real estate: Salt Lake Real Estate Housing Update Spring 2018 - 04/17/18 12:18 PM
Is the Salt Lake Real Estate Market in a bubble?
What is the housing outlook and forecast?
What's going on with mortgage interest rates and why?
Are homes still affordable?
Text me at 801-999-8889 for a free report that answers these questions and much more.
Factors affecting the Salt Lake Housing market this spring include:
Significantly tighter lending standards are keeping prices in check Demand for housing remains robust Interest rates have to be raised Employment figures Not enough new homes Not enough homes for sale on any given day There are more Millennials than any other group looking for housing Home affordability Condos & Townhome … (3 comments)

real estate: Buying a Home in Salt Lake County, UT - Buyer's Real Estate Agents - 01/05/16 07:59 AM
Most in the real estate industry represent sellers. Training seminars and classes for agents are heavily focused on increasing listings. "Get more listings" is the industry secret. "It takes 4 times as much time to work for a buyer as it does for a seller." When listings generate calls and inquiries from buyers, sell the houses or hire new agents to write up the paperwork for the buyers, top producing agents are told.
Ironically, this whole setup leads to buyers not really getting a real estate AGENT at all!
An AGENT is supposed to represent a client. To be loyal to them. To … (0 comments)

real estate: Should I Write An Offer on a Short Sale with An Offer Under Review? - 04/22/14 01:25 PM
I usually don't recommend writing offers on short sales that already have an accepted offer under bank review. You could send in an offer, but the offer will often not reach the bank. Usually it is held by the seller until after the bank replies to the first offer. One of the seller's main goals is to get an approved price from the bank. If they send in newer and higher offers every few days, the bank has no incentive to reply or to approve one of the short sale offers in hand. It can also start the process completely over at the bank, … (2 comments)

real estate: Buyer Praises Exclusive Buyer's Agent: I Always Knew He Was On My Side - 01/27/14 08:23 AM
I have known and worked with Benjamin Clark since 1994. He is a good person. Honest, helpful, patient and trustworthy are words that come to mind as I try to describe him. He is a family man. In working with him I always felt like he was really listening to me and that he really cared about my best interests. 
I bought a building lot with his help. He is very thorough and absolutely resourceful as a buyer's agent. He provided timely information as I researched the market conditions and found the information I needed about previous and comparable sales. I … (1 comments)

real estate: Salt Lake City #6 on List of Best Cities for 20-Somethings - 09/19/13 03:39 AM
Salt Lake is always making the best places to live lists, so this isn't too much of a surprise. In addition to being one of the best places for 20-somethings, Salt Lake is also THE best place to live for new grads, and the 2nd best place to live for women's health.
Links are in the article on
If you're thinking of making Salt Lake City YOUR best place to live, make sure you call us for the best real estate representation option for buyers!
Do you have excellent credit?
Do you plan to purchase a $300,000-$800,000 home within 60 … (0 comments)

real estate: Repeat Clients are the Best! - 09/13/13 09:35 AM
I love working for repeat clients! Repeat clients are clients who loved working with me so much, that when they buy again, they call me back!
Here are a few testimonials from some past clients:
"We wanted someone who would work with us and not be constrained or biased by their own listings or those from colleagues in their same office or group. Benjamin was extremely responsive and even did virtual walk-throughs with us via video on the web. With his help, we found the ideal home. Benjamin came up with a brilliant approach that gave us a real advantage in the … (4 comments)

real estate: Buyer's Agents are NOT Free - 09/06/13 04:41 AM
Many buyers have heard agents say that it doesn't cost anything to have professional representation as a buyer. This is simply not true. While the cost of NOT being represented in a real estate transaction is certainly greater, nearly every buyer's agent is compensated with money that, in a roundabout way, comes from the buyer.
For a listed home, a seller often contracts with a listing brokerage to pay a commission when the home sells. Usually, the listing brokerage offers to split that commission to compensate a buyers agent who brings a buyer for that home. If a buyer comes without … (3 comments)

real estate: Get Your Own Agent - It's common sense, right? - 07/20/12 01:40 AM
Yesterday a client asked me why we have a website telling people they should get their own agent when buying a home. "Everybody already knows that, right?"
I let her know that MOST people out there don't know that. She didn't believe me. "You mean there are buyers that contact the agent representing the seller, instead of getting someone to represent them?"
I told her it happens all the time. And it's not a few people. It's a LOT of people. She couldn't fathom it.
Which I can understand. Our clients are smart people. They would never even consider that it … (7 comments)

real estate: Agency Disclosure - The Fleecing of Real Estate Consumers Continues - 03/15/12 07:33 AM
I've been following the efforts of a colleague in Maryland who believes exclusive buyer representation should be disclosed to consumers as an option on the state's agency disclosure form.
I read an article on the topic in the real estate section of the online Baltimore Sun. The Director of Regulatory Affairs for the Maryland Association of Realtors, Mark Feinroth, stated that the suggested changes would cause "a big change in agency law that's really unwarranted."
Agency -- who's representing whom -- "is already the most difficult concept to train licensees in, and it's a very difficult concept to explain to consumers," Feinroth said. "I think this will make … (8 comments)

real estate: Is Buying a Home in 2012 within Your Means? - 01/19/12 08:29 AM
Homebuyer Representation, Inc. offers a free consultation to home buyers.
What does it mean to consult an Exclusive Buyer's Agent? A consultation is a one-time meeting to get any of your real estate questions answered and to find out what it would take to buy a home. The meeting can be in person or over the phone.
It doesn't mean that you have to hire the agent to represent you, or even hire an agent at all.
You should come away from the consultation with enough information to answer these questions:
Does it make sense to buy vs. rent? Is what … (1 comments)

real estate: Salt Lake City Utah - Earthquake Country - 01/10/12 05:20 PM
I'm not trying to scare anybody off, Utah is a great place to live. But you may as well know before you move here that Utah is earthquake country.
I was talking to a potential new client today who is relocating here from the east coast. In conversation I brought up earthquake insurance and the prospect asked: You have earthquakes there?
Well, we don't have too many, but we are one of the 5 Most Dangerous U.S. Earthquake Hot Spots Beyond California. (Wired Magazine)

