representation: Why Signing a Buyer-Agency Agreement is THAT Important - 07/26/19 02:02 PM
The Homebuyer Representation Buyer-Agency Agreement requires us to be 100% responsible and accountable to YOU, and ONLY YOU. A Seller's agent, by law, must work in the best interest of their client, including giving any learned information about the Buyers to the Sellers. This could hurt your bargaining power and cost you money. At Homebuyer Representation, we work exclusively for your best interests. We are dedicated to getting YOU the best price and the most savings possible. 
In Utah, if the listing agent tells you they will work with you as your "buyer's agent," you will be asked to sign an agreement that will limit … (0 comments)

representation: 3 Reasons to Use an Exclusive Buyers Agent (EBA) when Buying a Home - 07/26/19 01:01 PM
Here are 3 reasons you should hire an Exclusive Buyer's Agent when you buy a home:
1. You Become A Client, Not A Customer
If you buy a home without hiring an Exclusive Buyers Agent to represent your best interests, you will either become a customer of the Seller and their agent, or, in some states you could end up working with a dual agent. According to NAR (the National Association of Realtors), "As a customer, a buyer is not represented by an agent... the agent cannot negotiate on the buyer's behalf nor reveal to the buyer any confidences of the client, the … (0 comments)

representation: Buying a Home in Salt Lake County, UT - Buyer's Real Estate Agents - 01/05/16 07:59 AM
Most in the real estate industry represent sellers. Training seminars and classes for agents are heavily focused on increasing listings. "Get more listings" is the industry secret. "It takes 4 times as much time to work for a buyer as it does for a seller." When listings generate calls and inquiries from buyers, sell the houses or hire new agents to write up the paperwork for the buyers, top producing agents are told.
Ironically, this whole setup leads to buyers not really getting a real estate AGENT at all!
An AGENT is supposed to represent a client. To be loyal to them. To … (0 comments)

representation: What Agents Know about Buying a Home that Buyers Don't - 12/09/14 03:24 AM
I came across the following post and thought it illustrated well why people should get their own agent when buying a home. The original post was by John G. Johnston, Broker/Owner of John G. Johnston & Associates LLC, an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage in Westcliffe, CO.
This House is worth $499,000

Save Time ~ Save Money 
Spend 5 minutes with an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent
The listing agent’s thinking $650,000.
The Owner’s thinking $599,000.
You’re thinking $550,000.
We’re thinking $490,000.
Maybe you should think about calling us!
Representing People ~ Not Property
If you are thinking about purchasing a home 

representation: 5 Reasons to use an Exclusive Buyer's Agent (EBA) when Buying a Home - 11/13/14 07:29 AM
1. You Become A Client (Not A Customer)
According to the National Association of Realtors, If you work with the seller's agent, you are not a client, you are a customer. "As a customer, a buyer is not represented by [the] agent... the agent cannot negotiate on the buyer's behalf nor reveal to the buyer any confidences of the client, the client is the seller."
If instead, you hire an agent to represent you and your interests, your agent CAN negotiate on your behalf and CAN reveal to you anything they learn about the seller or the home that could benefit you in negotiations, or which … (0 comments)

representation: Salt Lake City #6 on List of Best Cities for 20-Somethings - 09/19/13 03:39 AM
Salt Lake is always making the best places to live lists, so this isn't too much of a surprise. In addition to being one of the best places for 20-somethings, Salt Lake is also THE best place to live for new grads, and the 2nd best place to live for women's health.
Links are in the article on
If you're thinking of making Salt Lake City YOUR best place to live, make sure you call us for the best real estate representation option for buyers!
Do you have excellent credit?
Do you plan to purchase a $300,000-$800,000 home within 60 … (0 comments)

