 PM
Are You Missing The "HOT" Listings?If you're relying on the "Buyer's Guides" that are distributed in grocery store racks to find your home, you will likely find that the only homes still available are the "leftovers."
It can take up to 45 days for some "Buyers Guides" to be compliled, printed and distributed.
In Utah's market today, that means you will miss out on the best homes. Nice homes, priced fairly (called "Hot Listings") usually sell quickly, often within a few days. Thus, by the time you see them, most of the good homes are already gone.
These so-caled "Buyer's Guides" also don't really … (3 comments)

homes: Your Credit Might Not Be As Bad As You Think - 05/14/07 05:00 AM
Many buyers in the Salt Lake City, Utah area have been unsure of their standing in the credit department. This has led them to agree to pay a higher interest rate, convinced that they should, when in reality, their credit may not have been low enough to merit the higher rate. 
Those who believe their credit score is excellent are often correct.
Many who are unsure are often surprised to find out that their credit actually is still great or excellent.
Some don't understand how scores are calculated or they may have had a late payment or two a while back. This usually isn't … (1 comments)

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