options: Buying a Home in Salt Lake County, UT - Buyer's Real Estate Agents - 01/05/16 07:59 AM
Most in the real estate industry represent sellers. Training seminars and classes for agents are heavily focused on increasing listings. "Get more listings" is the industry secret. "It takes 4 times as much time to work for a buyer as it does for a seller." When listings generate calls and inquiries from buyers, sell the houses or hire new agents to write up the paperwork for the buyers, top producing agents are told.
Ironically, this whole setup leads to buyers not really getting a real estate AGENT at all!
An AGENT is supposed to represent a client. To be loyal to them. To … (0 comments)

options: What Seller's Agents Can't Do For You as a Home Buyer - 09/18/13 03:47 AM
The nation's smartest homebuyers know that the best way to buy a home is to have their own professional representation.
Think about it: Seller's agents are legally obligated to work toward getting the seller the highest price and best terms of sale. So,
Can the seller's agent prepare a market analysis for you that would prove the seller's asking price is too high? NO. Can the seller's agent suggest that the seller may take an offer well below the list price? NO. Can the seller's agent say you should ask the seller to make repairs, or that the seller should pay for … (0 comments)

options: Benefits of Using an Exclusive Buyer's Agent Explained by a Real Home Buyer - 02/24/10 06:43 AM
When you use an Exclusive Buyers Agent, they are not biased in their opinion of which properties they want you to view or buy. Our Exclusive Buyer's Agent was very willing to show us any property that we wanted to see.
He went the extra mile and beyond to meet our needs and wants in a home. He worked in every way to save us money. He helped us see down payment and closing cost options we would not have known about without his help. He took care of all the paperwork and even ran documents to our places of employment … (4 comments)

options: Exclusive Buyer Representation - The Homebuyer's Best (But Little-Known) Option - 11/20/08 04:06 PM
Well, I just ran across a press release from the National Association of REALTORS either from May of 2008, or revised in May of 2008.
It says in the header that the article will discuss agency and representation options the consumer can choose from:
"a variety of business relationships with real estate professionals, including buyer representation..."
The article then goes right on to only discuss Designated Agency and Dual Agency, (less than full forms of brokerage representation) but leaving out Exclusive Buyer Agency. It should be clear to the public that they don't have to choose Designated Agency OR Dual Agency … (2 comments)

options: What to do if an appraisal comes back low! - 04/11/08 04:08 PM
Suppose you are in a transaction and the appraisal comes back low. WHAT NOW?
As a Buyer, you have some options.
Contractually, in Utah, and if you have used the approved Real Estate Purchase Contract and included the Appraisal Contingency, here are your contractual options:2.4 Appraisal Condition. Buyer's obligation to purchase the Property   IS  conditioned upon the Property appraising for not less than the Purchase Price. This condition is referred to as the "Appraisal Condition". If the Appraisal Condition applies and the Buyer receives written notice from the Lender that the Property has appraised for less than the Purchase Price (a "Notice of … (0 comments)

options: The wrong mortgage can cost thousands of dollars in needless fees, interest and other costs - 05/08/07 10:17 AM
The wrong mortgage can cost thousands of dollars in needless fees, interest and other costs.Many lenders have a handful of loan types that they use with almost all of their customers. You may qualify for special programs, but never hear of them. Many lenders use the loans that are most similar to what the Buyer is familiar with, but which provides the lender with the highest yield or fees (the loan that will put the most money in their pocket...)
Others will find out what your "hot-button" is: lowest interest rate, lowest fees, lowest payment (to name a few).
They will quote you … (2 comments)

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