representation: 3 Reasons You Should Hire an Agent when Buying a Home - 09/13/13 09:24 AM
Here are a few good reasons for getting your OWN agent when buying a home:
1. You become a client, not a customer
Without an agent on your side you are just a customer to the seller and their agent. According to the National Association of Realtors, "As a customer, a buyer is not represented by an agent... the agent cannot negotiate on the buyer's behalf nor reveal to the buyer any confidences of the client, the client is the seller." Want someone looking out for you? Don't use the seller's agent! Become a CLIENT of an agent who will represent … (0 comments)

representation: Why I Represent Buyers ONLY - 09/10/13 05:15 AM
Most real estate agents represent sellers. Everybody knows that. Right?
As an industry insider I'll tell you why: Most training, seminars, classes and continuing education are geared toward getting more listings, i.e. representing sellers. Buyers? They are "customers" who come to buy the houses being sold. Even agents who like to work with buyers are trained to "get" them through listings.
Open houses for listings is a way to find unrepresented buyers. Toll-Free numbers on signs "capture" buyer's phone numbers. Flyers and ads with critical information missing are geared toward getting buyers to call the agent for the information which has … (6 comments)

representation: Buyer's Agents are NOT Free - 09/06/13 04:41 AM
Many buyers have heard agents say that it doesn't cost anything to have professional representation as a buyer. This is simply not true. While the cost of NOT being represented in a real estate transaction is certainly greater, nearly every buyer's agent is compensated with money that, in a roundabout way, comes from the buyer.
For a listed home, a seller often contracts with a listing brokerage to pay a commission when the home sells. Usually, the listing brokerage offers to split that commission to compensate a buyers agent who brings a buyer for that home. If a buyer comes without … (3 comments)

representation: Exclusive Buyer Agency In the News - 09/04/13 08:02 AM
I came across an old article in Kiplinger's Personal Finance touting the benefits of hiring an Exclusive Buyer's Agent (E.B.A. for short). The point of the article (and it's title) was: Hire your own AGENT
Buyers and sellers, have different interests in a real estate transaction. Sure, one wants to sell and the other buy, but both want to get the best deal. Independent representation makes sense. Two competing sports teams both want to play the game, but both want to win. They both have independent coaches to help them achieve their goals. So it should be with real estate.
Exclusive Buyers Agents work only for … (1 comments)

representation: Two Buyers, One House... One Agent? - 10/09/12 10:15 AM
Let's talk about agency, representation, and conflicts of interest.
We received a call today from a gentleman who had just fired an agent he had been working with for a few months. We'll call him Bob.
Bob and his agent were out together looking at a HUD home when a man "off the street" came to the door and asked to see the home. Bob's agent let the prospect in to tour the home and spent time with the man, giving him her card as he left. Later, when Bob expressed a desire to write an offer on the home, his agent informed him … (5 comments)

representation: More on Legal Documents, Representation and Compensation - 10/01/12 07:44 AM
Our company NEVER lists homes or represents sellers. We only work for buyers and stay 100% loyal to the buyer throughout the transaction. Some things in this industry bother me.
One thing that bothers me A LOT, is to hear that a consumer has been given a legal document that says one thing in writing, but the person with the training and the license to present that document for a legally binding signature says something completely different when explaining the document to the consumer. (Read the first half of this blog entry for some additional background as to why I'm using … (26 comments)

representation: Attention Buyers: Buyer Representation is NOT Free - 10/01/12 07:11 AM

This post started as a response to comments in another blogger's comment thread on the topic of how messed up the real estate industry is in the areas of representation and how compensation can tempt agents to do things that are not in their client's best interest.
The discussion started over whether or not buyers or sellers were getting true representation and loyalty from their agents, or if the agents were only looking out for themselves and/or the companies they work for. There was discussion over whether it was ever right to double end transactions (get paid twice as … (8 comments)

