offer: Financing Contingency - A Must Have to Protect Buyers - 08/06/19 05:51 PM
The FINANCING CONTINGENCY in an offer is a protection to the Buyer if their financing happens to fall through.
A Financing Contingency allows Buyers to cancel the contract without forfeiting their Earnest Money. If one is not included in the offer, and the Buyer's financing falls through, the Seller can either cancel the contract and retain the Earnest Money deposit as liquidated damages, or return the Earnest Money and sue the Buyer for not performing their duties of the contract. Sellers can also pursue other legal remedies, if they have chosen not to accept the Earnest Money as liquidated damages.
Having a financing contingency included in your offer, … (0 comments)

offer: Pre-Qualification? Pre-Approval? What's the difference? - 09/20/13 06:29 AM

Pre-Qualification is NOT the same as Pre-Approval.
Pre-qualification for a mortgage loan is simply a mathematical look at the buyer's stated income and debts that produces a maximum home price the buyer could afford. There is no checking of credit and no verification of any of the information provided by the buyer.
A loan pre-approval won't be provided from a lender until a buyer's credit has been run, the buyer has been evaluated for credit risk, their financials have been looked at more closely, and the lender is confident that everything should go through with the buyer's loan provided normal follow-up conditions … (3 comments)

offer: What Seller's Agents Can't Do For You as a Home Buyer - 09/18/13 03:47 AM
The nation's smartest homebuyers know that the best way to buy a home is to have their own professional representation.
Think about it: Seller's agents are legally obligated to work toward getting the seller the highest price and best terms of sale. So,
Can the seller's agent prepare a market analysis for you that would prove the seller's asking price is too high? NO. Can the seller's agent suggest that the seller may take an offer well below the list price? NO. Can the seller's agent say you should ask the seller to make repairs, or that the seller should pay for … (0 comments)

offer: Are Home Buyers Being Tricked Into Agency Relationships? - 06/03/08 05:14 AM
Buyer does not have an agent. Buyer sees a home for sale on the internet. Buyer calls Listing Agent to see the home. Listing Agent sends an "Associate" to show the home to the Buyer. Associate asks Buyer if they have an agent. Buyer says "No." Associate shows Buyer the home. Buyer says they may be interested but still need to find an agent to represent their best interests. Associate says, "If you want to buy this home, I will be the one to write up the offer because I'm the one who will get paid. You are free to get … (2 comments)

offer: Why Loan Pre-Qualification Isn't Good Enough - 05/08/07 09:59 AM
Utah Homebuyers should be Pre-Approved BEFORE they make an offer.We strongly recommend that all our clients get Pre-Approved for a mortgage so they know in advance exactly how much you can afford and that their loan will go through. It also adds credibility and strength to their offer and is a powerful card in negotiations.
Not Pre-Qualified, PRE-APPROVED.
Pre-Qualified only means that the Buyer knows what the price of the home is and what the payments would be. This does not mean that a Lender is willing to lend them that much money to buy a home. Lenders have guidelines they need … (1 comments)

offer: Buying a Home (Smarter, not Harder) - 05/07/07 05:27 PM
Utah's smartest homebuyers have found that the best way to buy a home is to make sure the agent working for them, works ONLY for them!
Think about it:In Utah, the Seller's Agent is bound to get the Seller the best price and terms. Can the Seller's agent prepare a market analysis for you and recommend that you make an offer well below the list price? NO. Will the Seller's Agent recommend that you ask the Seller to make repairs, or ask the Seller to pay your closing costs? And then do thier best to negotiate with the Seller on your behalf and get them to … (0 comments)

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