Image: US Geological Survey
If you want to research the topic, here is a link to … (3 comments)

real estate: 2012 Salt Lake Housing Forecast - 01/06/12 07:18 AM
I'm looking forward to the 2012 Salt Lake Housing Forecast Breakfast on Wednesday, January 18th. Eric Belsky, Director of the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University will present on the key factors crucial to supporting a housing and economic recovery in Utah and the nation.
James Wood, Director of the University of Utah's Bureau of Economic and Business Research will also be presenting the 2012 Salt Lake housing forecast.
In addition to being informative, these forecast meetings are really fun to go to. Given that the presentation is given to 500 Realtors, you know the "spin" on the data … (0 comments)

real estate: Advanced Negotiations - 01/02/12 01:04 PM
I'm currently serving as the Secretary for the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents and prior to the upcoming annual conference I'm taking another negotiations course in Texas. The course, titled "Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Buyer's Agents" will help me develop effective negotiations plans for my clients and negotiate more effectively on their behalf.
Although I earned the Certified Negotiations Expert designation years ago and I regularly read books and articles on effective negotiating, and although I successfully negotiate for numerous buyer-clients each year, I'm excited to pick up a few more tips and tools, brush up on my skills and … (2 comments)

real estate: Salt Lake Among Healthiest Housing Markets in the United States - 11/22/11 02:57 PM
Builder Magazine ranks Salt Lake City, Utah as having the third healthiest housing market in the U.S.
Good things happening in the Salt Lake City metropolitain area:
Income growth next year is expected to be one of the best in the country. Job growth this year was 2nd best in the country. (Over 35,000 new jobs last year) Population continues to grow. New companies in a variety of sectors keep moving to town. We have some great colleges, universities and tech colleges in the area. Residential building permits are up 16% (Salt Lake REALTOR Magazine, Nov 2011) Residential home prices are … (2 comments)

real estate: The Highest Level of Representation for Buyers - 11/03/11 09:40 AM
My last blog entry was a testimonial from me about my new dentist. What does that have to do with buying a home? Lots.
Everybody should know about biomimetic dentistry and doctors like Dr. Noot. I really connected with him and his practice because:
1. He really cares about what is best for his patients.
2. He takes the time to educate his patients about what is going on.
3. He lets the patient make the important decisions regarding their care.
4. He has gone the extra mile in his personal training and education in order to provide his patients with … (0 comments)

real estate: Salt Lake City "Super" Accredited Buyer Representative - 09/30/11 08:10 AM
Well, I did it again! I decided to get the ABR designation for the second time. Yes, this means I took the entire curriculum over again, so you could say I'm twice as knowledgeable as those who have only earned the Accredited Buyer Representative designation once!
Okay, so maybe I didn't learn twice as much, but taking it from different instructors each time and a few years apart, I do have to say the course was a great reminder of how to property serve the real estate buyer and gave me some ideas on how I can make my buyer representation … (0 comments)

real estate: Hire a professional, not a fortune teller who lost their crystal ball! - 06/14/11 10:17 AM
Many buyers ask their agents questions about what they think the market/seller/interest rates will do. It seems the prevailing attitude by many real estate agents is to laugh off such questions, or retort with a witty comment such as, "My crystal ball is on the fritz." Their response is more like that of the famous Magic 8-ball: "Reply hazy. Try again." And try again they do. Because they didn't hire a fortune teller to help them buy a home, they hired what they thought was a real estate professional.
Have we hit bottom? Should I wait to buy a home or … (5 comments)

real estate: Why are so many consumers distrusting of real estate agents? - 05/04/11 11:40 AM
I was reading an Angie's List magazine column this morning and I couldn't help but feel for some of the commenters who were (and perhaps still are) distrusting of real estate agents.
For example, one commenter said:
"One caveat about using a home inspector: Make sure you use someone who is recommended by a friend NOT the real estate agent who is trying to sell you A HOUSE. Our "inspector" missed all kinds of major problems that we were not looking for being from another area and not knowing what to look for..."
Another responded:
"...our story exactly. I will never … (4 comments)

real estate: Being Romantic - 02/16/11 07:42 AM

What does romance have to do with real estate?
Probably not much.
Nevertheless, my last blog entry focused on romantic things to do in the Salt Lake City, Utah in response to Salt Lake being ranked by as the 14th most romantic city in the US. The ranking was based, however on things such as sales of romance novels, relationship books and Barry White albums.
I saw the opportunity to ask my Facebook friends for romantic things to do nearby.
In addition to their great responses on that topic, I got a number of suggestions that could really be … (0 comments)

real estate: Home Prices Up in 6 Salt Lake County Cities - 02/08/11 08:26 AM
This is in no way a suggestion that the market has hit bottom in any of these areas, but in the fourth quarter of 2010 home prices were actually up in 6 Salt Lake County cities. We'll have to wait until we are into the Spring season to see if the trend continues in these areas and if it spreads to other communities in the county.
The 6 cities where values were up were:
Draper (84020) - UP 7% West Jordan (84081) - UP 6% Sandy (84092) - UP 12% Herriman (84096) - UP 10% Salt Lake City (84103) - UP … (0 comments)

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