protection: Who does the Appraisal Really PROTECT? - 08/16/19 03:37 PM
Most Utah Homebuyers believe that the appraisal is being done to protect the Buyer. Although it may ultimately do so, the appraisal is really done in order to protect the lender. Appraisers are hired to protect the Buyer's lender(s). The main part of the appraiser's job is to determine if there is enough collateral value in the property to protect the lender's lien-holder position (risk).
In some markets, appraisals may be routinely performed before presenting offers. However in Utah, the appraisal is typically ordered after a contract price has already been agreed to. In this case, most Buyers will (should) include an … (0 comments)

protection: Earnest Money Protects BOTH Buyers and Sellers - 08/12/19 02:30 PM
Most people think of Earnest Money only as a protection for the Seller.
Maybe a Buyer gets cold feet. Or perhaps, a Buyer ties up the property, but is ultimately unable to perform after all contingencies have passed. In these cases, the Earnest Money is widely considered to be a fair amount to pay the Seller back for the lost time on the market or other expenses and inconveniences.
However, in Utah, the Earnest Money Deposit is protection to the Buyer as well!
In Utah, Section 16 of the standard Real Estate Purchase Contract states that if the Seller defaults, in addition to return … (0 comments)

protection: What Seller's Agents Can't Do For You as a Home Buyer - 09/18/13 03:47 AM
The nation's smartest homebuyers know that the best way to buy a home is to have their own professional representation.
Think about it: Seller's agents are legally obligated to work toward getting the seller the highest price and best terms of sale. So,
Can the seller's agent prepare a market analysis for you that would prove the seller's asking price is too high? NO. Can the seller's agent suggest that the seller may take an offer well below the list price? NO. Can the seller's agent say you should ask the seller to make repairs, or that the seller should pay for … (0 comments)

protection: Salt Lake City - 3rd Best Place to SELL a home - 04/14/08 06:22 AM
Last week put out a picture story about the best places in the United States to SELL your home.
Here's what they said:

The story makes a few interesting statements about Salt Lake's ecoonomy that I thought should be considered by anyone considering a move to the area, as well as by those of us who live, work, and own homes here.
Here they are, paraphrased by me:
1."Salt Lake's growing economy was not housing reliant"
2. "Salt Lake has a 3% annual job growth rate"
3. "Salt Lake has declining home inventory" 
4. "Salt Lake has one of … (10 comments)

protection: Re-Listing Homes - Can You Handle the Truth? - 02/23/08 03:45 PM
The Practice of taking a home off the market and re-listing it to show 0 days on the market again is becoming more and more common. Debates are heating up on the subject from coast to coast.
Listing Agents argue they are doing their client a service. They also argue that Buyers can't handle knowing the truth about how long a home has been listed because a home that has been on the market for a long time has an assumed problem or diminished value.
The Public cries "foul" and says they are being deceived.
Does the end justify the means?
Would re-listing … (18 comments)

protection: To Buy Or Not To Buy? This is the Answer (Salt Lake City, Utah) - 02/17/08 01:49 PM
Salt Lake Market in a Nutshell (February 15, 2008):Number of Homes Listed: UPNumber of Homes Sold: DOWNList Prices: DOWNSOLD Prices: UP
To Buy or Not to Buy: BUY
It's a Buyer's Market. What are you waiting for?
If you are thinking about buying a home in the Salt Lake area, make sure you get an agent on YOUR side.
Homebuyer Representation, Inc. is the only Real Estate Brokerage representing Buyers ONLY in Salt Lake City and the Surrounding Areas. We do not list any homes. We never represent Sellers. We work for BUYERS ONLY on the Buyer's side of the transaction.
We work to get BUYERS the Best Price and Terms when … (3 comments)

protection: Understanding the Buyer-Broker Agreement - 12/19/07 04:51 PM
When selecting a Buyer's Agent, you will often be asked to sign an "Exclusive Buyer-Brokerage Agreement" (or something of a similar title). This title does not (necessarily) mean that the agent you are hiring will be an "Exclusive Buyer's Agent," working solely on your behalf, on any home you wish to buy. The title (and the document) means that you are exclusively going to use this Broker for your home purchase.
At the signing of this agreement, many Buyers sign away specific beneficial and legal rights, often without even knowing it.
Utah's Exclusive Buyer-Brokerage Agreement includes an option to Allow or Dis-allow your Agent to act as a Limited or … (1 comments)

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