representation: Get Your Own Agent - It's common sense, right? - 07/20/12 01:40 AM
Yesterday a client asked me why we have a website telling people they should get their own agent when buying a home. "Everybody already knows that, right?"
I let her know that MOST people out there don't know that. She didn't believe me. "You mean there are buyers that contact the agent representing the seller, instead of getting someone to represent them?"
I told her it happens all the time. And it's not a few people. It's a LOT of people. She couldn't fathom it.
Which I can understand. Our clients are smart people. They would never even consider that it … (7 comments)

representation: Agency Disclosure - The Fleecing of Real Estate Consumers Continues - 03/15/12 07:33 AM
I've been following the efforts of a colleague in Maryland who believes exclusive buyer representation should be disclosed to consumers as an option on the state's agency disclosure form.
I read an article on the topic in the real estate section of the online Baltimore Sun. The Director of Regulatory Affairs for the Maryland Association of Realtors, Mark Feinroth, stated that the suggested changes would cause "a big change in agency law that's really unwarranted."
Agency -- who's representing whom -- "is already the most difficult concept to train licensees in, and it's a very difficult concept to explain to consumers," Feinroth said. "I think this will make … (8 comments)

representation: My Commitment to Buyer-Clients Purchasing in the Salt Lake City, Utah Area - 01/16/12 01:31 PM
I have been meaning to draft this document for a while, and finally put it together in response to a conversation I had with a potential client last week.

My commitment to you:
1. I will be your Exclusive Buyer Agent (EBA). Because our company does not take listings or ever take on sellers as clients, we will never ask you to agree to less than 100% representation.
2. We will not "switch teams" or change allegiance mid-transaction. You will start with an EBA and you will end with an EBA.
3. I will ALWAYS take YOUR side in … (2 comments)

representation: Salt Lake Among Healthiest Housing Markets in the United States - 11/22/11 02:57 PM
Builder Magazine ranks Salt Lake City, Utah as having the third healthiest housing market in the U.S.
Good things happening in the Salt Lake City metropolitain area:
Income growth next year is expected to be one of the best in the country. Job growth this year was 2nd best in the country. (Over 35,000 new jobs last year) Population continues to grow. New companies in a variety of sectors keep moving to town. We have some great colleges, universities and tech colleges in the area. Residential building permits are up 16% (Salt Lake REALTOR Magazine, Nov 2011) Residential home prices are … (2 comments)

representation: The Highest Level of Representation for Buyers - 11/03/11 09:40 AM
My last blog entry was a testimonial from me about my new dentist. What does that have to do with buying a home? Lots.
Everybody should know about biomimetic dentistry and doctors like Dr. Noot. I really connected with him and his practice because:
1. He really cares about what is best for his patients.
2. He takes the time to educate his patients about what is going on.
3. He lets the patient make the important decisions regarding their care.
4. He has gone the extra mile in his personal training and education in order to provide his patients with … (0 comments)

representation: Military Buyer Chooses an Exclusive Buyer Agent (EBA) with Great Results! - 10/03/11 01:28 PM
I’ve done extensive research in home buying over the past few years.  I knew the only way to go was an EBA (Exclusive Buyer’s Agent), but I didn't know of any in Utah. 
Fortunately, a random internet search brought up Benjamin Clark with Homebuyer Representation.  I called him, and then met him in person.   He was easy to work with and has extensive knowledge of the home buying process.  He was always willing to take time to answer my questions and explain anything I didn’t understand.
I was purchasing a second home and Ben kept me on the right track … (0 comments)

representation: Representation - You Get What You Pay For - 09/30/11 10:09 AM
At Homebuyer Representation we put our clients first. Our clients are always Buyers, all the time. 
We do not represent Sellers ever. We don't "switch teams" in the middle of the transaction. Our focus is on what is best for the Buyer. We don't work to get the deal to go through if the client doesn't want it to go through or if it isn't in the Buyer's best interest for the transaction to close. We have no specific properties we need to "move" or "sell". We can help a Buyer purchase any property listed by any real estate brokerage, home-builder … (2 comments)

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