negotiations: It's Nice To Have An Agent In Your Court and On Your Side - 02/24/14 02:17 PM

Our overall home buying experience with Homebuyer Representation was great. This is my second home I have bought with Ben and I have been very pleased from start to finish. Ben was always with me and very supportive through every process. I chose to work with him the first time because he had helped my son buy his home and he came highly recommended (actually he did not give me a choice, he said I HAD to use Ben). Our first house was great for almost nine years. Because of age we sadly had to move to a more accessible house and did … (0 comments)

negotiations: Buyer Praises Exclusive Buyer's Agent: I Always Knew He Was On My Side - 01/27/14 08:23 AM
I have known and worked with Benjamin Clark since 1994. He is a good person. Honest, helpful, patient and trustworthy are words that come to mind as I try to describe him. He is a family man. In working with him I always felt like he was really listening to me and that he really cared about my best interests. 
I bought a building lot with his help. He is very thorough and absolutely resourceful as a buyer's agent. He provided timely information as I researched the market conditions and found the information I needed about previous and comparable sales. I … (1 comments)

negotiations: My Commitment to Buyer-Clients Purchasing in the Salt Lake City, Utah Area - 01/16/12 01:31 PM
I have been meaning to draft this document for a while, and finally put it together in response to a conversation I had with a potential client last week.

My commitment to you:
1. I will be your Exclusive Buyer Agent (EBA). Because our company does not take listings or ever take on sellers as clients, we will never ask you to agree to less than 100% representation.
2. We will not "switch teams" or change allegiance mid-transaction. You will start with an EBA and you will end with an EBA.
3. I will ALWAYS take YOUR side in … (2 comments)

negotiations: Advanced Negotiations - 01/02/12 01:04 PM
I'm currently serving as the Secretary for the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents and prior to the upcoming annual conference I'm taking another negotiations course in Texas. The course, titled "Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Buyer's Agents" will help me develop effective negotiations plans for my clients and negotiate more effectively on their behalf.
Although I earned the Certified Negotiations Expert designation years ago and I regularly read books and articles on effective negotiating, and although I successfully negotiate for numerous buyer-clients each year, I'm excited to pick up a few more tips and tools, brush up on my skills and … (2 comments)

negotiations: Representation - You Get What You Pay For - 09/30/11 10:09 AM
At Homebuyer Representation we put our clients first. Our clients are always Buyers, all the time. 
We do not represent Sellers ever. We don't "switch teams" in the middle of the transaction. Our focus is on what is best for the Buyer. We don't work to get the deal to go through if the client doesn't want it to go through or if it isn't in the Buyer's best interest for the transaction to close. We have no specific properties we need to "move" or "sell". We can help a Buyer purchase any property listed by any real estate brokerage, home-builder … (2 comments)

negotiations: Hire a professional, not a fortune teller who lost their crystal ball! - 06/14/11 10:17 AM
Many buyers ask their agents questions about what they think the market/seller/interest rates will do. It seems the prevailing attitude by many real estate agents is to laugh off such questions, or retort with a witty comment such as, "My crystal ball is on the fritz." Their response is more like that of the famous Magic 8-ball: "Reply hazy. Try again." And try again they do. Because they didn't hire a fortune teller to help them buy a home, they hired what they thought was a real estate professional.
Have we hit bottom? Should I wait to buy a home or … (5 comments)

negotiations: Benefits of Using an Exclusive Buyer's Agent Explained by a Real Home Buyer - 02/24/10 06:43 AM
When you use an Exclusive Buyers Agent, they are not biased in their opinion of which properties they want you to view or buy. Our Exclusive Buyer's Agent was very willing to show us any property that we wanted to see.
He went the extra mile and beyond to meet our needs and wants in a home. He worked in every way to save us money. He helped us see down payment and closing cost options we would not have known about without his help. He took care of all the paperwork and even ran documents to our places of employment … (4 comments)

negotiations: An Exclusive Buyer's Agent is the Only Way to Go - 05/01/09 11:09 AM
I recently transferred to Salt Lake City from California.  Having owned a few homes, and also having dealt with various agents in the past, I did not relish the stress and hassles involved in the home buying process.  I investigated my options, and wanted an agent that would be a good fit for me. I wanted an agent who was willing to work only for me.  Little did I know that I was about to embark on one of the most rewarding and remarkable adventures of my life. Benjamin Clark is the best!  He made the buying process an absolute pleasure.  … (3 comments)

negotiations: Exclusive Buyer's Agents Negotiate for the Home Buyer - 02/02/08 03:43 PM
The most exciting part of being a true Buyer's Agent (and the most rewarding part) are the negotiations. Every transaction is unique, and there are many real estate agents who lack the level of negotiation skills required to truly get their clients the best deal.
Having an agent who has training and experience in negotiation is especially important when the Seller or their agent are experienced negotiators. It is extremely gratifying and rewarding to pull off a big win in favor of my clients and hearing them say things like "We never would have had the guts to make that counteroffer. Thank … (2 comments)

negotiations: Why Loan Pre-Qualification Isn't Good Enough - 05/08/07 09:59 AM
Utah Homebuyers should be Pre-Approved BEFORE they make an offer.We strongly recommend that all our clients get Pre-Approved for a mortgage so they know in advance exactly how much you can afford and that their loan will go through. It also adds credibility and strength to their offer and is a powerful card in negotiations.
Not Pre-Qualified, PRE-APPROVED.
Pre-Qualified only means that the Buyer knows what the price of the home is and what the payments would be. This does not mean that a Lender is willing to lend them that much money to buy a home. Lenders have guidelines they need … (1 comments)

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