price: It's Nice To Have An Agent In Your Court and On Your Side - 02/24/14 02:17 PM

Our overall home buying experience with Homebuyer Representation was great. This is my second home I have bought with Ben and I have been very pleased from start to finish. Ben was always with me and very supportive through every process. I chose to work with him the first time because he had helped my son buy his home and he came highly recommended (actually he did not give me a choice, he said I HAD to use Ben). Our first house was great for almost nine years. Because of age we sadly had to move to a more accessible house and did … (0 comments)

price: What Seller's Agents Can't Do For You as a Home Buyer - 09/18/13 03:47 AM
The nation's smartest homebuyers know that the best way to buy a home is to have their own professional representation.
Think about it: Seller's agents are legally obligated to work toward getting the seller the highest price and best terms of sale. So,
Can the seller's agent prepare a market analysis for you that would prove the seller's asking price is too high? NO. Can the seller's agent suggest that the seller may take an offer well below the list price? NO. Can the seller's agent say you should ask the seller to make repairs, or that the seller should pay for … (0 comments)

price: Highly Recommended Exclusive Buyer's Agent - 09/17/13 11:04 AM
Ben was recommended to us by friends of ours who previously used his services to purchase a house. We knew when we would begin looking and also knew from our friends that he only accepted a limited number of clients at a time. So, we called him early in order to reserve his services a few months down the road. Even though we were not officially signed with him, he spent time answering our questions and helping to get us prepared for the process of buying a house. As we had a house to sell, and didn't know where to start with that, … (0 comments)

price: Repeat Clients are the Best! - 09/13/13 09:35 AM
I love working for repeat clients! Repeat clients are clients who loved working with me so much, that when they buy again, they call me back!
Here are a few testimonials from some past clients:
"We wanted someone who would work with us and not be constrained or biased by their own listings or those from colleagues in their same office or group. Benjamin was extremely responsive and even did virtual walk-throughs with us via video on the web. With his help, we found the ideal home. Benjamin came up with a brilliant approach that gave us a real advantage in the … (4 comments)

price: Representation - You Get What You Pay For - 09/30/11 10:09 AM
At Homebuyer Representation we put our clients first. Our clients are always Buyers, all the time. 
We do not represent Sellers ever. We don't "switch teams" in the middle of the transaction. Our focus is on what is best for the Buyer. We don't work to get the deal to go through if the client doesn't want it to go through or if it isn't in the Buyer's best interest for the transaction to close. We have no specific properties we need to "move" or "sell". We can help a Buyer purchase any property listed by any real estate brokerage, home-builder … (2 comments)

price: Shady Short-Sale Sales Strategies? - 07/23/11 01:46 PM
Our MLS has a great way to handle short sale listings.
If a short sale is at the beginning of the process, it is listed as a Short Sale: Price Subject to 3rd Party Approval.
If a bank has officially approved a short sale purchase price, and for whatever reason, the buyer is no longer around, the listing can be categorized as Short Sale: Price Previously Approved.
This is genius and wonderful for clients who would like to attempt a Short Sale purchase, but who don't want the process to take months and months, or to be enticed by listing prices well … (6 comments)

price: Exclusive Buyers Agents - A Good Choice when Relocating - 09/15/08 06:57 PM
I was relocating to Utah and needed an agent to help me find a home and navigate the buying process.
Through web searches I contacted several agents and ultimately selected Ben Clark of Homebuyer Representation to help me with my home search.   Ben helped me consider adjacent areas in my search, and his greatest strength was his experience in facilitating the home buying process and in negotiating on price.   I was *very* impressed by Ben's promptness and communication follow-up. The last agent I purchased a home with a few years ago did not even read their email and I … (2 comments)

price: Salt Lake City Real Estate - 2nd strongest metro price increase in the west - 08/26/08 11:39 AM
Salt Lake area home prices (for homes that actually sell) appear to be relatively flat at this time. The good news is that it would appear that Salt Lake still has some cushion considering that the median existing single-family home price "in the West" was $290,600 and Salt Lake came in at only $234,200.
In the West, the median existing single-family home price was $290,600 in the second quarter, which is 17.4 percent below a year ago. After Yakima, the strongest metro price increase in the West was in the Salt Lake City area, at $234,200, up 0.5 percent from a … (0 comments)

price: Will Machines Replace Real Estate Agents? - 05/20/08 03:21 PM
A New World
Some websites promote their equivalence to or superiority over the flesh and blood real estate agent. While mathematical computations can be completed much faster by microchips and microprocessors, they lack the same thing Dorothy's beloved Scarecrow lacked: a brain.
Today's Lenn Harley post on Zillow caused me to consider: Just what is it that makes a real, live, on-site agent better than the Zillow machine?
What's Wrong with a Machine Estimating Value?
Probably the largest fault to be found with Zillow's calculations is that they are entirely mechanical. Data In - Data Out.
And what is wrong with … (121 comments)

price: Interpreting a Market Analysis - 04/18/08 07:03 AM
A market analysis not only helps a Buyer understand what the market value of a home should be, but it can also be used to help determine which home (say, out of 3 excellent choices) is a better investment. Usually there is a discrepancy large enough to make a fair determination as to which home is probably the best priced. That doesn't mean that the home is the best fit for you or your family, but knowing which home is the better value can help a client see past some of the emotional attachments they may have toward a certain home.

price: "Old"Listings - What's Wrong With This Home?" - 02/23/08 03:32 PM
Naturally, just like a Buyer, when I see homes on the market for 180, 240, 360 days or more, I also wonder "What is wrong with this home?"
Often, with a little digging, we can find out if the home was under a contract that failed or if there is some other reasonable explanation for the lengthy time on the market. Other times, a market analysis confirms that the Seller is pricing their home outside of market value.
What's wrong with that? Lots of Sellers price their homes above market value? 
True, lots of Sellers price their homes above market value, but most … (0 comments)

price: Exclusive Buyer's Agents mentioned in Kiplinger's Personal Finance - 04/02/07 07:29 AM
An article in the March 2007 edition of Kiplinger's Personal Finance shares some of the benefits of hiring an Exclusive Buyer's Agent. The point of the article (and it's title) was: Hire your own AGENT
Just as two sports teams would not use the same coach, and two parties with conflicting interests would not use the same attorney in a court of law, there are real differences of interest between a Buyer and a Seller in a real estate transaction and I believe that each party should seek independent representation.
Exclusive Buyers Agents work exclusively for the Buyer. My job is to protect … (2 comments)

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